January Full Moon

The full moon in January 2024 is an energetically powerful period that affects all areas of life. The most noticeable changes are expected on the love front. You may be going through a whirlwind romance or ending a relationship. The degree of passion will be high enough not to remain indifferent to what is happening. Despite the vicissitudes, one must remember the main value – the family, its role is growing significantly. Nostalgia for the past is growing, the soul is haunted by memories. Clannishness, family traditions, family ties are not empty words. The support of loved ones gives strength, instills confidence in the future. This is a good time to communicate, exchange views and find common ground.

2023January 623:09Cancer ♋
2024January 2517:54Leo ♌
2025January 1322:27Cancer ♋

Wolf Full Moon in January

There are many legends and beliefs associated with the January full moon. The American Indians gave it the name "Wolf Full Moon", because they endowed this totem animal with magical power, the ability to communicate with the dead. It is believed that the nights in January are so cold and long that they seem endless. Wolves, preoccupied with survival, become more dangerous and aggressive. A terrible howl spreads far away, instilling superstitious fear. Another name for this natural phenomenon is "Moon after Christmas", as it is observed at the end of the December holidays. There are such designations as "Old Moon", "Ice Moon", "Winter Moon", they all reflect the harsh climatic conditions.

The heightened emotionality of the January 2024 full moon in Leo can make life difficult. What is happening is pleasing, the future is not alarming. Leo is a fire sign under the auspices of the Sun. The atmosphere of optimism and well-being is conducive to bright dreams. The moon enhances such features of the sign as impulsiveness, ambition. Thoughts become sharp, and movements – liveliness. On the Leo full moon, there is a desire to enjoy what is happening without burdening yourself with worries. Interest in the opposite sex is growing, you want to bathe in attention and compliments. However, the addiction to narcissism can alienate people. You need to be careful in words and deeds.

The main advantage of the full Wolf moon in January is the special emotional atmosphere that brings people together. It is believed that the wolf, like a man, is a family creature. This strong animal has affection for the members of its flock, always protects the weaker. On the January full moon, you cannot be alone. Every opportunity to spend time with your family should be used. Do something together, try to get close on the basis of common interests. If at the moment there is some misunderstanding between you and your relatives, be sure to resolve this issue. In the future, the situation will only get worse. Arrange home gatherings, flip through the family album, remember your ancestors.

Vigorous activity and excessive cheerfulness are due to the fact that on the January full moon the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. This is a time of striving for the future, changes are perceived with optimism. The influence of Aquarius is manifested in the craving for communication, the desire for something unusual. However, you need to have the courage to follow your heart. Experiences and emotions should not be analyzed, and decisions should not be doubted. Success depends on the ability to use the opportunities that open up. To feel comfortable, you need to unite with like-minded people, participate in various discussions. The support of like-minded people will give impetus to the implementation of long-conceived ideas.

Influence of the January full moon for men

The Wolf full moon has a powerful effect on men. Despite the outward calmness, doubts torment the soul. Many questions do not give rest, there is no firm confidence in the correctness of their actions. I would like to hear words of approval, to feel a friendly shoulder nearby. The need for attention and compliments increases, even if this behavior is not typical for you. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses, everyone needs support. The family becomes the center of the universe, all thoughts are about loved ones, and not about their own well-being. Emotions overwhelm, I want to act immediately, do something good for the sake of loved ones. This is a time of testing, you must overcome yourself, become even more courageous and stronger.

Full moon love relationships in January 2024 will be especially reverent. Men during this period need care and affection, strive to create a comfortable environment around themselves. Do not expect loud confessions: love must be proved by deeds. What is happening is perceived by the heart, not by the mind: the interests of the family are at the forefront. All thoughts and actions are aimed at the good of loved ones. If you haven’t found a soul mate yet, feel free to get acquainted. On the January full moon, people are honest with each other, there is no desire to pretend, to seem better than they really are. Be romantic and sentimental, try to please your chosen one. If you can touch the strings of her soul, the relationship will last a long time.

In terms of career, the full moon in January is a good period, things will work out in the best possible way. However, you should not count on blind luck; for the sake of well-being, you will have to sweat. Activity, hard work, willingness to take risks are the main components of success, as you know: the wolf’s legs are breadwinners. You must think strategically, carefully considering every step you take. Be extremely careful, make a detailed plan, and most importantly, join forces with your colleagues. Alone, you will not achieve anything: try to rally people around you, create a friendly team. This period is especially favorable for psychologists, team building coaches, people employed in the field of trade and beauty.

The Wolf full moon in January tests the body for strength: you are capable of much. Do not limit your desires, do as you please. If you have been planning to start playing sports for a long time, it’s time to do it. However, the loads should be moderate, the chest is especially vulnerable. You can train your legs, do exercises to strengthen your joints. Hiking, exercise bike classes, skiing are useful. Since the body is at its peak of activity, you do not need additional nutrition. Eliminate alcohol entirely. Make time for a hobby, no matter what area your interests lie in: the January full moon is suitable for both creativity and handwork.

Influence of the January full moon for women

During the full Wolf moon, women become more sensitive and vulnerable. The maternal instinct is so strong that the line between caring and obsession is washed away. At the same time, the desire to patronize is sincere, it is a natural need, and not a desire to dominate. People around you, especially close people, should be understanding. The mood is unstable, remarks and reproaches cause tears. It is impossible to predict the reaction. Joy is replaced by sadness, but a sharp surge of activity also quickly follows. Small whims are quite permissible: strength is in weakness. During this period, the best female qualities are revealed: patience, tenderness, flexibility, compassion.

The full moon in January 2024 is conducive to dating. For lonely hearts, the situation is extremely favorable: people become more sensual and romantic. The combination of defenselessness and sexuality is an explosive mixture. If you are looking for a partner, be sure to take advantage of this moment to draw attention to yourself. Don’t sit alone, go on dates, or just have fun with friends. Intuition plays a huge role in arranging personal life. With its help, you will be able to see what you did not pay attention to before. Perhaps your chosen one has been around for a long time. To enhance the effect, you can carry out various rituals to attract love.

The family at the Wolf full moon is a place of strength, a safe haven from adversity. The well-being of loved ones is the main value, everything is done so that peace and tranquility reign in the house. You need to spend as much time as possible with your relatives. No important business can serve as an excuse: family comes first, and everything else comes second. If you’re torn between work and home, be prepared to be in charge of your choices. Being busy can cause chilling relationships. As for children, they especially need care and attention. Don’t miss the opportunity to build trust. Encourage, comfort, give examples from your life. The main thing is no lectures and lectures.

The state of health during the January full moon is stable. You can start a diet, but it is better to do with a sparing option. It is enough to limit the consumption of fatty and fried foods. Alcohol is banned, it increases the level of aggression. Drinks with ginger will have an excellent tonic effect – an excellent means for losing weight and increasing immunity. On the full Wolf moon, it is useful to do procedures for cellulite: various types of wraps, vacuum massage. As for facial care, you should not deep cleanse, apply ice cubes, and do permanent makeup. You can wash with herbal decoctions, nourish and moisturize the skin. It is better to use cosmetics with essential oils.

January Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

For the signs of the Fire element, the full moon in January 2024 will be a time for new achievements. No shyness, anxiety or doubt – just moving forward. There is enough energy and strength to make a decisive leap. At the same time, there is enough patience and wisdom not to break the woods. This is an amazing period when people easily reach mutual understanding, love and appreciate each other. Aries will be able to find a balance between work and personal life. Family and team support will help you cope with any stressful situation. Lions will bathe in everyone’s attention, pleasant changes are expected on the love front: flirting and passionate romances. Restless Sagittarius will plunge headlong into adventure, an exciting trip awaits them.

Earth signs on the January full moon will be a little confusing. On the one hand, there is an influx of vitality, self-confidence grows, and on the other hand, the degree in relationships rises. You may not have enough patience, endurance, so as not to react to aggressive attacks from others. Taurus will rejoice in career achievements, academic success, however, dramas are possible in their personal life. For Virgos, work comes first, and household chores and official duties are performed with equal responsibility. Capricorns will be able to loosen up a little, for a while to loosen their business acumen. During this period, loneliness is a huge discomfort, you need to spend as much time as possible with your family.

The Wolf full moon in January awakens creativity, the Air signs will catch their wave. Fantasy is in full swing, benevolent faces are everywhere. Although minor quarrels and misunderstandings are not excluded: the level of emotional excitability increases. However, nothing will interfere with the implementation of ideas. Gemini will be lucky in financial affairs, study and professional activity. Libra will try to create a harmonious atmosphere around itself. Meeting nice people, visiting beautiful places are inspiring moments of this period. For Aquarius, nothing is impossible: creative energy requires an outlet. You can start implementing projects, look for a new job and negotiate.

Water signs on the January full moon are very vulnerable, in need of care and protection. Fears, complexes break out, do not allow to concentrate on business. You should not undertake anything important, it is better to save your strength and nerves. Cancers will find peace and consolation in the family, however, the heightened maternal instinct can manifest itself in suffocating care. Tears, disappointments are quite likely, and excessive suspiciousness is to blame. Scorpios will be a little aggressive: it’s hard to come to terms with their own impotence. Meditation, a deep analysis of yourself will help you to relax. Pisces should rest more, preferably in nature. To restore mental strength, it is necessary to completely renounce all affairs.

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