Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon in the Scorpio sign is a time of inner disorder, dissatisfaction with oneself and everything that happens. The subconscious mind works especially actively, secret thoughts and fears come to the surface. Reason gives way to instincts, feelings and emotions interfere with thinking logically. It is difficult to achieve balance: the energy is boiling, overflowing. Nothing average and standard, the world is divided into black and white — period. This is a good period for active people striving for constant development. The only thing that can interfere with the favorable development of the situation is emotional instability, yielding to passions. Not everyone can resist the destructive power of Scorpio’s full moon.

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Meaning of the Full Moon in Scorpio sign

Scorpio is a water sign with qualities such as fearlessness, belligerence, and self-will. Under the influence of the planet-ruler Pluto ♇, these features are enhanced and become more pronounced. The Moon in Scorpio gives powerful energy, the ability to change the surrounding reality. However, not everyone can cope with the gift received. The level of aggression in society increases, people are cautious and distrustful. It is almost impossible to reach mutual understanding: emotions are overwhelming. Sexual attraction intensifies, feelings sharpen, passion is in the air. Love relationships are a great way to shed excess energy if you keep jealousy in check.

For inquisitive people, inclined to research, the full moon in the sign of Scorpio is an auspicious period that promises good luck in any endeavors. The air sparks with tension, the energy overflows and makes you move forward. There are no unsolvable problems, things are done easily and simply. Courage, fearlessness, purposefulness are qualities that contribute to success. At the same time, one should not forget about hard work, without diligence and hard work nothing will work. In addition, intuition cannot be ignored, on the full moon of Scorpio it is especially strong: instincts rule the world. In general, this is a difficult period, testing strength. You should not indulge your weaknesses, make gross mistakes — the strongest wins.

The main advantage of the full moon in Scorpio is the ability to achieve your goals. This is the time for brave people capable of courageous deeds. The work is going well, the problems are quickly resolved — the person is mobilized as much as possible, he is like a bundle of energy. On the full moon of Scorpio, any ideas, even the most fantastic, are feasible. If there is a serious project that you have not dared to start for a long time, do it now. Probably, there will be a lot of difficulties, you have to work hard, but the result will please. An important component of success is complete self-control. Even if you have doubts, you cannot show your weakness. Iron will, complete calmness and self-righteousness — this is the portrait of a winner.

The main danger of the full moon in the sign of Scorpio is authority, reaching despotism and tyranny. There is too much energy, even vigorous activity does not bring joy and relief. I want everything at once, every obstacle on the way to success is infuriating. There is no time or desire to explain their position, people are perceived as consumables. Criticism causes rejection, no one has the right to question the decisions made. This period is characterized by irascibility, irritability. A strong will, an iron character are undoubted advantages, but it is worth adding a little lightness to communication. It is unlikely that people will want to deal with an arrogant proud man, and loneliness does not warm.

Influence of the Full Moon in Scorpio

Emotions on a Scorpio full moon are destructive. The air is so electrified that the tension is felt physically. Probably, outwardly people look absolutely calm, but inside the volcano of passions is bubbling. Any careless word, sidelong glance — a scandal is inevitable. Nobody wants to give in, everyone considers their opinion to be the only correct one. Even minor offenses are remembered for a long time, unprecedented cruelty appears. This is not the easiest, but indicative period in terms of human relations. Along with explosive emotionality, such properties of nature as devotion and sentimentality are manifested. Despite quarrels and tensions, loved ones will not leave you in trouble.

Love and Relationships

In family life, with a full moon in Scorpio, one cannot expect peace. Partners tend to make claims, delve into the past. A scandal can break out because of any little thing, it is better not to touch on problematic issues. Attacks of jealousy, mutual reproaches are an example scenario for the development of events. But there will be more than enough passion, intimate life will sparkle with new colors. When it comes to relationships with children, the situation is rather unstable. Both sides are intolerant of each other, the level of aggression increases. Parents strive to create better conditions: they give advice and control all the actions of the younger generation. Although children feel independent, they are desperately fighting for their freedom.

People who are not in a relationship, on the full moon of Scorpio, will be able to experience the whole range of emotions: from quiet despair to stormy joy. The novel will develop rapidly, but unpredictably. A new acquaintance can be anyone, you should not trust the first person you meet. Although the environment is conducive to communication, there is passion in the air, and there is a strong mutual attraction. It is better to limit yourself to a date, in the near future it will become clear whether the relationship will be long-lasting. While emotions are boiling, I don’t want to think about serious things. Romantic dates, flirting, compliments, scenes of jealousy — all testify to the intensity of passions. Let the relationship not last long, but there will be something to remember.

Career and Finance

The full moon in the sign of Scorpio is a period of increased activity, even sluggish people show miracles of vigor. Problematic issues are easily resolved, projects are successfully completed. Representatives of the creative professions, as well as those employed in law enforcement agencies, in production feel equally good. This is a good time to defend your rights and restore justice. Honesty, adherence to principles, self-confidence are qualities that help to achieve success. True, difficulties may arise with training: teachers and students find it difficult to find a common language. As for homework, you need to focus on putting things in order, all old things should go to the landfill.

In financial terms, the full moon in Scorpio is an unstable period: sometimes empty, sometimes thick. People are thrown from one extreme to another, the sense of danger is dulled: you need to part with money easily. For people inclined to take risks, this is a great opportunity to improve their financial situation. Although failures are not excluded, the loss of a large amount. If you do not want to be in distress, do not risk in vain, think carefully about each step. But almost all purchases will be successful, except for clothes. The mood is too changeable, the acquired things will soon cease to be liked. On the Scorpio full moon, you can buy hobby goods, furniture, cosmetics, household items.

Health and Beauty

The full moon in Scorpio is not suitable for changing the image, the transformation will be unsuccessful. You shouldn’t buy new clothes, do bright makeup. It is better to postpone a visit to the hairdresser, a haircut will lead to problems in your personal life. Dyeing will not bring the desired result, the dye will quickly disappear, and the perm will worsen the condition of the hair. However, not everything is so simple. If you want your hair to become thicker, feel free to get rid of the excess length. Nourishing and strengthening procedures will have a good effect. You can do hot wraps, masks, lamination. As for facial care, do not overdo it with decorative cosmetics, but the use of natural products promises a brilliant result.

A full moon in the sign of Scorpio leads to nervous excitement, and causeless anxiety may appear. It is necessary to avoid any excitement, if you cannot cope with emotions, aromatherapy will come to the rescue. Essential oils of peppermint and lavender help to calm down. During this period, the genitals, the rectum are especially vulnerable, therefore, operations are prohibited. You can not overcool, lead an active sex life, especially pregnant women. When it comes to nutrition, most of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. However, you should not completely exclude high-calorie foods, you just need to eat less spicy and fatty foods. You can treat the throat, remove adenoids and tonsils, and a visit to the dentist will be successful.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

The Ffull moon of Scorpio is a mystical time, interest in everything secret is growing. Even familiar things are seen in a new light. Intuition is strengthened so much that the future is no longer hazy. Dreams contain important clues, you just need to decipher them correctly. Most often, the plot is associated with events taking place in reality. If you are not happy with your intimate life, experiencing complexes, sleep will help correct the situation. An equally relevant topic for the full moon in Scorpio is the financial situation. Quite often in dreams you can see a hint of how best to manage your resources. By the way, you shouldn’t attach importance to nightmares, they just remind you to be honest.

The full moon in Scorpio has a heavy, unsettling atmosphere. If there is no strength, energy is practically at zero, it is more difficult for the body to deal with stress. To replenish the potential, it is beneficial to inhale the aromas of citrus and bergamot. As for color preferences, you should wear muted clothes: burgundy, cranberry, wine red. Also recommended are jewelry with tourmaline, agate. Despite the increased activity, you should not burden yourself physically. It is better to devote time to spiritual growth, oriental practices are useful: yoga, qigong. If you have been planning to visit a psychologist for a long time, do not postpone the visit. Any methods of psychological influence are beneficial, including hypnosis.

Scorpio Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries on the full moon of Scorpio are ready to fight for their rights. Energy is overwhelming, there is enough confidence — success awaits you. Even if you have to face difficulties, the mood will not deteriorate: the process is important, not the result. This is the right time to contact various authorities, communicate with authorities. However, you should remember about the destructive energy of the full moon in Scorpio, you need to control your words and actions. The slightest hint of discontent, criticism, or an irritable tone will get you a turn from the gate. Let you know the best, do not demonstrate your superiority. Composure, concentration, purposefulness are qualities that will help you achieve your plans.

For Taurus, the full moon in the sign of Scorpio is a time of communication. The energy of this period is such that all hidden feelings come to the surface. If before you were embarrassed to show your temperament, open up to the world. Be relaxed, go on dates, flirt — do whatever it takes to get attention. When it comes to working relationships, try to charm partners, colleagues, and your boss. Don’t be stale, add some humor to your conversation. Stop hoping for a lucky break, learn to present your professional merit in a favorable light. To become the director of your life, hard work is a great quality, but it is equally important to love and appreciate yourself.

Gemini with a full moon in Scorpio should take care of their health. Since communication can be problematic, it’s best to focus on what won’t disappoint. Jokes, frivolous conversations, compliments are not the most effective behavior strategy. Energy is too heavy for a pleasant pastime. People are not inclined to communicate, suspiciousness increases. But the body is able to cope with the infection, immunity is quite high. To treat diseases of the ENT organs, you can use medicinal plants. Physiotherapy will give a good result. In addition, relaxing treatments will be useful: massage with essential oils, acupuncture.

Cancers will grow wings on the full moon of Scorpio, they will want to dramatically change their lives. Instead of the usual doubts and careful attempts to attract attention, the thirst for activity will awaken. You can freak out, arrange jokes and amuse others in every possible way. For those wishing to experiment with the exterior, a green light will come on. Even if the transformation is not the most successful, the charge of positive emotions is guaranteed. If you haven’t found your soul mate yet, be sure to go out on a date. Do not miss the chance to arrange your personal life: the relationship will work out. In addition, this is a favorable period for communication with children. If you do not go too far with moralizing, you can have a great time: outdoor activities, sports.

For Leo with a full moon in the sign of Scorpio, it is best to do household chores. People around you are unlikely to want to listen to stories about your success. Self-admiration, selfishness — qualities that need to be hidden. This is not a suitable period to shine in society, to make new acquaintances. But close people are always ready to regret, listen, help with advice. You can visit your parents, arrange a home holiday. Go on a family trip, but be careful while driving. If you have been planning to update the interior for a long time, make repairs, but did not dare to start work, it’s time to do it. And you don’t have to bother, just lead the process, the family will help.

Virgo on the full moon of Scorpio will be in an agitated state. The energy of this period is such that it is difficult to cope with your emotions. Thoughts jump, the mood is depressed, every little thing annoys. Any action requires tremendous effort, family quarrels, troubles at work are likely. The best thing to do in this situation is to hide, hibernate. Of course, you cannot completely drop out of life. You just do not need to be excessively businesslike: to conduct important negotiations, ask for a salary increase. A normal workflow, nothing outside the usual life. But on the love front, things are going well: dates, fleeting intrigues, flirting on the edge.

For Libra, the full moon in the sign of Scorpio is a favorable period that promises a lot of surprises. You don’t have to skimp on your desires, shopping will be successful. Beauty treatments, jewelry, outfits — all the best and most expensive. Try to purchase durable goods without focusing on household details. Communication with close people will bring pleasure. The intra-family environment is of great importance: the tense atmosphere negatively affects the psyche. It is advisable to spend time in beautiful places, this is a good period for visiting museums, theaters or sightseeing trips. No matter how expensive the event is, emotions are more important than money.

Scorpios on the Scorpio full moon will be preoccupied exclusively with themselves: personal desires come first. If before you did not have enough time to visit a beauty salon, postpone everything. Do not be afraid to miss out on profits, now there is nothing more important than a feeling of inner peace. Beautiful hairstyle, fresh manicure, stylish makeup — you are simply irresistible, you can be sure of your own attractiveness. Another way to spend time with the benefit of body and soul is to relax in the SPA-salon. You will be reborn: the aroma of essential oils soothes, a relaxing massage allows you to relieve physical and emotional stress. A variety of scrubs, herbal masks, hot wraps will be useful.

Sagittarius during the full moon in the sign of Scorpio will be possessed by the spirit of adventurism. Everything that previously only dreamed of will begin to take on real outlines. You can take an unplanned trip, arrange a romantic date, or find a new hobby. Anything but boredom and loneliness. If you are overworked, feel moral and physical powerlessness, forget about active rest. Go out of town, to the SPA-salon, arrange for yourself a day of psychological relief. Even if you miss something important, recovering can achieve more results than you planned. To gain strength, think about how life can turn out if you give yourself the right attitudes.

Capricorns on the Scorpio full moon are as strong in spirit as never before. This period is suitable for fruitful work: the energy is doubled. However, focusing on the result can get in the way of looking at things soberly. Relations with colleagues will not be the most even, a major scandal is possible. Against the background of office troubles, conflicts in the family may worsen. Try to behave as correctly as possible, do not demand the impossible from people. Of course, you shouldn’t give up on work, just spend less time on it. Allow yourself to relax, arrange a small party, invite your friends. If you lack support and attention, do not be afraid to seem weaker than others, ask for help.

The full moon in the sign of Scorpio will magically affect Aquarius. Strength will be added to implement the most ambitious ideas. Despite the slightly tense and nervous atmosphere, solving difficult problems will be easy. It will turn out to reach profitable agreements, to pull off an important deal, or even change the profession. This is a time of change for the better, success accompanies everything related to work. At the same time, in his personal life, the situation is no less favorable — everything goes like clockwork. If you are single, there is a chance to meet a soul mate. To please your potential partner, wear something particularly sexy. You will demonstrate your rich inner world later.

For Pisces, the full moon in Scorpio is a time of testing, everything that happens is alarming. Too much noise, events, people around. I want to hide and not think about anything. A great way to avoid worry is to take a day off. Take time off or sick leave, do whatever you like. If possible, tinker in the garden. This is a good time to plant flowers, medicinal plants, vegetables. Lovers of a relaxing holiday can go to nature, have a picnic in a picturesque place. Contemplation of the beauties of nature soothes, fills with energy. You can go on a sightseeing trip, but very short. You can’t get tired and spend a lot of time on the road.

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