Full Moon in Aquarius

The full moon in the Aquarius sign is a time of inner freedom, striving for the future. Only what is of interest matters. Everything material fades into the background. Any framework, rules and authority are rejected: exclusively forward movement and unlimited freedom of choice. Many ideas come to mind, strength appears to solve long-standing problems. The priority is creative work, monotonous activity drives you into depression. An informal atmosphere, friendly communication, laughter, exchange of opinions are the prerequisites for a comfortable existence. It is not worth pinning great hopes on this period. You need to take life lightly, with humor to perceive failures, of which there can be a lot.

2023August 118:33Tuesday
2024August 1918:28Monday
2025August 907:57Saturday

Meaning of the Full Moon in Aquarius sign

Aquarius is an air sign: light, weightless and unpredictable. The first impression is the most favorable, but much is hidden from view. The ruler planet Uranus ♅ creates extreme situations, makes you look for non-standard solutions. It is difficult to predict the course of events, but I want to believe in the best. Moon in Aquarius gives optimism, a rebellious spirit, the ability to think creatively. Strong intellect, inventive talent are undoubted advantages, but there is also something else: coldness, enthusiasm for mysticism, optionality. Thanks to intuition, penetrative abilities, one can reach unthinkable heights. Although impulsivity, restlessness, thirst for thrills greatly complicate life.

On the full moon of Aquarius, an atmosphere of lightness and informal communication reigns. I want to have fun, participate in friendly arguments, make revolutionary breakthroughs. In a word, a rich life full of bright events. The psyche is quite stable to calmly accept mistakes. The energy is overflowing, the head is full of original ideas. It seems that one has only to take a step – and dreams will come true. This is a good time for inventors, creative people: the flight of fantasy takes you far ahead. You can reach unprecedented heights if you act, and not sit idly by. The desire for change, the thirst for new impressions do not give rest. Even the most balanced people do not differ in perseverance and constancy.

A distinctive feature of the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is free-thinking. There are no limits and restrictions, any forms of coercion are rejected. Only continuous movement towards dreams. People do not depend on the opinions of others, do not need approval, support. Although it is teamwork that gives the best results. A freedom-loving disposition, a rich imagination, a firm belief in one’s own success – that’s what drives progress forward. The world is beautiful in its diversity, so many opportunities open up that it takes your breath away. Emotions overwhelm, I want to believe in the best. Everything that previously seemed impossible is gradually beginning to come true. Even utopian ideas are taking on quite real outlines.

Under the influence of the full moon in Aquarius, people become so independent that they show indifference towards others. Anything that goes beyond personal issues is annoying. The soul strives for change, I want to achieve something impossible, the routine is burdensome. There is no desire to pore over the details, to work on mistakes. Striving for quick results is fraught with hurtful losses. If many problems can be brushed aside, neglect of loved ones is unforgivable. Probably, brilliant ideas have the right to be realized, but one should not get carried away in pursuit of a ghostly dream. A measure is needed in everything, first of all, attention should be paid to earthly things: family, health, everyday life.

Influence of the Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius’s full moon mood is quite changeable. The feeling of danger is dulled, excitement, even some recklessness, is brighter. I want people to admire, but for the sake of everyone’s attention, you can make any sacrifices. Claims for originality are fully justified, the atmosphere of this period is conducive to free and liberated behavior. However, serious feelings can be hidden behind the seeming carelessness. True, the bad is quickly forgotten: optimism overcomes any adversity. At work, everything is wonderful, personal life is in full swing, even dreams on the full moon of Aquarius are especially colorful. There are plenty of reasons for joy, it remains only to scoop up the positive with full spoons.

Love and Relationships

For married couples, the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is an opportunity to diversify life. If the relationship has become stable, but predictable, it’s time to bring something new to the established life. A crazy date, a romantic trip, a walk on the rooftops – anything but everyday boredom. True, passionate confessions can turn into a quarrel. During this period, people are too freedom-loving and independent to listen to criticism. The unwillingness of partners to make concessions threatens to turn into a grandiose scandal. Even children become wayward, trying to express their “I” through disobedience. This is not the best time to defend the principles: emotions overwhelm, mood changes as if at the snap of your fingers.

For people who are not in a relationship, the full moon in Aquarius is an exciting period: passions boil, excitement excites blood. The atmosphere of lightness, relaxation is conducive to chaotic relationships. Acquaintances are made quickly, feelings flare up instantly. Although it is not necessary to count on the continuation of the novel. People are too emotional and frivolous to think about the consequences. Most likely, lovers will not legitimize the relationship, but an unforgettable experience will remain. If you part beautifully, friendship will last for years. With due diligence, it will turn out to bind the partner to yourself, you just need to go through this period together. Over time, feelings will settle down, a community of interests will arise.

Career and Finance

The full moon in the sign of Aquarius promises professional growth, progress in business. The main component of success is the ability to think outside the box, ahead of time. This period is characterized by the rapid development of imagination, an increase in the intellectual level. People are ready for changes, they easily adapt to any conditions. The most original ideas get a chance to come true. Representatives of creative professions, inventors feel a powerful burst of inspiration. You can start new projects, arrange brainstorming. The support of like-minded people is of great importance. On the full moon of Aquarius, the public prevails over the personal, collective work brings the best results.

In financial terms, the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is an unpredictable period, much depends on the willingness to take risks. Good luck accompanies the daredevils who are able to steadfastly perceive any outcome of events. Intuition plays an important role, with its help you can win the lottery. While you shouldn’t get involved in gambling, it’s best to focus your efforts on achieving ambitious goals. This is a good time to invest, formalize contracts, transactions, and borrow money. As for shopping, all purchases without exception will be successful: clothes, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics. You should not skimp on leisure goods. If necessary, you can apply for a loan, the conditions will be favorable.

Health and Beauty

For a change of image, the full moon in Aquarius is just perfect. Fantasy images appear in the head, the craving for experiments increases. Fashionable hairstyle, creative haircut, bright makeup – any design delights are appropriate. Even a manicure should be unusual: colorful and defiant. When it comes to clothing, extravagant style is encouraged, nothing dark and shapeless. However, a new look can get bored very quickly. This is a good time for skin care, inflammation and breakouts. Vegetable masks and herbal decoctions will have a tangible effect. Thanks to the use of creams with a high content of fruit acids and vegetable oils, you can accelerate skin regeneration and refresh the complexion.

At the full moon of Aquarius, the state of health is stable: diseases are bypassed. You can go in for sports, carry out hardening procedures. However, it is not recommended to overload the legs. During this period, the legs, calf muscles, and ankle joints are especially vulnerable. You cannot walk long distances, stand in one position for a long time. Operations on the legs are prohibited, but varicose veins can be prevented, pneumomassage is especially effective. With regard to nutrition, fast carbohydrates must be excluded. It is useful to consume vegetable fats: nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables. To improve blood circulation, you should season dishes with spices: cloves, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

Dreams with the full moon in Aquarius are considered prophetic. In them, you can see pictures of the future, get answers to exciting questions. Night visions contain useful information, you just need to catch the essence of what is happening. The colorful plot should not be misleading, the events have a real background, they will soon be repeated in reality. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take an innovative approach to problem solving. Thanks to clues from the world of dreams, you can improve relationships with loved ones, establish communication with colleagues. If you are not ready for innovations, stick to a conservative thinking, dreams can be scary. Do not attach importance to nightmares, try to understand yourself, start living in a new way.

On the full moon of Aquarius, mood swings, unexpected displays of emotion are likely. To calm down, relieve nervous excitement, you can use lavender and sandalwood essential oils. For protection from evil forces, the aroma of wormwood or juniper is best. It is also helpful to wear clothes of all kinds of shades of blue and blue. As for jewelry, items with opal, lapis lazuli, obsidian are recommended to restore internal balance. They embody the energy of Uranus, enhance intuition and the spirit of creativity. During this period, one should engage in spiritual practices, study the depths of one’s mind. For example, yoga nidra promotes relaxation, awareness of one’s own "I".

Aquarius Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries on the Aquarian full moon is in a positive mood. You don’t have to think about work, household problems – any troubles are surmountable. Events are spontaneous, time freezes, then runs forward. Despite some randomness of what is happening, life is drawn in a rainbow light. This is a good period for communication, people are friendly and ready to contact. If earlier it was not possible to get together in a friendly company, difficulties will not arise on the full moon of Aquarius. The atmosphere is the most complacent: no stiffness, no tension, jokes and laughter are heard everywhere. An informal setting is conducive to revelations. It is possible that thanks to your spontaneity and sincerity, you will be able to strike up beneficial acquaintances.

For Taurus, the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is a period of hard work. Problems with performing routine duties may arise. Life is too unpredictable to make long-term plans. Anything that was easy before suddenly becomes impossible. Partners break agreements, colleagues clash, bosses openly express dissatisfaction. It is difficult to imagine a more ridiculous situation, but you have to adjust to the existing conditions. All that remains is to work harder than usual. You may have to stay late, help colleagues, or even replace them. However, you will not experience fatigue, but an emotional uplift. Being interested in work is the best motivation.

Gemini on the full moon of Aquarius will feel in their element. Life is in full swing, there is a lot of communication and new acquaintances. You don’t have to meet strict standards or follow instructions to be successful. If you are lucky, everything will turn out well. Even if fate is not favorable, people will help out, lend a shoulder. This is a good time to implement ideas, start new projects. Overlaps and difficulties should not arise. The process will be fun and the experience rewarding. However, while working, one must not forget about rest. If your financial situation allows, you can go on a trip, preferably a romantic one. Although a trip out of town will be no less successful, the main thing is to be on the move.

For Cancers, the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is a reason to think about your future. Life is so unpredictable and fleeting that it cannot be postponed until later. Everything that worries you, haunts, must be resolved immediately. Enough hiding from problems, things are unlikely to settle by themselves. Apply to the authorities, defend your rights in court – any methods are good except inaction. If you need support, ask others for help. This period is conducive to emancipation, you can not hide behind the armor of equanimity. Unleash your feelings, express everything that is boiling. Disappointed in a friend – feel free to break off relations, experience financial difficulties – demand the return of the debt.

Lions on the full moon of Aquarius will be busy with matters of the heart. The atmosphere of lightness and easy communication promotes acquaintances. If you’re still lonely, go hunting. The romance won’t last long, but you will build confidence in your own attractiveness. Flirt, go on dates, be relaxed, in a word, shine and fight everyone outright. Your task is to spend time with benefits for the soul and body, so any means are good. The only trouble that threatens you is health problems. When trying to make a stunning impression, you can go overboard with makeup and tanning. Allergic reactions, exacerbation of skin diseases are likely.

Virgos on the full moon of Aquarius should first think about their health. The likelihood of poisoning increases, try not to eat in questionable eateries. Keep track of the expiration date of the products, carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene. If you do not want to aggravate digestive problems, give up alcohol, snacks on the go. The basis of the diet should be protein foods: meat, fish, hard cheeses. To improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, you can season dishes with cardamom and cumin. It will also be useful to take a course of acupuncture: exposure to hot spots helps control appetite. A therapeutic massage using essential oils will have a beneficial effect.

Libra during the full moon in the sign of Aquarius will be busy with what you love. Imagination is activated as much as possible, fantasy is overflowing. It will be better if you interest all family members with your hobby. Joint activities will help to establish contact with loved ones. It is advisable to do something creative: modeling, drawing, decorating. You can put on a home play or write a family story. Although physical labor is also encouraged. Organize spring-cleaning, do gardening, fix furniture. Be sure to take the time to learn something new, visit the exhibition, at least in an online format. Try to attract the attention of children, make joint leisure time interesting.

Scorpios with a full moon in Aquarius will unfold in full force: the energy is overwhelming. Least of all they will be interested in work, all thoughts about the organization of their personal life. Couples with experience will find solace in the family, household chores. This is the right time to ennoble the surrounding space. Add a few bright touches to the interior, change the textiles, refresh the upholstery. You can make cosmetic repairs or start a grandiose redevelopment – any ideas deserve attention. If you dream of love, do not get hung up on everyday life, run away from home. Go where there are many people. Do not be shy, feel free to make acquaintances, even a fleeting connection will benefit you.

Sagittarius on the full moon of Aquarius should not shy away from work. Although the atmosphere is conducive to idleness, important issues should not be postponed. Thanks to optimism, it will be possible to get out of a difficult situation with minimal losses. If before you were afraid to start implementing your ideas, it’s time to implement your plans. Communicate with colleagues and boss, establish new contacts. Even if you fail to make dreams come true, you can prepare the foundation for future achievements. As for the financial component, feel free to borrow, apply for a loan. Your costs will pay off in the near future. Business interests come first: Prove that you are a true professional.

For Capricorns, the full moon in the sign of Aquarius is an opportunity to pamper yourself with various amenities. During this period, you can think about things that previously did not interest you. Give in to the impulse, do not analyze thoughts, just live in pleasure. Go shopping, try on new fashion items, buy perfume. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the full moon of Aquarius, surround yourself with a veil of pine and citrus aromas. If you do not like shopping, do not go in for sports, go to the SPA center for positive emotions. Relaxing massage, body wraps, masks – everything you need to maintain your beauty and health. Herbal preparations and silicic acid are of great importance in cosmetic procedures.

Aquarius will be absolutely happy during the full moon in the sign of Aquarius: problems are solved with a wave of a magic wand. There is no need to work hard, sacrifice personal life and deny yourself small pleasures. Relax, devote time to pleasant activities. Take a short trip, visit friends and family. Do whatever you like, even if you previously thought such activities were unacceptable for yourself. Find a new hobby: start blogging, learn a foreign language, or master basic yoga asanas. The more interesting you spend your leisure time, the brighter life will shine. Do not save money on your beauty, go to the hairdresser, nail salon, SPA, swimming pool.

Pisces on the Aquarian full moon will be full of optimism: life is changing for the better. While some health problems may arise, the risk of injury increases. Try to be careful when doing sports, preferred types of exercise: light fitness, breathing exercises, yoga. If you are planning a trip, be especially careful while driving, do not violate traffic rules. In personal life, events develop in the most favorable way. Unexpected surprises, romantic dates, sincere conversations – the atmosphere promotes the development of tender relationships. Partners can become even closer to each other, and free people will get a chance to find a soul mate.

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