March Full Moon

In terms of development and personal growth, the full moon in March 2024 is an inspiring period for accomplishment. It seems that any changes for the better, there are many interesting things ahead. The world is ruled by harmony, people maintain a sobriety of thinking and calmness, despite some inner tension. The temptation to rip off your bad mood on others, to get involved in an argument or an adventure is too great. However, reason prevails over feelings, there is enough prudence not to get hung up on unnecessary moments. The main thing is to make a decision and follow the developed plan. It’s time to act, everything around is conducive to productive work. Doubts and worries are a thing of the past.

2023March 712:42Virgo ♍
2024March 2507:01Libra ♎
2025March 1406:55Virgo ♍

Worm Full Moon in March

For the full moon in March, the American Indians have come up with a name that reflects the characteristics of this spring month. Nature wakes up from a long sleep, the earth warms up, becomes softer and friable. With an increase in temperature, the worms begin to show activity: they come out of hibernation and crawl out to the surface. Hence, the name – "Worm Full Moon". The energy of awakening reigns everywhere, the vital activity of all beings increases. People paid special attention to the behavior of ravens, to which they attributed such qualities as wisdom, cunning, fearlessness. The loud croaking of birds was believed to herald the end of winter. Therefore, another name is valid – "Crow’s Full Moon".

An optimistic attitude will help to overcome adversity, with a full moon in Libra in March 2024, any negative is rejected. An atmosphere of friendliness and harmony reigns, people empathize and help each other. Since the air sign is under the auspices of Venus, everything that happens is subject to the laws of beauty. On the Libra full moon, one should not fuss trying to keep up with ghostly dreams. The inner content is much more important. A sense of peace, awareness of your desires is a solid foundation for future achievements. You need to slowly and methodically achieve your goal, planning the next step in advance. It is especially important to find a common language with others, here you need to use diplomatic talent.

Life is full of wonderful discoveries, the future beckons with bright prospects. Following nature, on the full Worm moon, the body gains strength and energy. The situation is developing quite predictably; complacency reigns in society. People are busy solving their problems, while they are ready to help anyone who needs it. Goodwill, the ability to sympathize and empathize is the main feature of the March full moon. Thanks to inner composure, many problems can be avoided, especially in communication. When it comes to work, a lot of ideas appear on how to give impetus to action. You can expand the scope of your capabilities if you properly use the advantages of this period.

Emotionality, impulsivity can be confusing, outbreaks of irritability are likely. On the March full moon, when the Sun is in Aries, people become more ambitious and self-centered. Anything that interferes with the achievement of the set goals causes rejection. At the same time, tact and prudence are enough not to bring the situation to a critical point. The undoubted plus of this period is the ability to be flexible and maneuver in changing conditions. Thanks to the charm and liveliness of the mind, you can insist on your own, without resorting to harsh methods. Thrill seeking won’t get you far if you skillfully manage your feelings and emotions. Seething energy needs strict control.

Influence of the March full moon for men

Men will become more demanding, more critical: with the full moon in March 2024, self-control increases. Although emotions sometimes burst outward, they manage to remain calm. A striving for leadership appears, and claims to superiority seem natural. The man appears in the form of a knight, able to protect from all adversity. The craving for individuality is growing, I want to stand out from the background of others. Everyone wants to attract attention: to show the best qualities and hide something unpleasant. The desire to rule and patronize is just fine, but the burden is not so light. People around you should only express admiration, otherwise a scandal cannot be avoided.

Love relationships on the March full moon will be bright, dates will be held in a romantic atmosphere. If you know what you want, there is no need to delay with decisive action. Sexual attraction increases: spring stirs up the blood. However, you should not rush into the pool of passion with your head. In addition to external data, the inner world of the chosen one is important, only harmonious relationships can bring pleasure. This is a good time for dating, courtship, meetings under the moon. Contacts are easy to make, flirting is encouraged. As for family relationships, it is better to refrain from quarrels. Awkward moments can be ironed out with humor, just a few jokes and the situation is defused.

Leadership can cause problems at work. On the Worm full moon, you should not be too zealous to defend your point of view. Diplomacy will not be superfluous, on the contrary, thanks to the ability to control yourself, you will be able to advance to the first positions. Alone, without the support of the team, you cannot cope. While it may be tempting to dream a little about future accomplishments, you can’t be distracted for long. Only hard work and close interaction with colleagues guarantee success, both in the creative field and in production. Financially, the situation is stable, despite the unplanned spending. Thanks to a practical approach to business, it will be possible to maintain a positive budget balance.

The state of health with the Worm full moon in March will be good, although disruptions in the work of digestion are likely: dysbiosis, colitis. In addition, the body may be deficient in vitamins. Therefore, the diet must be balanced. To raise the general tone, it is useful to introduce foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B into the diet: seafood, bran, nuts, herbs. Tea can be replaced with a rosehip decoction, which contains a lot of vitamin C. Moderation must be observed in everything related to active sports. The most acceptable load option is stretching exercises, running, swimming, walking. Breathing exercises will have a good effect if training is carried out in the fresh air.

Influence of the March full moon for women

Women on the March full moon are capable of much, personal life is of particular interest. The atmosphere is indescribable, conducive to relaxation. It is unlikely that it will be possible to concentrate on work, it is much more pleasant to do heartfelt affairs. The mood is just excellent, although there will be some nervousness. The emotional background is a little heightened, people are on edge. However, there are more positive moments: there is enough patience and wisdom to smooth over sharp corners. Of course, problems are not ruled out; it is alarming that work is receding into the background. By giving in to feelings, you can play so much that it will take a very long time to restore the lost positions.

Free girls will be in the center of male attention. The full moon in March 2024 is conducive to acquaintances: people lose their heads from the spring heat and aromas. The expectation of love is in the air, a lot of thoughts are swarming in my head. If you want your expectations to be met, be light and carefree, do not show your real feelings. During this period, the following qualities are more important than ever: endurance, sociability, cheerfulness. Everything around strives for harmony, you must find common ground with a potential partner. The sexual component is important, but try to bond first on the basis of common interests. Long-term relationships are impossible without mutual trust.

Family life will not bring unpleasant surprises. On the Worm full moon, complete mutual understanding reigns between loved ones. Even if there are disagreements, for the most insignificant reasons. If you feel that you have lost control of yourself, you cannot calm down, try to be alone. The irritability won’t last long. Remember happy moments, talk to friends, take up a hobby – relieve tension. When it comes to raising children, you must become an authority for them. Patience, empathy, and attention are a win-win way to make contact. Be on the same wavelength with your child: discuss burning topics, draw, cook something delicious.

Just as nature comes to life after winter, the body awakens from hibernation. It is necessary to get rid of extra pounds, get rid of toxins and toxins. To this end, add light soups, warm vegetable salads to the diet. It is also useful to add warming spices to dishes, drink detox cocktails: apple with cinnamon, ginger, cucumber. As far as mental needs are concerned, the March full moon helps you to understand yourself. Everything that is insignificant is eliminated, disappears forever, and the important comes to the fore. You just need to turn to the subconscious, resorting to the help of stones. Meditation with selenite or opal is suitable for revealing the true "I", working through internal problems.

March Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

The Water signs will have an understanding in which direction to move on. With the full moon in March 2024, intuition sharpens so much that the future becomes close and understandable. Gentleness, calmness and self-confidence are the features of behavior during this period. Cancers will be covered with a wave of tenderness, complete harmony will come in family life. Relations with children will be especially touching. Scorpios will want to look and feel more attractive than usual. In personal life, changes for the better are possible, but there is a danger of overdoing it. Do not seek to demonstrate your sexuality, focus on spiritual qualities. Pisces will be immersed in themselves: meditation is the path to self-knowledge.

The March full moon promises peace and tranquility to Air signs. The pace of life will slow down a little, there will be time for reflection, finding your way. Striving for the ideal, the desire to reach new heights – this is what drives Gemini. Personal questions are becoming especially acute. Career and financial success are important, but family troubles are more concerned. For Libra, setting is of paramount importance: attention to detail. Only exquisite things, nice people and complete order in business. Aquarius will enjoy quite ordinary things. Renovation, house cleaning, rush work at work – everything is a joy. Thanks to a positive attitude, you will be able to do more than planned.

Earth signs will feel quite confident on the Worm full moon. The emotional state is stable, what is happening is perceived from a positive point of view. Even if dark thoughts appear, you can quickly switch to something pleasant. Taurus will be able to distract a little from work, a new acquaintance awaits them. In order not to delay the process, you should be active and immediately arrange a stunning date. Virgos will be no less romantic, their plans do not include shock work. This is a good time to relax, take care of yourself, as a result – a radiant appearance. Capricorns will become more open and sociable, which will bring unexpected results – a bonus, a promotion.

For Fire signs, the Worm full moon in March will be a rather favorable period. It is better to postpone the resolution of work issues, although you can safely negotiate and conclude deals. The only thing is to be careful and behave as discreetly as possible. Aries will focus on their careers, everything planned will definitely come true. However, hard work can undermine your health. Free Leos will want to test their charm: all thoughts are only about love. Family representatives of this sign will have to fight the temptation to have an affair on the side. Sagittarius are determined to make their life interesting, change can affect both work and personal relationships.

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