December Full Moon

With the onset of winter, life becomes more measured: every moment is unique and priceless. Nature seems to go into hibernation, all processes slow down. The full moon in December 2023 prepares people for new events: old problems are losing their relevance. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the meaning of what is happening, to define goals. Before turning the next page of life, it is necessary to complete the previous affairs. All bad things should remain in the past. Let us now have to put up with some inconveniences: cold, lack of sunlight. But soon the situation will improve significantly. You just need to be patient, because everyone knows: darkness is replaced by light.

2023December 2700:33Cancer ♋
2024December 1509:02Gemini ♊
2025December 423:15Gemini ♊

Cold Full Moon in December

The first month of winter is famous for the frosty weather, which becomes a real challenge. In December, the length of the day decreases rapidly, the nights seem endless. The moon generously illuminates the area, emphasizing the severity of the landscape. The world around seems to freeze, people are busy with survival. The North American Indians gave a clear definition of the December full moon – "Cold Moon". This is a period of relative calm, when there is no need to move a lot and actively, there is time for reflection. On the eve of the new year, it will be useful to prioritize and develop long-term plans. There are other alternative names – "Long Night Moon", "Oak Moon".

Family focus, a sense of duty, and altruistic aspirations indicate a willingness to sacrifice. The Cancer full moon in December 2023 has a soft energy that envelops people like a blanket. The water sign forces you to think in a certain direction: the house becomes the center of the universe. I would like to surround loved ones with care, to do everything possible so that trouble does not touch them. Under the influence of the planet-ruler of the Moon, a sentimental, nostalgic attitude towards life is formed. The Cancer full moon awakens the best feelings in people, makes them tender and vulnerable. At the same time, suspiciousness is increasing, which prompts to look for problems where they do not exist.

Many pleasant surprises await people who are optimistic and inclined to change. The Cold full moon in December provides powerful energy to create your own reality. Anything that you don’t like causes negative emotions, you can painlessly remove from your life. This is a great opportunity to start thinking in a new way, without clinging to standard wording. However, it is necessary to act carefully, avoiding all hands-on operations and assault. Haste in this matter is inappropriate, there is still a lot of time ahead, the main thing is to determine the direction. Life itself gives the right clues, you just need to be able to decipher them. The attitude is no less important: a wonderful present brings an equally wonderful future closer.

A strong commitment to principles combined with vulnerability makes a strong impression. The full moon in December runs along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which brings adjustments to the usual course of things. The earth sign has a positive effect on a person, gives strength and energy. Under its influence, obstacles do not seem insurmountable. In addition to family interests, ambition comes to the fore. Let there be nothing more important at home, but you can use the advantages of this period to the fullest. It’s time to develop a strategy for your professional development. After all, success at work will have a beneficial effect on the lives of loved ones. There will be an opportunity to pamper them with gifts, arrange a luxurious vacation.

Influence of the December full moon for men

It is too early for men to relax, despite the fact that the New Year’s holidays are close. Even if you really want to relax, you need to be patient a little. The full moon in December 2023 does not promise peace and tranquility, on the contrary, excitement wakes up in the soul. This is the right time to complete a great job, resolve office conflicts, or achieve peace in the family. Even though failures were haunted before, now you can take revenge for past defeats. For the new year to start well, one more leap is needed. Fortunately, the mood is appropriate – optimism seethes. There is no reason to doubt your own success, everything around this accompanies. Any miracles are possible, you just want to – and the dream will come true.

In the life of single men, changes are outlined: love will come unexpectedly. The full moon in December is a good time for acquaintances: ease of communication appears, the sense of humor sharpens. Even inveterate shy people begin to behave like experienced heartthrobs. There is a premonition of love in the air, most likely, you will not have to be bored alone. Family men will live for their loved ones: a sense of duty is above all. The pre-holiday bustle, the mass of household chores – all this is urgent and very important. You will have to sacrifice work or hobbies for the welfare of the family. There is no need to regret the time spent: on the Cold full moon, men become especially sentimental. Troubles will only be a joy.

On the December full moon, the spirit of adventurism, the thirst for big money, can wake up. Try to keep yourself within the limits in order to live this period without consequences. Instead of storming career heights, focus on communication. The atmosphere of friendliness is very important. With the support of like-minded people, advice from colleagues, you will do less stupid things. The Cold full moon in December has powerful energy, it is better to send it to the completion of the work begun. Try not to take risks, postpone the decision of financial issues. Handling money requires extra care. The only thing that is not worth saving on is the expenses for the needs of the family. There are significant costs ahead, be prepared for them.

In terms of health, no special surprises are foreseen, although foresight will not hurt. Diseases during the full moon in December are of a psychosomatic nature, so the first thing to do is to protect your nerves. Nutrition plays an important role, a properly selected diet will help get rid of anxiety and bad mood. Foods such as spinach, cereals, avocados, raisins promote the synthesis of serotonin. Alcohol, on the other hand, inhibits the production of the hormone of joy. With regard to sports, you can put stress on the spine, back, joints. We also recommend training on a stationary bike, skiing. Water treatments are especially useful, find an opportunity to swim in the pool.

Influence of the December full moon for women

Women are especially sensitive to everything that happens, so they are a little confused. The Cold full moon sets a certain rhythm that requires maximum concentration. By the end of the year, the tension is growing: taking stock, planning for the future. Despite the large amount of work, it is difficult to focus on something in particular. I want to relax, enjoy life, and not solve problems. The soul asks for a holiday, the mood is completely inoperative. The full moon in December 2023 is a democratic period: everyone has the right to choose. If feelings come first for a woman, you can not be ashamed of your sentimentality. Ambitious ladies will have to gather their will to put things in order.

A new interesting stage begins in the life of free girls, love will turn their world upside down. On the December full moon, relationships will be vivid and feelings deep. Passion will turn your head, you may lose your sense of reality. However, do not rush to make big plans: emotions are changeable. In order not to be disappointed in the chosen one, try to look at him from the other side. Seek advice from your friends, arrange a test for him. Although you can not complicate your life with vain experiences. If you leave everything as it is, the situation will gradually clear up. Holidays, rest and entertainment are ahead, it’s time to swim in love. A positive attitude and openness in a relationship is the key to a happy personal life.

Everything that saddened and hurt must disappear, dissolve into nothingness. On a Cold full moon, one should not succumb to emotional provocations: complete peace and self-confidence. Quarrels, showdown is the worst scenario for the development of events. The atmosphere of this period contributes to an even greater convergence of partners. By showing such feminine qualities as compassion, kind-heartedness, you can prevent any scandals. Prepare for the holiday, involve all family members in the troubles. Children deserve special attention, take time to have a frank conversation. Discuss the current state of affairs, define a circle of interests. Although other hobbies may appear in the new year.

The energy of the full moon in December will help in fulfilling any desires, if only you really want to. For women, the problem of losing weight is gaining special relevance: New Year’s holidays are on the way. It’s time to change your diet, excluding flour products, smoked meats and sweets from it. It is recommended to eat fruits, vegetables, fermented milk and whole grains. In addition, you can cleanse the body and quickly lose weight with the help of Bikram Yoga. On a Cold full moon, any type of massage, water procedures, natural remedies are useful. To maintain tone, salt baths are shown. An excellent result is guaranteed: the skin seems to be filled with radiance, it becomes more elastic and elastic.

December Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Representatives of air signs have a streak of luck: they will not have to regret missed opportunities. The full moon in December 2023 gives generous gifts to those who know how to enjoy life. Gemini will bathe in everyone’s attention, which is not surprising at all. Dedicate this time to a trip to beauty salons and shops: the new year is a new image. Libra will plunge into the world of beauty and harmony, everything else is not worthy of attention. Exhibitions, performances, various events – my head is dizzy with emotions and impressions. Do not limit yourself: entertainment is not a hindrance to work. Aquarius simply have to have a stunning romance. Even if you are not free, let passion into your life: relationships require development.

Fire signs need to keep feelings under control so as not to spoil the New Year’s mood for themselves and those around them. The full moon in December is characterized by emotional imbalance, impulsivity. Aries should devote energy to solving financial issues. Thanks to the high concentration of forces and prudence, it will be possible to make a profitable investment. Leos will not be able to deny themselves the pleasure of intriguing a little, their goal is to move up the career ladder. It will probably be possible to eliminate competitors, but the struggle will deprive you of your last strength, look for salvation in the family. Sagittarius will be able to avoid love and professional disappointments if they heed the advice of loved ones.

The best solution for earth signs is to slow down, so you don’t burn out. On the December full moon, it is safer to do mundane things than chase a ghostly dream. Taurus will be happy to spend time with their family. There is so much trouble ahead that it is impossible to cope without the participation of each family member. To successfully complete the year, you must enlist the support of those closest to you. Virgos are very dependent on the emotional environment in the family and at work. You are full of energy and capable of much, but negativity can unsettle you for a long time. Look for common ground with others. Capricorns strive to conquer unattainable peaks. However, be prepared for what your health can fail. Try to follow your diet.

Unexpected changes are likely in the life of water signs. For gentle and vulnerable people, the Cold full moon in December can be a real challenge. Cancers find it difficult to come to terms with human meanness. Acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and even loved ones can be a source of frustration. Do not panic, focus on your inner feelings: intuition will tell you a way out. Scorpios should be wary of leadership suggestions. It is possible that intrigues are brewing against you at work. However, do not doubt your lucky star: enemies will lose. Pisces must control themselves so as not to quarrel with loved ones. No whims and discontent, just a radiant smile on his face.

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