Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini brings chaos into life, confusion reigns everywhere. People lose control of the situation, and what is happening is confusing. At the same time, the level of energy rises, emotions go off scale — there is no need to get bored. If you turn the disadvantages into advantages, it turns out that this period is ideal for people who are sociable, striving for change. The mind acquires a special acuteness, information is assimilated easily, interest in everything that surrounds increases. The mood is excellent, failures are not perceived as painful, but push for action. You just need to relax and allow yourself a little more lightheadedness than usual. Sometimes it is useful to be someone else, to do something unusual for yourself.

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Meaning of the Full Moon in Gemini sign

Gemini is an Air sign, mobile and elusive. It is like the wind is in constant motion, the mood is changeable, and thoughts are unpredictable. The ruler-planet Mercury ☿ enhances intellectual abilities, gives good imagination and oratorical talent. The Moon in Gemini is an interesting time, events are changing at a great speed, it is difficult to focus on one thing. This is a great opportunity to prove yourself in a new business, but do not count on the fact that you will be able to bring your plan to the end. Why come up with difficulties for yourself, stubbornly follow the goal, if you can have fun, travel, make pleasant acquaintances. What will happen tomorrow is unknown, we must live for today.

The full moon in Gemini gives you a lot of opportunities to fulfill your desires. This is a good time for communication, travel and entertainment. People are seized by enthusiasm, the desire to move somewhere, even if the goals are not fully defined. Lightness, carelessness, thirst for impressions — a feeling of complete happiness, everything material ceases to be important. Landmarks are shifting towards personal interests. Only what brings joy matters. Benefits, stability, financial well-being fade into the background, there are too many temptations to maintain prudence. You should not go against the tide, attempts to enter the usual rut are doomed to failure. It’s easier to enjoy what is happening.

The advantages of the full moon in Gemini include an atmosphere of optimism that reigns everywhere. People are filled with bright hopes, firmly believe in the success of the actions taken. Criticism is more tolerated, the most offensive remarks cannot deprive oneself of self-confidence. The level of sociability is simply off scale, acquaintances are made instantly, communication is only pleasure. No negativity, grievances and misunderstandings — this is the best time to sort things out, establishes business and personal contacts. Cheerfulness, the ability to adapt to circumstances will allow you to get out of any situation with honor. You can learn languages, learn new skills, improve your profession.

The danger of a full moon in Gemini lies in the chaos of everything that happens. There are too many events, information and communication: it is difficult to concentrate in order to understand which direction to move. For obligatory people, inclined to a measured life, this period will be a real test. It is necessary to maintain a sober mind, loyalty to your principles, this is the only way you can resist numerous temptations. Let there be an opportunity to cheat, you can not be irresponsible to the matter. Deception, intrigue and undercover games are tactics that are doomed to failure. Don’t believe everything you see and hear. There is a risk of getting stuck in an unpleasant story because of your own inattention, laziness and talkativeness.

Influence of the Full Moon in Gemini

The mood on the full moon in the Gemini sign is extremely unstable: violent joy can quickly be replaced by depression and irritation. Energy beats over the edge, a lot of thoughts are swarming in my head. I don’t want to delve into problems, look for solutions to complex problems. Life is beautiful, there is no need to burden yourself with unnecessary worries. Failure in professional and personal life is not painful. Communication is easy, love frenzy turns your head, temptations await at every corner. I do not want to think about the bad at all: bright prospects attract, excite the imagination. The blessing of strength and energy is in abundance, well-being should not let you down. Although you may feel short of breath, lung problems are likely.

Love and Relationships

Family life on a full moon in Gemini will become more eventful, there will be a reason for pleasant excitement. Monotony gives way to a series of adventures. Feelings are aggravated, serious passions boil between partners. It may be possible to repeat the honeymoon, at least start planning it. Housework is boring and frustrating. No need to force yourself, you can postpone chores around the house. Everyday life will wait, there comes a time of carelessness and eccentricities. Better to pay more attention to the children, do something creative, go to the movies or to the park. This is a great opportunity to stand on the same step with your child, to look at the world through his eyes. Don’t miss your chance to get even closer.

Lonely hearts on the full moon in the Gemini sign will not be bored: dates, flirting, new acquaintances. However, you should not count on the fact that the romance will necessarily develop into marriage. Playful mood, witty jokes, compliments, passionate caresses — you will feel at the height of bliss. Perhaps you should not count on more. This period is not suitable for starting a serious relationship, you can not believe the promises and vows of love. There is no need to subject what is happening to analysis, to attach special importance to each acquaintance. You can just plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and fun, give free rein to your feelings. Even if there are no major changes in personal life, there will be many impressions.

Career and Finance

On the Gemini full moon, your career will be extremely successful. This period is successful for those whose work is related to trade, finance, information technology. It will not be difficult to achieve mutual understanding, colleagues and partners are committed to cooperation. You can organize business meetings, look for investors, make deals. For ambitious people looking to improve their profession, the Gemini full moon is the perfect time to learn new things, improve skills. All undertakings will be successful. There will be enough energy both for solving work problems and for household chores. You can arrange cleaning, make repairs, update the interior, but only at will, you cannot force yourself.

The financial situation with the full moon in the Gemini sign is unlikely to improve. Although there will be good deals, the deals will be successful, but the money will not last long. Unplanned expenses, unsuccessful purchases are not excluded. The likelihood of theft increases: keep an eye on your wallet. Try not to borrow money, and most importantly, do not lend money even to close friends. The mood is too changeable, thoughts are confused to give account of their actions. Postpone shopping if possible. Even if you are confident in your choice, refrain from large purchases, things will not last long. But you can not save on impressions, this is a good time to visit exhibitions, excursion trips.

Health and Beauty

On the Gemini full moon, you want lightness and freshness, this is a good time to experiment with appearance. If you are unsure of your taste, consult a stylist and makeup artist. Try something new, bright, you can do unusual makeup with fantasy elements. A haircut during this period will negatively affect the condition of the hair, they will become brittle and unruly. It is recommended to do airy hairstyles, curl curls. Coloring will be successful, you can radically change the color of your hair — you will look stunning. As for grooming procedures, give up manicure and pedicure, you should not do eyebrow tattooing. Find an opportunity to pamper your skin with fruit and berry masks.

Health for a full moon in the Gemini sign will be excellent, you will hardly have to complain about your well-being. To stay awake during the day, you need to spend more time in the fresh air: the body needs oxygen. If there is no way to get out into nature, do breathing exercises. The procedures of ozone therapy and speleotherapy will be useful. Any measures to strengthen the immune system, such as a contrast shower, douches, air baths, will be effective. You can engage in physiotherapy exercises aimed at strengthening and training muscles. Physiotherapy will work well, but surgery should be avoided, especially in the chest area.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

The Gemini full moon is a period of intense communication and new information. The brain is working too actively, so night visions can reflect what is happening in reality. If you dreamed of meeting with friends, try to remember your feelings. Positive emotions indicate that your relationship is not in danger. Friends love and appreciate you, you can not be afraid of betrayal. If you have a nightmare, try to sort out your thoughts and feelings. You are probably unfair to someone close to you. Become a little more attentive and kinder, devote more time to those you love. In any case, dreams of this period are not considered prophetic, one should not take them too seriously.

The atmosphere that reigns at the full moon in Gemini is so light and relaxed that there is neither fatigue nor depression. This period encourages people to learn new things, helps to reveal their inner potential. To strengthen the energy of Mercury, it is useful to say mantras, to practice Gian Mudra. Try to read more, study the philosophy of Vedanta. On the full moon of Gemini, you should not exhaust yourself with power loads, you must strive for all-round development. Start practicing Kaula Yoga, it has a complex effect: it helps to gain physical and mental health. For total relaxation, combine yoga and massage with neroli oil.

Gemini Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Purposeful Aries should take advantage of the Gemini full moon to advance their careers. This is a good time for business negotiations and promotions. It will not be difficult to win the attention of others, it will be possible to reach profitable agreements on any issues. The main thing is to believe in yourself, to boldly offer even the most risky ideas. Let the matter not progress further than discussions, but you can make dozens of useful acquaintances. Do not be afraid to be bright, stand out from the rest with your professionalism and innovation. You can deviate a little from the usual rules, a drop of madness, optimism — sometimes this is enough to achieve an excellent result.

Taurus on the full moon of Gemini will feel confident: nothing threatens material well-being. Although it is impossible to lose vigilance, during this period, sensitivity to any information increases. Advertising can make useless purchases. Better to refrain from unnecessary spending, you still need money. It is recommended to purchase interior items, things necessary for the household, but with the purchase of clothes, jewelry, cosmetics it is worth postponing. You can please loved ones with pleasant surprises, give them cute trinkets. The budget will not suffer, and the relationship will become stronger and more trusting. This is a great opportunity to get even closer to those around you.

The Gemini on the full moon in Gemini is unimaginably good, sweet and happy with life. Things are going well, the mood is excellent, compliments and declarations of love are heard from everywhere — what could be better? It is recommended to travel, communicate, attend parties, and the solution of serious issues should be postponed until later. This is a good time to take care of yourself, the simplest cosmetic procedures will be very effective. Changing your hair color, getting a short haircut is easy, or even better, completely renewing your wardrobe. A visit to the pool, bathhouse, sauna will have a beneficial effect on health. To maintain or improve physical fitness, you need to reduce the consumption of fatty foods. You can eat plant foods.

Gentle Cancer with a full moon in Gemini will have to get a little nervous. An atmosphere of unpredictability and confusion reigns everywhere, which can have a detrimental effect on the psychological state. If you cannot cope with stress, it is worth slowing down the pace of life. A surefire way to avoid stressful situations is to keep activities and unpleasant communication to a minimum. Try to rest more, preferably in nature. Various relaxation techniques will have a beneficial effect. During this period, problems with the liver and gallbladder may worsen. A plant-based diet will help to normalize digestion. Carrot and beet juices, green vegetables help cleanse the liver from toxins.

Hot-tempered Leos will be able to do without scandals on a Gemini full moon. The atmosphere is so friendly and trustworthy that it is impossible to take offense and quarrel for a long time. You can contact a huge number of people, quickly sort things out, make new acquaintances — communication will be easy. This is a great opportunity to expand your circle of friends. The only thing that inspires fear is intrigue, under the influence of emotions it is easy to lose vigilance, to say too much. Your ill-wishers can take advantage of your mistake. Beware of too flattering speeches, lucrative offers and vivid displays of feelings. When it comes to relaxation, a little extreme will not hurt.

Virgo on the Gemini full moon will be tuned in to achieve high results in all areas of life. If you set a goal, work hard, skillfully use useful connections, success will not keep you waiting. The main thing is not to be distracted by trifles, not to succumb to the general mood of fun. It is unlikely that problems can be avoided, but they will be so insignificant that they cannot interfere with the implementation of the plan. Business related to finance and real estate will do well. True, decisions will have to be made on their own, not counting on outside help. What is especially important, you cannot invest every last penny in projects; it is better to stop at the stage of discussion and planning.

Libra on the full moon in Gemini is so adorable and spontaneous that they cannot escape everyone’s attention. Although feelings will not be consistent, this period will be very successful in terms of personal life. Even if the acquaintance does not develop into something more, a short-term romance will bring a lot of pleasure. You don’t have to think about what impression you make, not choose words, but just behave freely and relaxed. In addition to love adventures, excursion trips, visits to museums and exhibitions will leave pleasant impressions. Everything that happens on the Gemini full moon leaves an imprint on further events. Therefore, do not sit still, expand your horizons.

The Scorpio’s intuition during the full moon in Gemini will be especially strong. You don’t have to come up with excuses or act against your will, you just have to trust your inner feelings — and life will get better. During this period, every little thing matters, one cannot dismiss the prompts of fate. Dreams will point in the right direction, try to decipher your visions. Having understood the essence of what is happening, you can draw the right conclusions, improve relations with others. On a Gemini full moon, it’s easy to feel like a favorite of fate. If difficulties arise, you can resort to using magical rites. To get rid of problems in professional and personal life, it is recommended to carry out a ritual to fulfill desires.

Sagittarius on the full moon in the sign of Gemini will prove to be good strategists. Thanks to oratory, communication skills, it will be possible to make useful contacts. Moreover, cooperation will be long-term and beneficial for all parties. If you try, this period can give an impetus to a career takeoff, but you need to put the interests of the business first. If you are unsure of what you are doing, take a break, allow yourself to relax a little. Go out of town, organize a vacation with friends and partners. By the way, the negotiations held in an informal setting will be more successful. It doesn’t matter what you do, the main thing is with what mood. Have fun with what is happening.

The die-hard Capricorns on the Gemini full moon will feel out of place. The atmosphere of the holiday reigning everywhere sets you in a frivolous mood, you don’t want to think about important things. An imbalance between external conditions and internal sensations can provoke psychological problems. Try to abstract yourself from the situation, do only what brings pleasure. To avoid deteriorating well-being, observe the daily regimen. Go to bed on time, walk more, preferably before bed. In terms of nutrition, preference should be given to light meals, such as vegetable salads. It is necessary to limit the use of alcohol: alcohol negatively affects the emotional state.

For Aquarius, the full moon in the sign of Gemini is a chance to arrange a personal life. Even a fleeting meeting can turn into a passionate romance. However, one should not get too attached to a partner: feelings and emotions are not constant. Easy falling in love, impetuosity, emotional excitement — not the most solid foundation for building a serious relationship. Don’t make long-term plans, just enjoy the moments of happiness. Flirt, date — live life to the fullest. Use an aphrodisiac perfume to enhance your natural appeal. The aromas of ylang-ylang, patchouli, jasmine exacerbate sexual desire, evoke a feeling of euphoria.

Pisces on the full moon in Gemini will become more vulnerable to life’s adversities. Any careless word, a sharp remark can unsettle. There is no desire, and most importantly, no strength to resist evil, you want peace and quiet. Try to spend more time with your family, do your usual household chores: renovation, gardening, cleaning. Children deserve special attention, during this period they easily succumb to other people’s influence, so they can get out of obedience. Patiently answer all their questions, do not disregard requests. To get even closer, arrange a joint vacation, go to the park, cinema or skating rink. Let the child decide how you will spend your time.

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