6 Moon House

Moon Position: 4°17’11" – 17°08’36" Gemini Moon Sign.

Home Ruled: Ascending Node.

This house is considered unlucky. It brings pain, suffering, sick, slow recovery, in many horoscopes portends a short life. People with this position of the Moon on the one hand have a nimble mind and skilled hands of the other, mostly cunning, malicious, vipers, deceitful, cunning, spiteful and ungrateful. This bloodthirsty hunters. Moon in this house can be found at the sadists, the tyrants, despots, dictators.

The house is unfavorable for all types of agricultural work, to social life and political activity. Financial transactions result in loss of, or even complete collapse. At the time of the passage of the moon in this house should abandon any kind of investment.

If this is the house of the Lunar Ascendant, it portends a long life thanks to the robust body and excellent health, but this life is often unseemly and useless. The young and the young years, they play sports, are often known, is prepared for his achievements a lot of money, but people are negative sense. By the mental work it is located, and often to it and can not.

In a sport they usually representatives of disciplines such as boxing or weightlifting. After the sporting life they work or personal bodyguards from the wealthy, or the guards. Physical strength, cunning and wickedness they do not hold. They tend to have a good memory and the ability to use arms and methods of various kinds of eastern struggle. His work performed, guided by the unwritten laws of the underworld and the amount of income received.

Sixth Moon House Quarters

If the signs of the zodiac are divided into three deanery and horoscope fields - into three equal parts, the Lunar House are divided into four equal parts, each of which is about 3°12’.

1st Quarter of 6 Moon House. The most fertile. This person may have a wonderful mind, nobility, generosity, will seek to law and justice. Will have self-discipline, self-control will be disciplined, decent, and the service is conscientious in their work. He can be trusted.

2nd Quarter of 6 Moon House. Less fertile. Prevail such negative traits like willfulness, willfulness, stubbornness, rudeness, arrogance, unhealthy straightness.

3rd Quarter of 6 Moon House. Unfortunately. This man can prove himself as a boor and a bully, can do a lot of mischief, besides not open, and behind. It may lie, to slander, to write anonymous denunciations, or otherwise interfere with normal people live.

4th Quarter of 6 Moon House. This is unfortunate. Often these are people without honor and without conscience, do not comply with generally accepted rules and regulations of the society in which they live. Anger and ill splashes everywhere. This misanthropic nature, he can destroy for no reason anyone seem antipathetic to him.

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