Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon in Cancer is a period of heightened emotionality, conflicting desires and mental instability. The moon is in the sign of its maximum strength, therefore the role of intuition increases. Attention is focused on inner sensations: the world is perceived by the senses, not the mind. People become more impressionable, vulnerable, the need for love increases. Actions are less logical, they are dictated by the subconscious, but they are infallible. The sharpened insight allows you to accurately predict the development of the situation, which inspires optimism. If you take control of emotions, you can completely succeed, or at least provide a minimum of comfort: home, family are the main values of the full moon in the sign of Cancer.

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Meaning of the Full Moon in Cancer sign

Cancer is a representative of the water element, its characteristic features: vulnerability, caution, developed intuition, emotional susceptibility. The Moon ☽ is the mistress of the sign, here she manifests herself in full measure, multiplying both positive and negative qualities. With the Moon in Cancer, people demonstrate the entire spectrum of feelings: from timidity and shyness to implacable militancy. I want to take care of someone, help or, conversely, become a capricious child. It all depends on the mood and attitude of the people around. Since the emotional background is unstable, you should not focus on the negative aspects. One thing remains unchanged — incredible tenderness and kindness.

Keeping peace of mind during the full moon in Cancer is difficult. This is a time of deep thought, emotionally powerful experiences. The need for attention is increasing, I want to feel a strong shoulder nearby. At the same time, there is a desire to patronize the weak, and the level of empathy for people increases. Such qualities as suspiciousness, secrecy, hysteria are no less strongly manifested. The best thing to do in this situation is to distance yourself from anything negative. To find ground under your feet, try to focus on the main thing: the family is a reliable support. Communicate, exchange thoughts, empathize: nothing is more important than the inner peace, the inner circle during this period cannot be.

On the full moon of Cancer, an atmosphere of sympathy and understanding reigns, people sincerely empathize with each other. This is a good time to strengthen family ties, preserve the continuity of generations. Do not be ashamed of your sentimentality, gather with loved ones, leaf through your family album, indulge in memories. Take this moment to build a harmonious relationship with everyone around you. Do not be afraid to show your weakness or make a mistake — intuition will tell you the right direction, with the full moon in Cancer it is especially strong. Thanks to the developed intuition and insight, it will be possible to resolve not only conflicts, but also internal problems. You can work with a psychologist, attend trainings.

The main danger of the full moon in Cancer is the increased sensitivity to everything that happens. Troubles are very hard to bear, moreover, the fantasy is so developed that many problems are far-fetched. Fear and anxiety corrode the soul: threats and conspiracies are seen everywhere. This is not the best time to make important decisions and take action. Due to internal tension, emotional instability, it is unlikely that you will succeed. Any little thing is unsettling, it’s easier to give up and go into the world of your dreams, where no one will offend. Secrecy, distrust — qualities that can alienate people. You should not close in yourself, you should boldly face your fears.

Influence of the Full Moon in Cancer

For people suspicious and anxious, the full moon in the Cancer sign is a stressful time, emotions are off scale. Perhaps, at the cost of titanic efforts, it will be possible to maintain an imperturbable appearance, but passions will boil inside. Moreover, sheer nonsense can serve as a reason for unrest: a sidelong glance, criticism, an unsuccessful joke. Nervous tension can aggravate health problems. Many diseases of this period are of a psychosomatic nature. Try not to take what is happening to heart, step back from the situation and think about something good. Look for family support, pay more attention to household chores. Just live in harmony with yourself: problems are inevitable, but they are temporary.

Love and Relationships

The full moon in Cancer promotes rapprochement, complete harmony reigns in family life. People are becoming more sentimental, romantic, the need for love and affection increases. Spouses are drawn to each other, trying to do something pleasant. This is a good time to discuss sensitive issues, but the tone of the conversation should be extremely friendly. Despite the seeming prosperity, the world is rather fragile. One careless word, the slightest manifestation of rudeness can destroy everything. As for raising children, on the full moon of Cancer, the maternal instinct, the desire to surround the child with warmth and care, is stronger. However, do not go too far: tenderness can be replaced by rage.

For people who dream of love, the full moon in Cancer is a time of change, of course, for the better. The air is saturated with romance, lonely hearts are looking for each other. If you are in the mood for a serious relationship, luck will definitely smile. You can make dates, make confessions, compliments — a potential partner will be impressed. No need to pretend, come up with something unusual, it is better to rely on simplicity and sincerity. A quiet evening in private, romantic atmosphere — and you will be reciprocated. Avoid vulgarity, ambiguity in every possible way, so as not to scare away the object of your passion. Enjoy the candy-bouquet period: sublime feelings, endless tenderness, a bright future.

Career and Finance

On the full moon of Cancer, one should not take on increased obligations, work should be enjoyable. It is unlikely that you will be able to make a lot of money; it is better to devote time to improving your professionalism. It is recommended to do things that do not require high concentration of attention. Any work related to communication and learning will be successful. Moreover, you should control your emotions in order to avoid official conflicts. The ideal employment option is remote work. Native walls give a feeling of safety and security. In addition, during this period, household chores give only pleasure. You can do laundry, cleaning, culinary experiments will be successful.

In terms of finance, the Cancer full moon is a period of accumulation. Money is spent with great reluctance, only on necessary things. Material well-being largely depends on the internal state. Emotional trades can be unprofitable. Therefore, it is worth postponing any transactions associated with risk, try to focus on what brings a stable profit. Let the income be small, now it is more important to maintain peace of mind. This period is favorable for planned purchases, the best option is household goods: furniture, household items, textiles. Also, shopping will be successful when it comes to purchasing women’s clothing and children’s things.

Health and Beauty

With the full moon in Cancer, feelings and emotions are so contradictory that you should not experiment with appearance. Most likely, having made a short haircut or contrasting coloring, you will almost immediately regret your decision. Plus, by cutting your hair, you will attract disease. Do not do anything drastic, limit yourself to grooming procedures. You can cleanse your face, use nourishing and moisturizing masks. And it is better to do with home remedies. For example, a potato and olive oil mask perfectly refreshes the skin. This is a good time to go to a massage therapist and to the pool — manual therapy and swimming strengthen muscle tone and help relieve nervous tension.

Cancer’s full moon health is unstable: well-being depends on inner well-being. Chronic somatic disorders can develop against the background of stress. Increased irritability, nervousness, self-doubt are probable causes of exacerbation of ulcers, gastritis. If you are struggling to relax, use mild sedatives. Mint tea is especially useful, it relieves cramps and reduces stomach acidity. Try to follow a diet: nothing fatty and fried. Avoid alcohol and energy drinks completely. Dental treatment will be painless, but surgical intervention on the digestive system and chest area should be avoided.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

The atmosphere that reigns at the full moon in Cancer is mysterious and mystical, dreams often come true. Do not question what you saw, forget about the logic. Just follow the prompts of your intuition, it will show you ways to solve problems. Most likely, night visions reflect events taking place in the family. You can see parents, children, distant relatives and even those who have already passed away. If you sleep well, nothing threatens your safety, family ties are stronger than ever. Nightmares indicate that there is discord in the family. Perhaps loved ones are unhappy with your behavior or you yourself are tired of household chores. Either way, miracles won’t happen, work on your relationship.

For the full moon in the sign of Cancer, some tension is characteristic, anxiety is diffused in the air. Emotionally excitable people find it difficult to control their behavior, nervous breakdowns are likely. To relieve stress, it is recommended to take baths with sea salt or essential oils. Adding a few drops of lavender oil can help you feel relief and relief. To consolidate the effect, fumigate the room with aromas of jasmine, lotus and lily. Adhere to a measured rhythm of life, do not exhaust yourself with physical activity. To strengthen the lunar energy, it is useful to engage in spiritual development. Start practicing bhakti yoga — and you, like a vessel, will be filled with love, feel like a part of the vast world.

Cancer Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries on the Cancer’s full moon feel the connection with loved ones more sharply, actively participate in family life. External problems will fade into the background, there will be a desire to spend more time at home. Ordinary routines will completely grab your attention, and your career may be slightly stalled. This is a good time for cosmetic repairs, gardening, thanks to the efforts, it will bloom in lush color. Monotonous work calms, gives you the opportunity to slowly think about your prospects. However, be on the alert all the time, an impartial story from your past may emerge. Ill-wishers will want to ruin your marriage. Do not give reasons for gossip, keep the ability to think soberly.

For Taurus, the full moon in Cancer is a time of great hope. With due diligence, it will turn out to realize the most ambitious plans. Business negotiations will be successful, intuition will help to bypass all difficulties and pitfalls. Thanks to initiative, high efficiency, it will be possible to significantly advance the career ladder. However, it must be remembered that on the full moon of Cancer it is difficult to remain emotionally calm, therefore, outbursts of aggression are not excluded. Your irritation is probably justified, but try not to lose your sense of proportion. If something did not work out, step back for a while, do not blame others for your failures. In no case do not fall into despondency and melancholy, apathy is your enemy.

Gemini on the Cancer full moon is so spontaneous that all the attention of others is riveted only to them. There are friendly faces, compliments, fans everywhere. Good luck will accompany you in matters related to communication and finance. Even if some problems arise when concluding a deal, making a large purchase, they will be quickly resolved. You can not worry about your financial situation, but still you should follow the rules of reasonable economy. It is possible that the period of good luck and financial well-being will soon end. Influential acquaintances who are always ready to help may disappear from your life. Caution does not hurt, you should not think that there is one harm from suspiciousness.

For gentle and sensitive Cancers, the full moon in Cancer can be a disaster. Fears multiply, problems are exaggerated — the subconscious mind gives birth to monsters. Everything will fall out of hand, you should not do anything significant. The best way to ride out this anxious period is to rest, preferably near water. If there is no way to get out into nature, go to the pool, or even better, to the SPA center. Pleasant aromas, massages, relaxing treatments — everything you need to be happy. To cheer yourself up, try changing your appearance. Do an unusual make-up, a new hairstyle, buy a whole heap of spectacular outfits. Down with shyness, don’t be afraid to get brighter!

Lions on Cancer’s full moon will feel exhausted. Active activity can be replaced by apathy. A carefree life filled with entertainment will no longer seem so attractive. You will want to spend more time at home, with your family. Warmth and support are important components of a comfortable existence. Money, lucrative acquaintances, career ambitions fade into the background. To successfully overcome this period, postpone everything, focus on pleasant things. Make time for a hobby, and if not, find something you like. Go on an unplanned vacation, organize a family trip. This is a great opportunity to truly get to know those around you.

Business Virgos with the full moon in Cancer will be able to show their best qualities: thrift, frugality, accuracy. People around them will admire their homeliness, the ability to create comfortable conditions for themselves and loved ones. The purchases will be extremely successful, the repairs will be quick and easy. The work will argue, it will turn out to redo a lot of important things. However, you should not get too hung up on everyday trifles, it is better to devote time to communication. This is the right period for establishing trusting relationships with children: parental instincts are heightened to the limit. You can have conversations on any topic, fool around or learn something new — joint leisure will only bring joy.

For Libra, the full moon in Cancer will be successful in terms of career. Prudence, patience, sociability are qualities that will help to achieve success. If you can deal with the annoyance that comes up from time to time, you will win. Business partners, colleagues are inclined to cooperate, no disagreements should arise. However, when concluding transactions, drawing up contracts, try not to miss important points. Do not give in to emotions, keep your thinking sober, and act slowly. To win the respect of your boss, show not only politeness, but also ingenuity, hard work. Even if you have to work for two, the result will exceed all your expectations.

Scorpios on the Cancer’s full moon can become unruly and aggressive. This is because they have nowhere to put their energy, the atmosphere of complacency causes irritation, a desire to act in spite. You should not vent your dissatisfaction with others, it is better to direct your efforts towards self-improvement. This is a good period for learning something new, traveling and communicating with different people. Find an opportunity to relax, gather friends at home, or visit old friends. Try to pay attention to the weaker ones, help them in every way. As you develop warmth and generosity, you can become even better. If you feel yourself breaking down, exhale and let go of the situation: things will gradually work out.

Sagittarius with the full moon in the Cancer sign will actively take up their personal life. There will be enough pressure and energy to win the hearts of everyone around you, without exception. At the same time, thoughts of a frivolous affair should be abandoned, the partner will not understand such a disregard, his heart will be broken. If you’re in the mood for flirting, save your enthusiasm for a better time. Instead, focus on how your relationship with family, co-workers, and friends is shaping up. This is a favorable time for resolving conflicts, establishing the truth in controversial issues. Try to enlist the support of influential acquaintances who can get things off the ground.

Capricorns on Cancer’s full moon will feel a huge surge of tenderness, a desire to take care of others. Despite everyday problems, great employment at work, there will be a need for emotional communication. If possible, unload your work schedule, postpone all important matters. Become a little more frivolous than usual, stop calculating every little thing. Do not be afraid to seem vulnerable and sentimental, use this time to communicate with people dear to your heart. Don’t wait until there is a reason to invite your friends to your place, go visit yourself. Your kindness will be rewarded. Probably, during friendly gatherings, you can make useful contacts.

For Aquarius, the full moon in Cancer is a reason to relax. If there is an opportunity to laze a little, you should take advantage of it. And the excuses will sound very convincing: poor health, weakness, bad mood. Mental distress can worsen health problems. During this period, joints are especially vulnerable, so you need to keep on hand ointments that have an anti-inflammatory and warming effect. For the prevention of arthritis, arthrosis, it is useful to take salt baths. Also, pay attention to your diet. Focus on foods high in gelatin to help restore bones and cartilage and improve muscle elasticity.

Pisces on the full moon of Cancer will feel tolerable, although melancholy can take hold of them. Do not expect that this period will be fruitful in terms of career and finances, most likely, things will stall. However, you won’t have to regret missed opportunities if you use your time more efficiently. Dedicate the Cancer full moon to communication with children, they need your support. Don’t read boring notation if you want to teach them something. Go to the park, museum, watch an interesting film together. Do not be afraid to stand on the same level with your child, immerse yourself in the world of childhood — and you will immediately understand how close you are to each other. Do not forget to pay attention to your parents, take an interest in their affairs.

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