21 Moon House

Moon Position: 17°08’37" Sagittarius Moon Sign – 0°00’00" Capricorn Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Sun.

Beautiful appearance, attractive, elegant, graceful manners, female charm and charisma. Often the individual is drawn to spiritual growth to the expansion and deepening of the spiritual horizon. Favored for trips and travel, as well as to establish a relationship of love, intimacy, but possible, and excessive interest in sex, the awakening of the animal instinct. Often, an indication of the divorce. Can be successful research work, applied sciences occupations, commercial or financial activities, but all of this requires a high level of professionalism.

The period when the Moon is in this house, promotes healing of severe or prolonged illness and promotes recovery. This period is considered the best for all those who are military, police, or other form.

Ascendant in the house of the Moon indicates a cheerful character, sincerity, good nature, wisdom, resourcefulness, wit. The man with the Moon are usually educated, well read, he spends much time for books, engaging in self-education. Due to this often becomes famous. He has many friends, but many, unfortunately, the enemies, especially envious.

Twenty-First Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 21 Moon House. Acquired wisdom on the spiritual plane of life. Altruism, generosity, compassion, mercy, charity. Prudence in everyday life, the favor of the authorities and the love of others.

2nd Quarter of 21 Moon House. Oratorical gift, eloquence, convincing self-expression, artistic ability, generosity. When the affected Moon - arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed.

3rd Quarter of 21 Moon House. It reveals the negative character traits - an unhealthy pride, inflated egos, arrogance, rudeness, arrogance, and etc.

4th Quarter of 21 Moon House. Very favorable. Religious feeling, nobility, generosity, honesty, generosity, eventually prosperity, even wealth. Good health.

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