Full Moon

After the phase of the second quarter the moon continues to "grow up" and there comes a time when it is fully illuminated – a full moon. The full moon lunar principle in nature the most vivid, full of energy. The full moon is the theme of energy fullness, richness, the highest point of the development process. Those areas that are controlled by the moon, imbued with sunshine, and they violently full of life. Saturating the atmosphere with energy among the masses, the level reaches the upper limit of emotions, the subconscious mind is active, and it makes full moon grace period for poets, artists and all creative people: in their hearts at this time born the most vivid and emotional images.

But at the same time for those who are prone to overstimulation, whose mind is not stable, the full moon may be difficult crisis period. Our mind is so active this time, it is difficult to sleep, so the full moon could create additional difficulties for people suffering from insomnia.

All physiological processes in the body reaches the upper limit of saturation, as well as the pressure of liquids, you should pay attention to people suffering from high blood pressure or excessive functions of any organs and body systems. The most different manifestations of life reaches its peak at the full moon, and microorganisms "bloom riotous color." No wonder the people there are signs that make sour cabbage on a full moon should not – be soft (over-active bacteria, with whose participation fermented cabbage), and brew cook – on the contrary, at the time (the fermentation process for the same reason is very good). Dirt that gets even a small wound, the full moon could easily lead to inflammation.

The full moon moon most freed from the influence of the sun, fully illuminated and independence. When it reaches the maximum size, there is a "birth", a symbolic deliverance from the burden. Most often, this day is born the idea of the relationship become clear, the first half of the lunar month is bearing fruit. Often occurs some turnaround in business, they are taking a new direction. Birth is always associated with the crisis. One feels emotional strain. We mentally disturbed and sick people is amplified concern. Folk wisdom is not recommended to sleep under the direct rays of the full moon and walk bareheaded in the street.

According to tradition, the night of the full moon – the time of werewolves, and crazy poets. However, it was the full moon Buddha attained enlightenment. When used correctly, the energy of the full moon, you can achieve the objective attitude to the world, to find the wisdom and love. Full Moon – time disclosure of all lunar abilities. At this time, the Moon is associated not only with the house, the birth, growth, children and plants, but also the greatest poetry, intuition, feelings of fullness.

Full Moon Days: 15 Moon Day and 16 Moon Day.

Full Moon – Recommendations

Full moon – the time of insomnia, and not because you have nightmares (it happens at this time), and because the energy just pouring out of the body, but what to do with it, do not know. The head had all sorts of unwelcome thoughts, I want something more, for example, the great love, passion, many, inordinately money, or at least something happened that did not soured adrenaline, which at this time of excess.

The mind and heart are open to absorbing new here, and freedom for all marketers to sell another sensation, or a panacea. Do not look at advertising in that period, and dedicate time decent parties with friends. Maybe you find yourself something new. Met at this time, "half" do not make an offer on the second day of our acquaintance, and wait at least until the last quarter of the moon. If you have already scheduled a wedding at this time, of course, she will be remembered for a long time to all.

On the full moon of the animals react violently, like all of nature. Accidents, storms, floods, accidents – all the power of the full moon marks. Emergency doctors are exhausted, leaving the standard-type heart attacks, strokes and sudden worsening of chronic diseases. If you have any doubts in terms of health – it is the time to get tested. All hidden illnesses noted in the analyzes and electroencephalograms. And so, everything is calm in Baghdad, meet new people, make deals and entertained the family with new ideas.

2023 Full Moon Calendar

Full MoonDateTimeSign
WolfJanuary 623:09Cancer ♋
SnowFebruary 518:30Leo ♌
WormMarch 712:42Virgo ♍
PinkApril 604:37Libra ♎
FlowerMay 517:36Scorpio ♏
StrawberryJune 403:43Sagittarius ♐
ThunderJuly 311:40Capricorn ♑
SturgeonAugust 118:33Aquarius ♒
BlueAugust 3101:37Pisces ♓
HarvestSeptember 2909:58Aries ♈
HuntersOctober 2820:24Taurus ♉
BeaverNovember 2709:16Gemini ♊
ColdDecember 2700:33Cancer ♋

Full Moon in Zodiac Signs

Full Moon in Aries ♈ – operate with a full moon in the sign if you want to give more energy and enthusiasm that plan, if you crave a quick success in any new venture. However, do not forget about the rights of other people. Magic action at this time can help improve sports skills, although the result is not manifest itself immediately, but only under the condition of intensive training. The planet-ruler – Mars ♂.

Full Moon in Taurus ♉ – divination in the acquisition of wealth can give amazing results with this full moon, as Taurus is directly related to wealth. This sign is also good for gaining confidence in the oratory, especially in the speeches in meetings obschesvennyh since Taurus rules the throat. Do magic on the full moon in Taurus for any growth, including growth in the garden or crop yield in a metaphorical sense. But the energy of Taurus can give rise to greed, if you do not exercise caution. In addition, work with the Moon in Taurus can get help to find a life partner or sensual love affair. The planet-ruler – Venus ♀.

Full Moon in Gemini ♊ – this time contributes to a variety of business relationships and can ensure that all transactions and contracts will benefit and will not be cheating. In addition, this full moon will help magic in learning something new (learning the language, for example), and especially – in the development of skills used in information technology. At this time, you can successfully sort out quarrels with neighbors, as well as problems with siblings. The planet-ruler – Mercury ☿.

Full Moon in Cancer ♋ – is a very emotional time. The moon is not only full, but also in the sign of its strength. You will be emotional, hypersensitive, very receptive. It will be difficult to be in a formal or unfriendly environment, you will need to be surrounded by loved ones and a personal, safe space where you can emotionally relax. You will be concerned with the basic questions of life: nutrition, daily routine, health, safety. Various hidden circumstances will begin to emerge. Private life will become more public. Therefore, it is advisable not to do anything that you would like to hide. Perhaps there will be problems in the family, difficulties in relations with parents or children. Refrain from drastic steps and do not quarrel. The governing planet is the Moon ☽.

Full Moon in Leo ♌ – the perfect time for a spell of male power and fertility. In addition, for confidence, courage, physical strength and leadership abilities. You can also do magic for the purchase of large amounts of money. But this sorcery will be successful only if the need for money is really great. Trying to acquire wealth in a purely selfish ends, it is likely to fail. The planet-ruler – Sun ☉.

Full Moon in Virgo ♍ – energy is good for the Virgin magic associated with health, healthy way of life, the transition to a diet. In addition, the time is good for healing and cleansing, and especially – for the treatment of animals. Virgo – a sign of the crop, so you can tell fortunes, to ensure a good outcome for any company. The planet-ruler – Mercury ☿.

Full Moon in Libra ♎ – this time you can try to bring in their love life or to partner as married, and business. In addition, well send energy to the fulfillment of justice, the success of a society or build a career. The planet-ruler – Venus ♀.

Full Moon in Scorpio ♏ – this time to work on issues that require illumination from above, as Scorpio helps to penetrate the essence of things. Particularly successful divination can be aimed at mastering the mysteries of the occult magic and psychology. Scorpio – a sign of a very sexy, so if you want romance, do not miss this period, but remember that the relationship started with the help of Scorpio, can be transformed, that is not always pleasant or predictable. This astrological position is also associated with healing, especially healing of mind and senses. Contemplation at this time can give a deep, though sometimes disturbing results. If you want to be sure that any of your private affairs will remain secret, then resort to divination is a full moon. Managing the planet – Pluto ♇.

Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐ – with this period are related to travel long distances, so the full Moon in this sign will be useful in terms of divination for long-term travel or to obtain protection during such trips. It is being promoted by writing and publishing, as well as the achievement of sporting success. The planet-ruler – Jupiter ♃.

Full Moon in Capricorn ♑ – during the full moon in Capricorn can tell fortunes on promotion. If you need help in the organization of some areas of life, it is the most appropriate period. Only we must remember that there is a danger to get too commander’s manners. The planetary ruler – Saturn ♄.

Full Moon in Aquarius ♒ – this time good for tying dating and strengthening of friendly relations and to form groups of common interests. The full moon in Aquarius should tell fortunes to acquire greater freedom and independence, however, there must be very careful not to wake a desire for disobedience and rebellion. The energies of Aquarius also contribute to the development of intuition. If you start now studying astrology, your efforts will not be wasted. Managing the planet – Uranus ♅.

Full Moon in Pisces ♓ – this time productive divination to help in the work. The energy of this period can be used to be more understanding, sensitive, or to attract people with these qualities. It is also an excellent time for all kinds of prayers and meditations. But most importantly, it helps to increase the energy of Pisces or develop supernatural powers. Managing the planet – Neptune ♆.

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