First Quarter Moon

The first quarter of the moon - a turning point in the lunar cycle. Sun and Moon came from a compound of the new moon, lost unity and experience gained independence. At the point of their first quadrature - the first quarter of the moon - there is a disagreement, it can be a time of conflict and tension. Period lunar phase is not only a day in which it occurs, and 2-3 days before and after.

The first quarter of the moon - an active, ambitious and busy time. This phase is characterized by rapid movement of the moon and forward impetus to progress. There is an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm. But at the same time there are problems, and acute situations, disagreements and conflicts. Often there are conflicts between men and women, adults and children. There is a temptation to overspend. Increases the risk of injuries and accidents on the roads due to negligence. Increased susceptibility to colds, aggravated chronic diseases.

The first quarter is the period when there is a tendency to over-optimism, however, remember that then you will have to pay for all the mistakes made at that time. This phase of the moon is well suited for hard work without relaxation. Do not shy away from difficult conversations and unpleasant encounters, it is useful to resolve conflicts and overcome differences. This is no time for contemplation, and the time for action.

First Quarter Day: 7 Moon Day.

First Quarter - Recommendations

If you have followed the recommendations of the lunar calendar in relation to the new moon, then your energy is now in full swing. Try not to stand out from this stream and all incoming power to direct the execution of the most important things. Acting active, do not disconnect the self-control and give yourself the opportunity to assess the situation before you take the plunge.

The level of conflict is also increased, so avoid showdown with colleagues and friends. Try to keep peace in the family. Optimistic attitude will help maintain the adequacy of perception in order to avoid the consequences of reckless behavior. Advertising campaigns better to postpone "later".

In the first quarter of the moon is important to keep the original adoption of the strategic direction and not be distracted by minor things. At the same time, it should calculate every step, or at least listen to intuition. Health also requires attention. Colds or exacerbation of chronic diseases can reduce your chances of a quick completion and settlement of important matters. Try to settle in this period all conflicts arising.

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