Haircut Moon Calendar

Haircut Moon Calendar 2023

Lunar calendar haircuts for 2023, indicating favorable and unfavorable days. Everyone knows that the phases of the moon affect hair growth. Depending on the position of the moon, cutting hair can have both a positive effect on a person’s future, as well as a negative one, because it can damage vitality and bring trouble. Astrologers do not recommend to visit beauty salons and makeup artists on the new moon. On such days, a haircut can even shorten a person’s life by taking energy and health. Choosing the right time to create a new hairstyle, hair coloring or visiting a hairdresser should be based on the current lunar day, moon sign, moon phase and the day of the week. Observing the recommendations of the lunar calendar, you save your positive energy and get rid of all the negative, you will find harmony with yourself and the outside world.