August Full Moon

The last month of summer still pampers with warmth, people are optimistic about the future. The body stores energy, actively absorbs nutrients. However, there are already hints that the situation will soon change. The full moon in August 2023 is a transitional period from summer to autumn. This is the time to take stock, make important decisions, in a word, it is time to collect a personal harvest. Looking into the depths of the soul, one can understand what resources have been accumulated, how best to dispose of them. Everyone has the right to use the energy of the full moon in August in his own way. You can go with the flow of life, continuing to enjoy the benefits that are available, but it is much more useful to think rationally. Change is painless if you prepare for it in advance.

2023August 118:33Aquarius ♒
2023August 3101:37Pisces ♓
2024August 1918:28Aquarius ♒
2025August 907:57Aquarius ♒

Sturgeon Full Moon in August

In August, the length of daylight decreases, the nights become colder. All living things actively respond to changes in nature. The American Indians gave the name to the August full moon, based on the peculiarities of their life. Because of the cold snap, predatory fish leave their favorite habitats and begin to eat more. That guarantees good fishing: catches of sturgeon are noticeably increased. Hence the name – "Full Sturgeon Moon". Since August marks the beginning of the harvest, the following designations are encountered: "Barley Moon", "Grain Moon". Although people still feel comfortable, it’s time to make sure that you do not have a shortage of food in the winter.

The desire for harmony, well-being is understandable: everyone wants to be happy. The Aquarius Full Moon in August 2023 raises important questions, makes you think about your place in life. Under the influence of the air sign, internal contradictions intensify, the energy balance is disturbed. Uranus, as the ruler of Aquarius, is responsible for lightness, the ability to think outside the box. No norms and authorities are recognized, personal interests come first. At the same time, the dependence on the team is strong, the need for communication increases. On the Aquarius full moon, significant events take place, this is a time of change: not easy, but very interesting. You just need to decide on the priorities – and everything will work out.

For purposeful people who know how to correctly place accents, the full moon in August is another step on the way to success. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. The energy of the full moon highlights weaknesses, helps to adjust goals and objectives in accordance with changing conditions. If you do not work on yourself, indulge weaknesses and fears, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve brilliant results. There is still a lot of time ahead, you just need to think about how to use resources efficiently. You can give up some plans, take a short break, change your view of some things. It doesn’t matter which method turns out to be more effective, the main thing is to bring abundance into life.

Life is beautiful if there is faith in the best in the heart. Let there be some difficulties, but they are temporary. On the August full moon, when the Sun is visiting Leo, people feel happy: the negative passes by. The fire sign has such a powerful force that it literally burns out everything bad and unnecessary that interferes with life. The space is filled with light, it becomes easier to breathe. A positive attitude helps in business, the most difficult tasks are solved with extraordinary ease. Work, personal life, health – positive changes are felt in everything. At the same time, conflict situations are not excluded. Everyone’s attention is taken for granted, which can cause outrage around others.

Influence of the August full moon for men

For men, the moment of truth comes, what is happening becomes absolutely clear and transparent. The full moon in August 2023 does not tolerate indecision: once the choice is made, there is no turning back. Although mood swings are likely, internal contradictions may escalate, these worries are insignificant. It is unlikely that men will feel helpless and disoriented. Enough and strength, and prudence, so as not to break the wood. However, it is better to refuse strong alcohol, it is not the best source of inspiration. It is necessary to keep your finger on the pulse of events, words and deeds should have weight. To get worthwhile results, you need to act here and now, without waiting for the right moment.

In personal life, everything is a little complicated, although not hopeless. Expectations are too high: dreams of an ideal may remain dreams. The Sturgeon full moon in August is perfect for painstaking relationship work. It is not enough to show signs of attention, you just need to behave perfectly. Refined compliments, romantic frenzy, jokes, flirting – everything will work: it is not known which specific method will work. Try to find your chip, analyze your previous experience. The main thing is not to make excessive demands on your partner. This advice is especially relevant for married men. Show your best qualities, try to forget about negative character traits. If you haven’t rested yet, it’s time to do it.

Everything related to work will not cause irritation, but a surge of inspiration. Amazing eloquence, high efficiency, an innovative approach to business – that’s what the full moon in August generously bestows. It seems that fate itself sets the right direction, everything is so cleverly successful. However, in addition to being active and industrious, ingenuity and the ability to see details are useful: not everyone is able to clearly formulate their goals. On the Sturgeon Full Moon, creative activity is a priority. There is no clear framework in this area, so disappointment is impossible. As for finance, large expenses are likely: spontaneous purchases, risky operations. In this matter, it is worth listening to your intuition.

An energetic time reveals hidden health problems. The power of the full moon in August is so great that few can withstand this load. It is possible that old injuries will make themselves felt. You should not take long walks, jogging, or leg presses. But water procedures are very useful – swimming, therapeutic baths with sea salt. With a full moon in August, the emotional state is unstable, the craving for alcohol increases. Psychosomatic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract can be observed. Try not to overuse fast food, avoid quick snacks. You can eat lean meat, dairy products, vegetables, nuts are especially useful.

Influence of the August full moon for women

It’s time for women to make important decisions, for the most part they will be intuitive. The Full Moon in August 2023 represents the cycle of life in nature. Like a grain that yields a harvest, a woman continues the race: the change of generations is a continuous process of human development. Thanks to gentleness, compassion, it will be possible to resolve difficult issues. This is a good time to work out family problems, conduct rituals to establish new relationships. In addition, the August full moon is suitable for getting rid of everything negative: bad habits, inner fears, toxic people. If, despite the efforts, the situation does not move from a dead center, it is better to leave everything as it is.

The expectation of change is in the air, a fateful meeting is likely. The Sturgeon full moon in August reflects the full power of feminine energy, any desire can be fulfilled. If you dream of an ideal life partner and have drawn his image in your head for a long time, start looking immediately. However, try to find a balance between rapturous dreams and reality. Thirst for thrills, vivid emotions can take you far. It will be useful to look at yourself from the outside, to remember past experiences. Don’t let the relationship develop quickly, just decide for yourself how interested you are in the person. Any annoying moment is an argument against, but if a spark has run between you, a good deal can come out.

Married women under the influence of the full moon in August will be able to resolve long-standing family problems. The atmosphere is conducive to confidential conversations. Although there is some nervousness, the level of aggression is minimal. You will feel confident in your abilities, become a little bolder and more relaxed. You can discuss the most pressing issues, your partner will not mind. Children will require close attention, during this period the level of anxiety increases. Do not scold the kids: whims are a reflection of fears, internal problems, and not a spontaneous desire to pull your nerves. Show parental wisdom, reach out to your heart. Your self-control is beyond praise – you can see for yourself.

August ends the summer, it’s time to think about the future, prepare for possible trials. At the same time, this is a time of carefree joy, enjoying the beauty and gifts of nature. Perhaps it is worth focusing on spiritual qualities, external changes are secondary. Try to avoid vulgar outfits, too bright makeup. All shades of yellow or red are considered preferred, for lovers of luxury – the color of gold. On the Sturgeon Full Moon, active loads are contraindicated, you can meditate, refer to your subconscious. When it comes to sports, it is better to focus on exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Cardio, aqua yoga and Pilates are very helpful.

August Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Representatives of fire signs will not feel a deterioration in the quality of life. Luck will definitely smile at them, at least wink. The full moon in August 2023 promotes professional success. Aries’ hopes for expanding business contacts will come true: the sphere of influence will increase, profits will increase. Leos are simply incomparable – brilliant appearance, witty jokes, firm confidence in their irresistibility. Neither competitors nor partners will be able to resist such pressure: profitable offers will be poured from everywhere. However, you should hold your tongue: everything is good in moderation. Sagittarius will not be left at a loss, despite the problems associated with work. Close people will come to the rescue and support you financially.

In life, not everything is measured by money, but still a lot. In financial terms, earth signs should be lucky, for them the full moon in August will be a favorable period. Even if you do not succeed in enriching yourself fabulously, you will be able to avoid money problems. Taurus will get bogged down in work: there are too many urgent matters. But their efforts will be appreciated, you can expect an extraordinary prize. Virgos will feel lucky, winning the lottery is likely. This is a great help, since the work is planned to be simple. Capricorns will face a choice: career or personal life. Tellingly, in any case, they will not lose. Professional success guarantees prosperity, and love inspires.

Air signs will not experience painful sensations: The Sturgeon full moon in August is the time for the fulfillment of desires. It is impossible to avoid all problems, but there is hope for the best. Gemini is light and carefree: life is going well. There is always someone who will substitute a shoulder in a difficult moment. Although it is worth limiting the circle of communication to trusted people. All doors are open in front of Libra: no restrictions and rigid frames. If you can’t concentrate on work, you can switch to something enjoyable. Chatting with friends, visiting attractions, romantic getaways – the choice is quite wide. Aquarius can be calm, they are winners everywhere: in their personal life and at work.

Friendly support, a sense of inner harmony are the most important for representatives of water signs. With a full moon in August, the need for communication increases, I want to realize my importance. Cancers will need financial help, because they will not want to strain at work: the atmosphere is not conducive to work. Scorpios will find inspiration in the family, perhaps go on vacation. Despite the complacent mood, not a single important detail will be overlooked: the trip will be successful. Pisces should avoid new acquaintances, casual people are dangerous and unpredictable. A great way to get even closer with family and friends is joint leisure, you can arrange outdoor recreation.

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