July Full Moon

Summer is favorable for relaxation, the sun gives warmth and energy. The full moon in July 2024 is a period of rapid development, progress and movement forward. All living things are actively growing, getting stronger and filled with strength. Likewise, people are improving physically and spiritually, literally flourishing. There is so much good going on around, all the doors are open. Nature generously shares its riches, you just need to properly use its gifts. It is necessary to determine the range of tasks, draw up a plan and how to prepare for future achievements. To speed up the process, you can summarize, work on mistakes. This will help to remove all unnecessary from life, to preserve strength for really important matters.

2023July 311:40Capricorn ♑
2024July 2110:19Capricorn ♑
2025July 1020:38Capricorn ♑

Thunder Full Moon in July

Midsummer pleases with an abundance of sunshine and warm showers. Since lightning flashes and thunder rumbles especially on the July full moon, the American Indians designated it as "Thunder Moon". Thanks to the life-giving moisture, the vegetation develops violently. Wonderful landscapes inspire, I want to enjoy life, make plans. Like the rain that feeds the earth, the Moon has a beneficial effect on a person, helps him to reveal his potential. The mind works hard, intellectual and creative abilities reach a peak of activity. In addition, people physically feel how the body is getting stronger, filled with strength and energy. Another name for the full moon in July is known – "Hay Moon".

Changes in the professional sphere will turn out to be for the better. The July full moon in Capricorn has powerful energy and special power: any action has consequences. Under the influence of the earth sign and its ruler planet Saturn, the will to win grows. To realize your career ambitions, it is enough to work hard – and the reward will not be long in coming. There is no need to act cunningly, to avoid obstacles. Every effort, even the smallest, shortens the path to the intended goal. The Capricorn full moon is a time of new opportunities, but it depends only on the person himself how far he will move forward. Self-control and the ability to focus on a specific task guarantee excellent results.

The main feature of the full moon in July is that people feel a surge of energy, strive to change their lives for the better. Subconsciously, there is a need for a jerk, movement forward. You need to get the most out of this period, complete the work started and outline the scope of work. If there are doubts about the correctness of the actions taken, intuition will come to the rescue. On the Thunder full moon, spiritual issues are of great importance, prophetic dreams can be dreamed. The subconscious mind suggests the right direction, tries to point out urgent problems. What is important is that you should not forget about rest due to the many troubles. The basis for future success is health, it’s time to start strengthening the body.

Relations with close people, issues of strengthening family ties acquire special significance. The full moon in July 2024, when the Sun is in Cancer, raises important topics that cause a lot of rethinking. The impact of the watermark softens the character, gives sensitivity and sentimentality. If earlier it was not possible to reach an agreement, it is high time to settle long-standing conflicts. Thanks to emotional sensitivity, it will be possible to find a common language with each family member, to resolve all controversial issues. No need to be stubborn, you can hardly expect others to take the first step: waiting is a wasted time. To make progress in business, it is enough to create a favorable atmosphere in the family.

Influence of the July full moon for men

Overconfidence can ruin life: it is difficult to soberly assess the situation when you believe in your exclusivity. The full moon in July 2024 is powerful, inspiring and empowering. Men are ready to move mountains for their own purposes. Moreover, ideas can arise spontaneously, regardless of previously made decisions. The sense of danger is dulled, people become more willful and stubborn. Nothing stops, ambition pushes forward: you can sacrifice everything for the sake of your own ambition. The Thunder full moon makes you think about really important things, but you need to act intelligently. There is a great risk of getting bogged down in unnecessary fuss: process for process sake.

In love relationships, men are ambitious and assertive. The atmosphere of optimism, lightness and emancipation reigning everywhere provokes, pushes people to take risks. The Thunder full moon in July is suitable for dating, forging new relationships. A bright holiday romance is quite probable. Life seems like a pleasant adventure, so feelings flare up quickly, passion flares up in an instant. You can not think about the consequences, not make plans, it is better to let the situation take its course. Family men will be busy with their usual chores, although they will have to go through a lot of pleasant emotions. Relationships with a half will reach a new level: the passion will not subside, on the contrary, it will become more meaningful.

For complete confidence in your bright future, do not make important decisions. Most likely, there will be no large-scale failures: on the July full moon, luck is on the side of ambitious people. However, at work, keep your activity to a minimum. This is not the best time to contact official structures, go to the authorities and hold negotiations. Unwillingness to obey the rules, overestimated self-esteem, fervor are the causes of conflicts. It is difficult for people to understand each other, each pulls the blanket over himself, defends his own opinion until hoarse. But representatives of creative professions will work with inspiration: nothing interferes with the flight of imagination. Great success can be expected here.

You don’t have to complain about weakness, feeling unwell. However, do not forget about the simple safety rules. During the full moon in July, the bones of the lower leg and foot are vulnerable, which increases the risk of injury. Trainings should take place at a moderate pace, it is better to cancel jogging, cycling. On the other hand, breathing exercises and meditation practices are very useful. During this period, there are more frequent cases of sudden car breakdowns, accidents and various incidents. Try not to drive in the dark, watch the road carefully. In addition, to avoid health problems, be careful when using household appliances and computer equipment.

Influence of the July full moon for women

The positive attitude characteristic of the July full moon is quite justified: the sun generously shares its warmth. The negative is not noticed, as if bypasses. The full moon in July 2024 is the perfect time to relax and have fun. Probably, in the future you will have to face some difficulties, but this will be later. Women are full of bright hopes, new opportunities are seen everywhere. The heart beats with excitement in anticipation of change. Intuition does not deceive, life is full of pleasant surprises, if you know how to enjoy any little things. On a Thunder full moon, prophetic dreams can occur: the subconscious mind suggests answers to important questions. It is also a good time for magical rituals, the development of hidden abilities.

The atmosphere of the July full moon is conducive to love frenzy. While it is controversial to count on a strong alliance, the overall situation is favorable. Free girls will not be deprived of male attention. People willingly get closer, feel mutual interest and attraction. Nature itself contributes to the rapid development of relationships: the hot sun ignites passion. A safe option to arrange your personal happiness is to meet on vacation. Just tune in to a positive wave, imagine in detail how you are enjoying the romance. Be visible all the time: try to stand out from the crowd, wear bright clothes. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can use the energy of the full moon to attract good luck in love.

Family life will not be as cloudless as we would like. During the full moon in July, emotional instability is noted, protest moods intensify. Which can negatively affect relationships with children. Most likely, you will have to face disobedience, whims and tantrums. Educational conversations will not bring results, it is better to postpone them for a while until emotions calm down. There may be misunderstandings between spouses: each fiercely defends his opinion. Despite the nervousness and irritability, all thoughts are only about how to strengthen family ties. Close people, home is a source of joy, the meaning of life, so there is nothing more important than the interests of the family.

For those who like to experiment with different images, the Thunder full moon in July is a blessed time. Although the result may be quite unexpected, the process itself will be enjoyable. Haircut, hair dyeing, grooming procedures – everything is only beneficial. As for cosmetics, it is better to use creams, masks, serums made from natural ingredients. Essential oils will be of great benefit, they can be added to cosmetics or used to flavor a room. For example, lemongrass oil has anti-inflammatory properties, helps relieve stress, and relieves headaches. Particular attention should be paid to nutrition, recommended foods: vegetables, herbs, nuts.

July Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Fire signs will not get confused, for them the full moon in July 2024 is an opportunity to improve the state of their affairs. At this time, the feeling of fear and danger is dulled, a surge of strength is felt. Which makes it easier to achieve the most ambitious goals. Aries will get a complete picture of their capabilities and prospects. If the work has become uninteresting, there is no chance to move up the career ladder, you need to start looking for a new option. If everything suits you, you need to redouble your efforts. Leos will almost approach perfection, this is a good time to start a diet, body shaping treatments. Sagittarius will feel safe: there is complete order with their finances.

Changes for the better will take place in the fate of Earth signs, which cannot but rejoice. Usually closed, focused on business people will feel a taste for life, will be able to look at it from a different angle. Taurus will want to become even better, they will begin to master useful skills, learn something new. The full moon in July is a good time to start learning: knowledge will be beneficial. In addition to raising your professional level, try to develop in the sphere of personal interests and hobbies. Virgos will prove themselves to be real throwers and dreamers: family life will sparkle with new colors. Capricorns will finally break away from work to spend a little time on themselves. Go to a beauty salon, SPA center – take care of beauty treatments.

For representatives of Air signs, the full Thunder moon in July is a temporary respite in business. There is nothing more important than your own desires, the feeling of complete harmony. Gemini will be busy arranging their personal life. It is during this period that they will be able to reveal themselves most fully in front of their partners. If your choice is right, the relationship will only get better. Otherwise, it is worth parting. Libra will plunge into introspection, nothing else will matter. Home, family, inner experiences – and nothing else. Aquarius will find themselves in their element: fantasy seethes, energy boils, a huge mass of pleasant events. You can devote time to creativity, communication with loved ones. The main rule is not an ounce of negative.

The Water signs of the zodiac on the July full moon are cheerful and cheerful: intuition promises pleasant events. The anticipation of future happiness creates a positive attitude. Cancers will feel much better than usual. All controversial issues will be resolved in their favor, previously interrupted contacts will resume. In personal life, things are so good that it’s time to go on a romantic trip. Scorpio ripens wherever it can. At work, he enters into lucrative contracts, turns fateful deals, and at home he does more mundane things: cleaning, interior renovation. Pisces will become so confident and liberated that they will have a passionate romance, it is possible that in the workplace.

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