3 Moon House

Moon Position: 25°42’53" Aries Moon Sign – 8°34’18" Taurus Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Sun.

This Moon house favored by sailors and sea travelers, hunters, alchemists, people engaged in physical labor, and intellectuals of all types and grades. This house is considered to be favorable to the sciences, especially those that require realism, practicality, pedantry, for example, economics, mathematics, physics, education and diplomacy, etc.

People with this position of the moon are strong in body and spirit, ambitious, self-confident, decisive, energetic, hardworking, achieve its goal of his mind and his hands. Ability to business and commercial activities. The desire of glory, honor, popularity, fame, the pursuit of external shine, show. The importance of the world of the senses. The love of bodily pleasures, the interest in the opposite sex, higher sexual potential, as well as free-thinking and free-thinking.

In 3 house that gives strong credibility, prestige and good reputation, the other - the sensitivity, sensuality and brings a variety of complications and difficulties in the sphere of love and family life. It depends on the position of the moon in the Radix. Moon Moon in this house can indicate the coming changes in the life and destiny of the individual, on the blows and vicissitudes of life. Problem areas will specify Radix field, which is the Moon House.

If the house is on the ascendant, it indicates a decent, respected, ambitious, knows his worth man who strives not only material but also spiritual values. One of the biggest drawbacks of such a person is that he is completely dependent on the mood of the spirit, from the mood swings.

Third Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 3 Moon House. Prudence, decency, pleasant demeanor. Thirst for knowledge, but also in personal pleasure and gratification. Long productive life.

2nd Quarter of 3 Moon House. Unhappy quarter. Strongly expressed likes and dislikes, the tendency to negative actions, ill people, an excellent cast of mind, as well as the clergy and intellectuals. The tendency to slander, intrigue, lies, anonymous, abetting, betrayal.

3rd Quarter of 3 Moon House. Not better than the previous. Craving to all sorts of scum and scoundrels, to the criminal world and the people that money can buy. Most life on unearned income, and it is not possible.

4th Quarter of 3 Moon House. Inner restlessness, dissatisfaction with oneself and others. Health concerns. Physical and mental suffering, poverty, inability to establish a more or less normal life.

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