26 Moon House

Moon Position: 21°25’45" Aquarius Moon Sign – 4°17’10" Pisces Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Saturn.

The seriousness, determination, self-discipline, self-control, self-control, perseverance, patience, self-confidence, determination. The need for spiritual growth. Protector of warriors to defend their homeland, agricultural workers. Foster barter barter. It allows you to achieve a fairly high social and material level, but generally not their own, but through the mediation of friends or relatives, or thanks to the patronage and recommendations of influential people, older age, usually women. Portends a marriage with someone senior in age, the widow (er).

The Moon, stunned by malicious planets, especially Neptune, unfavorable for travel by water, negatively affects on health, especially on the psyche, causing unhealthy imagination, perverted imagination, hallucinations. Often melancholy, gloom, pessimism, moods, fads, whims and hysterical attacks.

Ascendant, the Moon is in this house gives a cheerful disposition, cheerfulness, philosophical mind, outstanding intellectual ability, eloquence, convincing expression, a gift suggestion. Some people do charity like the moon, while others are addicted to the occult - astrology and magic. They have the gift to attract people, even though they can be a lot of enemies and envious.

Twenty-Sixth Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 26 Moon House. Beautiful appearance, pleasant demeanor. Often - brilliant career, fame, popularity, high social and material level, even wealth.

2nd Quarter of 26 Moon House. It emphasizes the favorable traits of character: decency, integrity, great scientific knowledge.

3rd Quarter of 26 Moon House. Unfavorable. Flattery, lies, deceit, stupidity and absurdity of various decisions and actions.

4th Quarter of 26 Moon House. Man erudite, witty, endowed with the gift of oratory and eloquence, able to amuse the interlocutor different fables. A passionate, with an increased sexual potential. The passion for hoarding.

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