Full Moon in Libra

The full moon in Libra is a period of calm and inner fulfillment. The soul strives for happiness, you want to live in harmony with yourself, enjoying every moment. Emotions, passionate expression of feelings are relegated to the background. Sensitivity to beauty sharpens, this is a good time to visit theaters, museums, exhibitions. In addition to the increased aesthetic needs, the craving for communication is increasing. People become accommodating and compliant, there is a real chance to meet a kindred spirit. No aggression, disputes are easily resolved with the help of "little" diplomatic tricks. The likelihood of conflict is reduced, an atmosphere of complacency and peace prevails everywhere.

2023April 604:37Thursday
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Meaning of the Full Moon in Libra sign

Libra is an Air sign under the auspices of Venus ♀. The planetary ruler is responsible for harmony, beauty, love; under its influence, interest in art and culture increases. Everything around is conducive to enjoyment and pleasant pastime. The Moon in Libra speaks of sensitivity, developed diplomatic abilities, so communication becomes deeper and more meaningful. Everything around tends to balance, even if awkward moments arise, the situation quickly smoothes out and life continues at the same pace. However, it is worth remembering that in addition to entertainment, there are responsibilities. Carried away by the pursuit of pleasure, you can get bogged down in idleness and idleness.

On the full moon of Libra, the world is ruled by harmony, spiritualized faces are everywhere. People become more tolerant of each other, the level of compassion and empathy rises. All efforts are aimed at making life better: no conflicts, showdown. Perhaps the intentions are not so pure and selfless, but true thoughts are hidden under the guise of benevolence. This is a period of peace, warmth, you should not break the reigning idyll. You need to live the full moon in Libra as calmly as possible, ignoring any negative. You can close your eyes to some things, a small lie is quite acceptable. Gradually, everything will work out if you go with the flow without creating additional difficulties for yourself.

The main advantage of the full moon in Libra is the atmosphere of universal love. People are so kind to each other that relationships become stronger and more trusting. Business contacts are easy, colleagues are friendly, and the boss is charm. This is a great opportunity to move up the career ladder, bypassing several steps at once. The main thing is to be in the right place at the right time. Do not even hesitate, natural charm and professional acumen will do their job: promotion is not far off. With regard to personal life, complete mutual understanding reigns here. This is a period of romance, feelings are absolutely sincere and very deep. You can not be afraid of betrayal and betrayal.

The disadvantages of the full moon in Libra include the inability to make a firm decision. The atmosphere of kindness and complacency is relaxing, it is difficult to resist other people’s opinions. I want to relax, enjoy the beautiful environment, communicate, but not defend my rights. Although during this period the laws of equilibrium of the Universe are especially relevant. Injustice is severely punished, anyone who violates the existing order of things will be punished. It is only necessary to muster the determination to engage in battle. However, it is difficult to focus on the action, the priority is peace of mind. Frivolity, instability in views, self-doubt are qualities that hinder development in all spheres of life.

Influence of the Full Moon in Libra

The mood during the full moon in Libra is changeable: there is always a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey. Everything that happens cannot but rejoice, the situation is stable. Relationships with others are excellent, luck is accompanied in business, finances are in order. However, a vague doubt arises that something dangerous is hidden behind the apparent well-being. Trouble may appear or a sense of rivalry may appear. It is necessary to maintain peace of mind by any means: as soon as the balance is disturbed, life will cease to be cloudless. You can draw strength from love, look for inspiration in art. Anything, except alcohol, during this period the body is especially sensitive to the effects of harmful substances.

Love and Relationships

Family life on the Libra full moon is an example of ideal relationships, a complete idyll reigns in a couple. Partners show tact and patience, listen to each other. The family is the greatest value, therefore all efforts are aimed at strengthening and preserving marriage. The air is literally saturated with romance, you can arrange a homemade candlelit dinner or spend an unforgettable evening in a restaurant. Explain your love, in every possible way emphasize the positive features of the second half. Give compliments and nice gifts for no reason. This is a great period for settling long-standing conflicts, reconciliation with loved ones. Visit your parents, spend time together. There will be no problems with children if you do without criticism.

For people who dream of love, the full moon in Libra is the time for the fulfillment of desires. Everything is conducive to acquaintances, lonely hearts are looking for and finding each other. You don’t have to be afraid of cheating, this is a good period to start a relationship. People willingly make contact, the need for love increases, loneliness is especially painful. However, you should not immediately rush into the maelstrom of passions, behave too loosely. This is a time of romance, lofty thoughts and endless tenderness. Try to act carefully so as not to frighten off the nascent feeling. Naivety, defenselessness, touching — qualities that can attract a partner. Instead of passionate confessions, subtly hint at your interest.

Career and Finance

The full moon in Libra gives you a sense of confidence, a desire to achieve the perfect result. This is a great opportunity for those seeking professional growth and career success. The people around are friendly, the atmosphere of support and mutual assistance reigns in the team. You can participate in conferences, negotiate, conclude agreements with new partners. Prospects are the brightest, luck is in business. Especially successful will be lawyers, people of creative professions or those employed in the field of beauty. However, there is a risk of burnout at work. Taking on a large-scale project, you can get bogged down in doubts. There is no need to think up too much, just do your duties honestly.

In terms of finance, the Libra full moon is a neutral period. People tend to think carefully about their actions, the level of trust in society increases. Investments, financial transactions will be successful, but you should refrain from transactions involving risk. You can fall for the bait of scammers and miss important details. Better to spend money on buying things: furniture, textiles, dishes. It is also a good time to buy art and antiques. On the Libra full moon, the aesthetic perception sharpens, you can buy incredibly exquisite things. Be sure to get a perfume with notes of rose, lily, jasmine. The situation is different with the purchase of clothes, she can quickly dislike it.

Health and Beauty

The full moon in Libra is not the best time to visit a hairdresser. Most likely, you will be unhappy with the results of the haircut or coloring. Hair will grow back quickly, but its structure may change for the worse. You should devote this time to skincare procedures, preferably based on natural cosmetics. To improve the condition of the skin and hair, use various masks, scrubs, peels, and wraps. Also, to restore elasticity, rejuvenate the face and neck, you can do injections of hyaluronic acid. If you are looking for a toned figure, the Libra full moon is best for losing weight. In this regard, ozone therapy, vacuum massage will be useful.

Libra’s full moon health is rather fragile, and the genitourinary system is especially vulnerable. Try not to sit on cold, limit the use of salty and spicy foods. Do not experiment with exotic food and drinks, drink mineral water, cranberry juice, herbal tea. In addition to preventing kidney and bladder diseases, measures to strengthen the pancreas will be effective. Watch your diet, stick to a sparing diet: lean meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products. Alcohol is completely banned. The Libra full moon is a good time to visit the dentist. Whitening and fluoridation procedures can be carried out to strengthen the enamel.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

Full moon in Libra dreams indicate problems in real life. Perhaps you have lost a sense of proportion, the shortcomings have become too obvious: negligence in clothes, rudeness in communication. You may not attach importance to the details, but night visions provide information about the actual state of affairs. If your relationship with your partner and coworkers has worsened, pay attention to your behavior. Try to awaken the best in yourself, learn to listen and hear people. You must resolve the controversial issues right now, then it will be too late. Bad visions cause anxiety, if you had a nightmare, take a closer look at your surroundings: a conspiracy is being prepared against you. Make a plan of action immediately upon awakening.

With a full moon in Libra, the soul strives for harmony. The inner world is very fragile, any little thing can unbalance: sharp noise, bright colors. To achieve a state of serenity, harness the power of essential oils. The aromas of lotus, lily, iris stimulate the brain and improve mood. During this period, people become more sensitive, it is useful to wear light-colored clothing to maintain a balance of energy. Jewelry with white sapphire, quartz, zircon is perfect. On the full moon of Libra, it is useful to engage in spiritual development: reading mantras, visualization. Anything rude is rejected, it is better to refuse strength training. You can do gymnastics for the eyes, exercise to develop flexibility.

Libra Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries on the Libra full moon can focus on their careers. Vigor, ambition and discretion are the perfect combination to guarantee success. Partners are committed to dialogue, the atmosphere of friendliness is conducive to cooperation. This is a good time for teamwork, although loneliness does not tire, it makes it possible to work fruitfully. The main thing is a positive attitude and complete self-confidence: in a stressful situation it is difficult to think rationally. Develop a certain rhythm and stick to it. If you feel stuck in doubt, don’t stop what you started. Excessive thinking can slow down the process, which is highly undesirable: failure will unsettle you for a long time.

For Taurus, the full moon in Libra is a period of rest and self-care. Do not overwork, you will still have time to work fruitfully. Say no to the rush and hectic, do only what you like. Take a day off, have a picnic in nature, or visit a museum. You need positive emotions: the contemplation of the beautiful has a beneficial effect on the psyche. In addition to healing mental wounds, you can do physical strengthening. This period is favorable for dental treatment, even if nothing bothers you, go for a preventive examination. Try to follow the drinking regime, consume enough liquid, mainly cranberry or lingonberry juice.

Gemini on the Libra full moon will be pleased with themselves and everything that happens: life is beautiful. Compliments are heard from everywhere, the people around are extremely friendly. You don’t have to complain about the lack of attention from the opposite sex. If you’re free from marriage obligations, accept date invitations, flirt, and flirt. Anything but loneliness. This is a great period for starting a relationship: romance is in the air, people become more receptive to the feelings of others. However, in the heat of passion, do not forget about loved ones. Pay attention to your parents, help them with solving everyday problems. Your help will not go unnoticed, the relationship will become better.

Cancers with a full moon in Libra will confirm their choice — home comes first. The search for harmony can lead into impassable jungle, although the answer lies on the surface. Coziness, warmth, comfort are important components of happiness. During this period, the aesthetic taste and love of beauty are sharpened, therefore it is so important to create a pleasant environment around you. Go shopping, take a closer look at furniture, interior items. Do not start a renovation, add a few touches — and the room will be completely transformed. Buy new curtains, blankets or pillows, and put flowers everywhere. If in doubt about your taste, seek advice from loved ones. Working together strengthens relationships.

Lions on the Libra full moon will prove to be true professionals. All thoughts are focused on work, there is no time for personal life. Although this state of affairs does not sadden at all, on the contrary, the unconquered peaks beckon, make us move forward. The relations in the team are friendly, there is no need to be afraid of official conflicts. This is a good time for negotiations and networking. Charm, cheerfulness — qualities that will help to win the trust of new partners. But excessive pickiness, grumpiness, obsession with trifles can significantly slow down the course of business. Do not have boring conversations, try to discuss work issues in an informal setting.

Virgo during the full moon in Libra will become incredibly generous towards loved ones. The atmosphere of calmness and relaxation lulls, dulls fears, problems recede into the background. I want to live for my own pleasure, have fun and have fun until you drop. You can go on a romantic trip, take a trip to memorable places. This period is especially good for getting acquainted with art, be sure to visit a museum, theater or exhibition. If this is not possible, an online tour will do. Try to communicate more with relatives, give them gifts. Do not spare money, buy all the best: perfumes, cosmetics, beautiful trinkets, household items.

Libra on the Libra full moon is the embodiment of harmony and tranquility. Nothing can be confusing, inner sensations are above all. Do what your heart is about, regardless of the circumstances. Take a day off, go shopping. Pamper yourself with trendy new clothes, preferably in pastel colors. To lift your spirits, surround yourself with a veil of rose scent: apply a few drops of perfume or essential oil to the pulsation points. Be sure to go to the SPA-salon, you seem to be reborn. Relaxing massage, body wrap, peeling, masks — any manipulations will be beneficial, the skin will shine with beauty and freshness. If you are confused by the orange peel on your thighs, start taking salt baths.

Scorpios with a full moon in Libra can look somewhat alarmed. The atmosphere of general complacency and love relaxes, does not allow you to focus on business. At the same time, ambitions do not diminish, I want to achieve success, to prove my worth. Unspent energy requires an outlet, outbursts of aggression and irritation are likely. Do not torment yourself with doubts, worries, it is better to spend this time with benefit. Do something enjoyable, find an opportunity to meet friends. It is communication that is the cure for loneliness and life’s troubles. To get the most out of your time together, go to some beautiful place.

Sagittarius on the Libra full moon is firmly confident in their brilliant future. Everything around is conducive to high spirits: people are attentive and kind to each other, good luck accompanies business. You can allow yourself to relax, completely surrender to communication. If you are in search of a soul mate, turn on your natural charm: joke, flirt, compliment. There will be no end to those wishing to spend time with you. No matter what, be yourself and have fun. This is a great period for making acquaintances, people close in spirit are drawn to each other, quickly find common ground. Let the relationship remain friendly, but you will find a reliable companion.

Capricorns on the Libra full moon will be willing to sacrifice much, if not all, for a career. This is the right time to build a relationship of trust with your boss. You don’t have to adjust to his interests, weave intrigues, just pleasant communication over a cup of coffee — and the contact is established. Moreover, colleagues will gladly support any of your initiatives, so you can not be afraid of a catch on their part. Most likely, you will not need to work hard: affairs argue, everything turns out easily, as if by itself. The only thing that can interfere with you is hot temper, impatience. Try to keep your emotions in check, do not argue or insist on your own. Proceed with caution, and most importantly, do not doubt your success.

For Aquarius, the full moon in Libra is a time of fantasy. Have fun from the heart, allow yourself a drop of madness. If you’re having trouble at work, take a vacation. You should not overcome yourself, trying to achieve success in spite of everything. This is a period of relaxation, a life of pleasure. Enjoy every moment without thinking about the future. Go shopping, treat yourself to new things. Even if you go over budget, your financial situation will not worsen. There will be an additional source of income or friends will come to the rescue. Try to get some rest. Any option will do: a trip to the country, a romantic mini-trip, a house party.

Pisces on the Libra full moon will plunge into romantic dreams. Life is full of pleasant surprises, the soul asks for a miracle. If you’re still single, experiencing a painful breakup, don’t stay at home. This is a great opportunity to find someone who fully shares your views. People are so disposed to each other that relationships are struck quickly. Be natural, don’t be aggressive, but don’t blend in with the crowd either. Go to the cinema, cafe, take a walk around the city — acquaintance can take place anywhere, even in a store. If you have a regular partner, arrange a date. Try to surprise him, appear in an extravagant way, come up with something special.

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