24 Moon House

Moon Position: 25°42’53" Capricorn Moon Sign – 8°34’18" Aquarius Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Ascending Node.

Gives phenomenal or psychic ability, the ability to medicine, including traditional medicine. Foster doctors, healers, everyone who has a direct concern to them. Well it affects the friendship, studies, promotes education, raise the level of their knowledge. Moon ravaged malefic gives inner restlessness, contradictory nature: on the one hand the high ideals, the other low deeds and actions. Inability to reconcile the desire to do so is often prolonged periods of bad luck and even fatalities. Especially bad for people who are in the higher echelons of power.

The period when the Moon passes transit this house is favorable for presenting a wide variety of projects and plans, especially those related to the construction of buildings such as apartment buildings and palaces and temples of the Church. This moon urges approach the matter slowly, wisely and prudently. However, this period brings a lot of trouble to those who at this time is on the road, especially sea.

Ascendant, the Moon is in this house, it may indicate that the person is dependent on the other: in the service of the authorities, the houses of the partner or children, etc., the results of the work will be relevant. These people can not deny the courage, they do not avoid risky ventures can bravely fight their opponents and enemies, and even beat them, but it only brings emotional satisfaction, nothing else. He is too honest, truthful, steadfast in their views. Success is possible, but in general, in those cases where the person is working at home. Often, people with this position of the Ascendant endowed with a philosophical mind are often addicted to the occult and secret sciences - mysticism, astrology, magic, here they can wait for success. It happens that they are lucky in the lottery or gambling.

Twenty-Fourth Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 24 Moon House. Favorable. Cheerful character, nobility, generosity, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, benevolence, a great love for nature and animals, the mysteries of nature and the universe.

2nd Quarter of 24 Moon House. Unfortunately. Pronounced negative character traits: arrogance, conceit, unhealthy pride, inflated self-esteem. This person not only can be rude and arrogant, but a scoundrel. He can lie, slander, engage in intrigues and squabbles, writing anonymous letters and denunciations, and so on. When the affected strongly the moon is just a misanthrope.

3rd Quarter of 24 Moon House. Ultraegoizm, greed, wealth earned gotten at the expense of others. In most cases, these people suffer from neuro-psychiatric disorders and heart disease and die from them.

4th Quarter of 24 Moon House. Proud, cheerful person, altruistic philanthropist, compassionate, merciful, but he possessed by negative emotions at the sight of injustice. It helps sick, resentful, unhappy.

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