13 Moon House

Moon Position: 4°17’01" – 17°08’36" Virgo Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Moon.

In the case of strong, positively aspected Moon - the gift of foresight, and psychic abilities are phenomenal, especially if the Moon is aspects with Pluto and Neptune. Activity, initiative, honesty, integrity, purity of soul, honesty, kindness. Intellectual ability, resourcefulness, wit, creative spirit, commercial vein, the ability to solve financial problems.

In the case of negatively aspected Moon - cunning, deceit, flattery, arrogance, shamelessness, dishonesty, cruelty, brutality. Adverse situations and incidents that do not depend on his will of man, but strongly influence on his life and destiny. Often these events are related to natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, fires, storms and so forth. A person may be involved in the historical events - riots, insurrection, revolution, war with negative consequences, or become a victim of the epidemic. Such a person should be attentive to their health, diet and personal hygiene, to observe moderation in private life, do not overeat and do not abuse alcohol, drugs, naturally, are excluded.

Ascendant, the Moon is in this house indicates good looks, good temper, agile mind, capable hands. A man with such a situation is usually funny, cheerful and sociable. It will attract a secular lifestyle, the gloss. Trips and travel, mainly for fun.

Thirteenth Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 13 Moon House. Irascibility, hot temper, impatience, rashness, recklessness, finding a way out of slave or subordinate position. The man enough strength and skill to be able to stand up for themselves and fight with their opponents and enemies, but still for the time being. In case of a breakdown possible premature death.

2nd Quarter of 13 Moon House. A more favorable. Good character, decency, diligence, kindness. Good relationships with family, friends, and associates. It is better to live in a place where he was born, then the normal life is guaranteed until the end of days.

3rd Quarter of 13 Moon House. The love of art, especially music. The peculiar, often bohemian lifestyle. Ability to quarrel with their parents. Sooner or later you have to leave home and live separately from their parents.

4th Quarter of 13 Moon House. Favorable. Sociable character, good behavior, the righteous way of life. The benevolence of the authorities, the public, the environment. Strong climbing the social ladder, thanks to the patronage and recommendations of the higher, more often than women. Reputation among colleagues and subordinates, excellent reputation.

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