Full Moon in Pisces

The full moon in Pisces sign is a mystical time that allows you to look into the depths of the soul. What is happening is not perceived by the mind, but through feelings and emotions. Subconscious fears, experiences do not allow you to think freely. People drive themselves into frames, program for success and failure. During this period, the best motivation for action is internal feelings. Intuition guides, protects, helps to avoid problems. Although the increased sensitivity makes it difficult to enjoy life. Anything can become an irritant: a sharp sound, an unpleasant conversation, bad weather. Tears, despondency, expectation of all kinds of troubles are another side of the full moon in Pisces. It is difficult to stick to the middle ground and not go to extremes.

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Meaning of the Full Moon in Pisces sign

Pisces belongs to the Water element, its qualities: softness and tenderness. The planetary ruler – Neptune ♆ endows with a strong intuition. Moon and Pisces coexist quite comfortably, projecting love and kindness. People become more sensitive, receptive to everything that happens. The price is human qualities, not penetrative abilities. Sentimentality, impressionability testify to a fine mental organization. Fantasy works to its fullest, creative talents are manifested especially vividly, which can be dangerous. I want to move away from reality, completely immerse myself in the world of dreams. Dreams beckon, promise calming, deliverance from all troubles – there is a risk of getting bogged down in them.

The full moon in Pisces sign provides an opportunity to think about important things. Time slows down, senses sharpen – things are seen from a different angle. Habitual values are losing their relevance. There is a need for warmth, a desire to change the world for the better. This is the best period for reflection, spiritual search. Society becomes more tolerant: mercy acquires a special meaning and sound. Previous grievances recede, conventions cease to be important. Thanks to intuition, people’s thoughts become absolutely transparent, the level of trust and mutual understanding increases. All that remains is to enjoy the period of peace and prosperity: the future inspires timid optimism.

The advantage of a full moon in Pisces is a high level of empathy. The atmosphere of warmth and soulfulness reigning everywhere disposes to confidential communication. People literally sense the emotional and physical well-being of others. Relationships are filled with love and harmony. No need to waste energy on empty chatter: they speak not with tongues, but with souls. The Pisces full moon is the perfect time to end conflicts. If earlier it was not possible to come to a common agreement, it will be possible to resolve controversial issues peacefully. Relatives are especially close during this period, family ties are stronger than ever. The most stubborn and stubborn people will want to make contact, suddenly admit they were wrong and apologize.

The main danger of the full moon of Pisces is despondency, disbelief in one’s own strength. Depression can occur from scratch. Old experiences, unpleasant memories, excessive self-pity are reasons for crying. During this period, one should not get carried away with watching melodramas, reading love stories. Even dreaming must be done with caution, there is a risk of losing interest in real life. For people suspicious, prone to mysticism, the danger is represented by sorcerers, fortune-tellers. When the soul is in disarray, any thought can be suggested. You can’t take words on faith, it’s better to trust your intuition. Internal feelings will help you make the right decision, the main thing is to do without fanaticism. You should not see a mystical background in everything.

Influence of the Full Moon in Pisces

The emotional background on the Pisces full moon is unstable: it is difficult to control your feelings. People are worried and nervous about any reason, even the most insignificant. Sadness, longing, tears – a state of mind that is quite suitable for this period. Quiet sadness, regret for what was lost, reflections on the future, but no specific actions. There is no need to condemn yourself for weakness and lack of will, you should be patient: tearfulness will pass. In the meantime, you can indulge in sentimental memories, dream of beautiful love. Over-idealizing romantic relationships can play a positive role. If earlier it was not possible to arrange a personal life, there is a chance to look differently at what is happening.

Love and Relationships

Married couples on the full moon of Pisces forget about all the differences: love rules the world. Quarrels and grievances in the past, the interests of the second half come first. The need for communication is growing, I want to feel needed. Events take on a sentimental tint, the partner’s actions touch and cause tenderness. At the same time, the passion for experiences can interfere with thinking realistically. The family is a reliable stronghold, but one should not dissolve in close people. Taking on increased commitments can spoil others so much that they begin to take care for granted. During this period, it is useful to have sincere conversations, and it is better to distribute responsibilities, discuss the budget at another time.

For lonely hearts, the full moon in Pisces sign is the time for desires to come true. The romantic atmosphere promotes acquaintances, people become more attentive to each other. You can not be afraid of rudeness and rudeness, even a fleeting connection will bring only positive emotions. It is best to make dates in beautiful places: museum, theater, park. The furnishings should correspond to a sublime mood. Refined compliments, talk about lofty matters, quiet tenderness – this is the specificity of this period. If a spark flashes between lovers, no obstacles will interfere with their happiness. The relationship will surely grow into something more, you can safely make plans: your partner will not let you down.

Career and Finance

The full moon in Pisces is not suitable for monotonous work related to analysis, calculations, data accounting. The concentration of attention is reduced, difficulties arise with the assimilation of information, errors and inaccuracies are possible. This is a good time for creative projects. Writers, artists, designers, psychologists feel a surge of inspiration and successfully embody ambitious ideas. Everything related to beauty, the nature of human relations, arouses keen interest. People are tuned in to contact, actively participate in discussions, conferences, seminars. The word takes on special power, any problem can be solved with a couple of phrases. The level of tolerance is so high that service conflicts are unlikely.

On the Pisces full moon, people are prone to spontaneous purchases: the mind gives way to feelings. I would like to feel sorry for myself, to pamper with something pleasant. Daydreaming, emotional instability can be expensive, so you need to control your spending. This is not the best time to go shopping, make deals and invest. There is a risk of becoming a victim of scammers. If you still decide to part with a certain amount, trust your inner feelings. Intuition will save you from making the wrong choice. In terms of shopping, you can purchase art, jewelry and perfume. For normal health, you need to surround yourself with beautiful things, inhale the exquisite aromas of lotus, lily.

Health and Beauty

The full moon in Pisces is the wrong time to change your image. This period is characterized by mood swings, tearfulness. The body is sensitive to any interference, the hair is unruly, not amenable to styling. Not only cutting, but also trimming the ends can lead to poor health. Perms will not last long, and dyeing will worsen the structure of the hair. As for clothes, you should not experiment with styles, buy bright outfits. The best thing to do during this period is to nourish and moisturize your skin. Face masks made from natural products, warm compresses from herbal infusions will have a good effect. Saline foot baths will also be useful, they relieve fatigue and swelling.

The state of the body during the full moon in Pisces is unstable. Even low-alcohol drinks should not be consumed, they can cause poisoning. To normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to cleanse the intestines. The most gentle method of detoxification is the use of cocktails made from carrots, beets, and leafy greens. In the full moon of Pisces, you should not load your legs, run and walk. The risk of developing varicose veins and injury increases. Another nuisance is edema, to avoid their appearance, you need to drink kidney tea. Since the body is sensitive to any influences, operations are prohibited. Manual therapy and physiotherapy are recommended.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

Everything that troubles the soul is reflected in dreams on the full moon of Pisces. This is a good opportunity to look into the depths of your consciousness. Nightmares signal internal problems that require immediate resolution. Think about what prevents you from enjoying life. Probably, you are not confident in your abilities, you cannot establish contact with others, or you are afraid to fight back the offender. The situation will not resolve by itself; over time, your situation will only get worse. Try to draw the right conclusions, do not dwell on experiences. By escalating the situation, you can become depressed. A good dream testifies to the harmony reigning in your soul. Remember your feelings, try to fix them for a long time.

The full moon in Pisces turns the soul inside out, makes you think about important things. Not everyone is able to cope with the nervous tension and oppressive atmosphere of this period. Meditation helps to relax, to find a sense of harmony. To consolidate the effect, you can scent the room with lavender oil, which has a calming effect. If you are far from yoga, visit temples, museums, theaters – soak up the beauty, be inspired by art. On the full moon of Pisces, you should not disrupt the usual course of things, you should not start to lose weight dramatically or go in for sports. To replenish energy, it is beneficial to wear clothes of all shades of purple. You can complement the outfit with jewelry with aquamarine, tourmaline.

Pisces Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries in the full moon of Pisces can relax: life is not only work. The slightest inaccuracies, failures are unsettling, it is difficult to concentrate on business. There is no need to wait for career success: service zeal is replaced by apathy, the desire to move away from the hustle and bustle. This is a good time for homework, family vacations. You can arrange a grandiose redevelopment, make cosmetic repairs or completely renovate the interior. Everything that hands did not reach before will succeed. A full moon in Pisces is characterized by a surge of creative activity, a desire appears to make the world more beautiful. High performance and developed imagination – a harmonious combination that guarantees an ideal result.

Taurus with a full moon in Pisces sign will forget about important matters. Everything around awakens a sentimental mood, the need for home comfort. The value of material goods is belittled, and spiritual qualities come first. The need for communication and good deeds is growing. I want to feel needed, to help and even please others. This is a great time for family leisure, relaxation with friends. You can organize a trip to nature, arrange home gatherings. The situation is not the main thing, it is much more important how sincere the communication will be. Try to settle long-standing quarrels, renew relationships with those whom you have not seen for a long time. Your explanations and requests will definitely be heard.

Gemini on the Pisces full moon will gain confidence in their abilities. The atmosphere is conducive to spending more time thinking. Having realized your needs, and most importantly, your abilities, you will be able to realize your ambitions. Even if success does not come immediately, you need to take the first step towards your dreams. Friends and colleagues will be of great support – when the full moon of Pisces, people are very friendly. If there is such a need, sign up for training courses, undergo an internship. Don’t get too carried away with creative ideas, although everything contributes to the development of the imagination. Following the lead of fantasies and emotions, big problems cannot be solved, you should not waste time in vain. However, one should not overwork, there is a risk of burnout.

For Cancers, a full moon in Pisces is a period of peace of mind. What is happening does not cause rejection, on the contrary, it brings moral satisfaction. Light melancholy, dreams, sentimental memories are quite a familiar state, discomfort should not arise. Better to spend this time at home, enjoying the little joys of life. Watching a melodrama, reading your favorite novel, philosophical reflections will bring a lot of pleasure. You are free to do what you want. The Pisces full moon atmosphere matches your mood, so don’t blame yourself for your weakness. Take a day off, relax in the company of loved ones: gain strength for further achievements.

Lions on the Pisces full moon will not lose their grip, the energy is still overflowing. The work is easy, things are solved by themselves. If earlier you could not achieve justice, feel free to contact the authorities. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere, people easily make contact. They will treat your requests with understanding, help with advice and concrete deed. However, try to be responsive yourself, show responsive participation. Mental callousness, selfishness, narcissism are absolutely unacceptable. Make sure to take the time to interact with loved ones. Probably, you are too fixated on yourself, it is time to correct mistakes. If you only think about your own benefit, you will be left alone.

Virgo during the full moon in Pisces will be busy solving personal problems. Old memories, long-forgotten experiences will begin to emerge. A sentimental mood, nostalgia for the past does not contribute to an increase in efficiency. In order not to harass yourself with reproaches, relax and do not take anything serious. Take care of what was previously relegated to the background. Spend time with your family, go to the movies, sign up for an interesting excursion. If you are not in a relationship, take a look around. Perhaps you look at an old acquaintance with new eyes. Behave at ease, stop controlling what is happening. Leaning on someone else’s shoulder, you will feel relief.

Libra on the Pisces full moon needs to take care of their mental health. Hypersensitivity leads to rapid fatigue, the emergence of psychosomatic diseases. To get rid of the oppressive atmosphere, it is necessary to come into contact with the negative as little as possible. Try to surround yourself with beautiful things, buy an elegant outfit or a sophisticated perfume. Be sure to go to the conservatory, theater, museum: you must be saturated with positive energy. As for the physical condition, do not exhaust yourself with training, give preference to light fitness, dancing. Smooth movements, beautiful music, pleasant surroundings are the main components of well-being.

Scorpios on the full moon of Pisces will feel a surge of tenderness towards others. Career, ambitious goals, material wealth cease to matter. I would like to plunge into the atmosphere of warmth, home comfort, love. Put everything aside and focus entirely on your family. Organize a festive dinner, invite guests. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your happiness, generously share your positive attitude. Visit elderly relatives, ask if they need help. It is close people who are a source of inspiration, support in difficult times. If you have not yet found personal happiness, take care of this issue. Date, flirt, seduce playfully: gentleness is the main weapon.

For Sagittarius, the full moon in Pisces is a favorable period, it will be possible to solve many issues. Harmony reigns in all spheres of life, good luck accompanies business. Even experiences can lead to a surge of creative activity. Do not be afraid to think creatively, free yourself from conservative views. In love affairs, trust your inner feelings. The intuition is so strong that one can easily guess about the true intentions of the partner. You are capable of many things: charm, conquer and fall in love with yourself. To further strengthen the relationship, arrange an unforgettable romantic date. As for everyday life and work, difficulties should not arise: colleagues and family members will be on your side.

Capricorns on the Pisces full moon will fully focus on work. Most likely, events will not develop as you planned. Excessive emotionality can interfere with business. If before you did not notice heightened anxiety, a tendency to exaggerate problems, you will be unpleasantly surprised at your weakness. It is possible that your colleagues will react coldly to your initiatives, they will not want to discuss further actions. Take a wait-and-see attitude, postpone important matters for later. Let the solution of work issues be a little delayed, it is not your fault. Experiences will not help matters, relax and think about something pleasant. Remember past successes, bring up old contacts.

For Aquarius, the full moon in the sign of Pisces is a time of financial success. Thanks to the burst of creative activity, a huge amount of work will be done. Even if you’re doing monotonous chores, inspiration can help diversify the process. Having liberated yourself, trusting yourself, you will gain inner freedom, you will be able to look at life differently. The management will remain satisfied with the results shown, monetary incentives are possible. If you wish, you can turn your favorite business into a profitable business. However, take your time to make a decision, the full moon in Pisces is not the best time for radical changes. In order not to frighten off your luck, spend money on something pleasant, buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Pisces on the full moon Pisces is too vulnerable to act tough. A period of calm ensues in professional life. Try to postpone the decision of important issues, do not make deals, do not sign contracts. If you feel that your strength is running out, tears are choking, take a day off and spend it the way you want. Tearfulness will pass, harmony will reign in the soul, even if not now, but with time. Get some rest and have a picnic in nature, preferably near water. In order not to be alone, gather a company of loved ones. Another way to spend time with benefit is to visit a beauty salon. During this period, procedures aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating the skin are especially effective.

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