4 Moon House

Moon Position: 8°34’19" – 21°25’44" Taurus Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Moon.

Often it felt magical nature of the house. Ambition, determination, desire for leadership, moral fortitude, resilience views. Good diplomatic skills and ability to win over the people, the need to serve the public, to other people. Nevertheless, honesty, courtesy, livable, calm temperament, spiritual purity, utopian idealism, romanticism, credulity.

It is possible fame, often based on enrichment, as making money such people can never refuse the opportunity to increase their capital and are not afraid of any work, even physical. For the most part people with the Moon in the 4th house Moon engaged in agriculture or industry, some of them engaged in trade and transport. This house is unfavorable to trade land and real estate.

The sensuality, passion, attraction to the opposite sex. The man with the position of the moon in trying to evade the sharp corners, but not give up the adventure, though often deceived himself, and wittingly or unwittingly deceiving others. There may be disagreements and quarrels with their parents or with members of their own family. In general, children’s, youth years and years at the beginning of a difficult marriage. Peace and prosperity is achieved over time thanks to the patience and experience. Often this Lunar House has to recover from a long illness with various complications. Children with the Moon in the Moon is often in danger of life.

If this is the house of the Lunar Ascendant, this heralds very often lead to some political party or the status of the leader, the commander, the head of a large state.

Fourth Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 4 Moon House. Often this man - "wolf in sheep’s clothing."

2nd Quarter of 4 Moon House. Self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Oratorical gift, eloquence, convincing expression. Power over others. A lot of effort will have to apply for health promotion, which may be weak.

3rd Quarter of 4 Moon House. Favorable quarter. On the one hand - a good ability in the exact sciences, mathematics and physics, on the other - compassion, mercy, charity.

4th Quarter of 4 Moon House. Too favorable quarter. Thanks to the phenomenal popularity and psychic abilities, divination, prophecy, prediction, interpretation of dreams.

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