Moon Phases

Moon phases have different impacts on the natural environment and human beings. New Moon, the full moon, the days of the first and last quarters of the moon - the tense interaction between the sun and the moon together. This unfavorable days.

Moon Phases Influence

New Moon and full moon are the two main critical points of the lunar cycle. According to statistics, these days of the lunar month - the time of accidents and acute diseases. At this time, the internal processes in the human body and mind unstable. Any undertaking these days is experiencing a temporary crisis. Folk wisdom warns against making important decisions in the critical days of the moon.

Solar and lunar eclipses - it is the most important astronomical and astrological events of the year. Eclipses have a strong impact on all people, and are often the catalysts for fatal events. The eclipse can not make important decisions and to start new businesses, it is not necessary to conclude business deals and go on trips. In periods of eclipse it is recommended to reduce physical activity and tame their own emotions. We should not overeat and abuse alcohol. Any excess of excitement and impact on the health of the most destructive way.