September Full Moon

In the first month of autumn, changes in nature are barely noticeable, but people are already subconsciously preparing for the coming winter. The full moon in September 2023 is a transitional period: rainbow carelessness gives way to light thoughtfulness. It’s time to revise the baggage accumulated over the summer: health, energy potential, emotional state. How successful things are depends on the mood. If there is a desire to continue flitting through life, enjoying the last hot days, a little later you will have to be responsible for your choice. You can use the energy of the full moon in September with much greater benefit. It is necessary to fill the surrounding space with positive things, getting rid of everything unnecessary and unnecessary.

2023September 2909:58Aries ♈
2024September 1802:36Pisces ♓
2025September 718:10Pisces ♓

Harvest Full Moon in September

September still pampers with warmth and sun, but the approach of cold weather is already felt. After the autumnal equinox, when the days are getting shorter and the nights are longer, all living things begin to prepare for winter. During this period, the North American Indians were busy with an important business – harvesting. Moreover, they had to work until late at night in the light of the full moon. According to this tradition, the full moon in September is called the "Harvest Moon". People were addicted to nature, the issue of nutrition was very acute. Particular importance was attached to this side of life: the more grain, fruits and vegetables they manage to procure, the more satisfying the winter will pass. Therefore, the September full moon has several more names: "Fruit Moon", "Corn Moon".

Straightforwardness and stubbornness can become a hindrance in relations with others. With a full moon in Aries in September 2023, emotions tend to be spontaneous. Since the fire sign is under the control of Mars, emergency situations and all sorts of surprises are not excluded. With the Aries full moon, you do not need to attach special importance to the words and actions of people, to look for a secret background in them. Due to haste, imprudence, you can get into an unpleasant situation. Common sense should be used first, everything else is secondary. You shouldn’t plan your life far ahead. Better to put aside important things and focus your energy on achieving short-term goals.

Since changes in nature affect the emotional state of people, do not underestimate the importance of the Harvest Full Moon in September. This is a conditional border that separates the new from the old: life turns in a different direction. Behavioral changes can be almost imperceptible, but the person does significant internal work. There is no return to the past; willy-nilly, you have to make certain decisions. You can’t get discouraged, quarrel and incur someone’s anger: negativity can negate all the benefits of this period. Doubts, reflections are signs of working on oneself, but one should not openly show self-doubt. Let your personal experiences remain a secret.

The search for harmony, doubts indicate that on the Harvest Full Moon, consciousness strives for justice and reasonable balance. The need to control impulsive impulses becomes a vital skill. The full moon in September passes along the axis of the Aries-Libra signs, therefore, such qualities as flexibility and diplomacy are most clearly manifested. This is a time of partnership and compromise. Despite the irascibility, the mind is enough to stop in time in order to direct the energy in the right direction. The conflict of mental needs with the existing order of things is tolerated painlessly. The main condition is no negativity, it is necessary to get rid of it by any available means.

Influence of the September full moon for men

Men have every right to act according to their own desires. The full moon in September 2023 encourages action, does not allow to sour. The speed of reaction, impulsivity indicate the active work of the mind. Which is quite understandable: there are a lot of important issues to be resolved. Moreover, you will have to bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for the surrounding people. Therefore, one should not give slack, express doubts aloud. Even if there is no confidence in the correctness of what is happening, you need to demonstrate equanimity. This is a great opportunity to fill your life with vivid impressions. You can get a lot of unforgettable emotions in a short period of time, if you don’t go against the flow.

Love relationships will be passionate, but short-lived. On the Harvest full moon, people are drawn to each other, looking for a way to draw attention to themselves. At the same time, the range of emotions is quite extensive: from adoration to hatred. Therefore, it will be difficult to strike a balance between sacrifice and selfishness. There are too many expectations, claims from both sides to remain indifferent. Married men will have to compete for a place as a leader in the family. A lot of difficulties can arise. If new problems are added to unresolved issues, emotions become uncontrollable. The younger generation will also add to the hassle. Children will want to dictate their terms, here you need to show maximum patience.

People without critical thinking can face challenges at work. On the September full moon, it is difficult to stay collected: thoughts are swarming in my head. You should not share them with colleagues so as not to become a victim of office intrigue. Just do your duty, don’t be frank or get into arguments. The full moon in September gives courage, inflames ambition. Purposeful people, predominantly engaged in intellectual work, will be very successful. Try to use the power of the full moon to your advantage. If you go to the guide with a proposal, you will most likely get approval. Although much will depend on the presentation: professionalism without unnecessary fuss.

Men do not hold energy: the full moon in September reveals the potential inherent in a person. You don’t have to sit still, protecting yourself from stress. Any type of physical activity will be beneficial, you can combine cardio training and strength exercises. At the same time, the risk of injury is quite high, and the head is especially vulnerable. In addition, vision problems may occur. As a preventive measure, gymnastics for the eyes is perfect. Try to spend less time at the computer, if possible, do not drive. On the Harvest full moon, do not engage in activities that require extreme concentration. The best leisure activity is outdoor recreation: picnic, bike ride.

Influence of the September full moon for women

Women will have a lot of reasons to be proud of themselves: no difficulties can be confusing. The full moon in September 2023 cannot be called a calm period, you need to control your emotions. Thanks to the firmness of spirit, composure and goodwill, it will be possible to avoid many problems. There will be many reasons to break loose, quarrel and say too much, but try to keep a sober view of things. You can indulge your own ambitions as much as you like, but they are insignificant in comparison with personal happiness. It makes sense to focus on the really important tasks. Just think in which direction you are moving, how actively, what else needs to be done to make your dream come true.

Everything about love takes on a special meaning on the Harvest full moon. Women work on mistakes, learn to learn from past relationships. Thanks to this, an understanding of one’s desires appears, and everything superficial disappears from life forever. Short novels, frivolous flirting are no longer of interest: the soul strives for constancy. If you haven’t found a soul mate yet, take the initiative. Arrange a romantic date, try to capture the imagination of a potential partner. However, do not overdo it with enthusiasm: gentle coquetry, light playfulness – and nothing more. Vulgar behavior, inappropriate jokes, and revealing outfits can scare off any man.

In family life, you should not expect peace: any little thing unsettles. Emotions boil, energy boils – under the influence of the full moon in September, many hurtful mistakes can be made. It takes a very wise person to give up personal desires for the sake of the interests of the family. Excessive drama, intolerance, selfishness are qualities that can lead to misunderstandings and even rupture. The desire to express everything that is boiling in the soul should not outweigh common sense. Try to channel your energy towards peaceful goals. Instead of quarreling, involve your husband in solving pressing problems. Discuss the family budget, parenting issues – it’s so important to look in one direction.

Women should rely on intuition, with its help it will be possible to get around sharp corners. The Full Moon in September is a special period when the border between the physical and the spiritual world becomes thinner. This is a good time for introspection, meditative practices: a person gets to know himself and the world around him. The main thing is to learn how to send the correct requests to the Universe. If you believe in the power of stones, you can use their magical power to accomplish the intended. Rose quartz promises love, ruby enhances passion, malachite brings harmony to relationships. A good way to attract good luck is to change your image. Try something new, don’t be afraid to be bright and stylish. Try on a trendy outfit, get a creative haircut.

September Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

In the life of air signs, there is a streak of luck and well-deserved awards. The full moon in September 2023 helps in achieving short-term goals. If you act without delay, you will be able to grab your luck by the tail. For Gemini, the support of like-minded people is very important, they give impetus to action with their advice and tips. Efforts must be directed towards maintaining good relations: one in the field is not a warrior. Libra will be happy with its appearance, and it will be possible to do without painful procedures and exhausting diets. It is enough to follow the daily regimen, adhere to a healthy diet: vegetables, herbs, vegetable fats. Aquarius awaits success in his personal life, a dizzying romance is not excluded.

Water signs will feel a surge of inspiration: life has turned its bright side. The full Harvest moon in September has a positive impact on career and personal relationships. Cancers are determined to become professionally successful. Probably, there is a change of place of work or promotion. Scorpios will be able not only to hone their skills, gain recognition from colleagues, but also to improve relationships with loved ones. Family ties will become even stronger, especially communication with parents will please. Pisces can forget about lack of money; financial problems are not expected in the near future. Thanks to professional success, it will be possible to stabilize the financial situation: no debts, loans and credits.

For the signs of the Earth element, the topic of material goods will become relevant: you can think about the soul later. Taurus and would be happy to get distracted from solving pressing problems, but there will definitely be a reason to plunge headlong into work. It can be new information, a valuable offer, in a word, something very beneficial to you. Do not be tormented by doubts, if you do not take this chance, you will regret it. As far as Virgo is concerned, the full moon in September brings out true needs. If you have been worried about money problems lately, you will feel relief. All controversial issues will be resolved in your favor. Capricorns will be busy with household chores: repairs, buying furniture, moving to a new place of residence.

Fire signs can become impatient under the influence of the Harvest full moon. Aggressive reactions and conflict behavior are quite likely, which does not add optimism. In order to avoid problems, Aries should slow down the pace of life a little, abandon some plans: you drive quieter – you will continue. Leadership ambitions will wait, peace of mind comes first. Leos are determined to prove their worth to everyone, their head is busy with grandiose plans for study and work. Personal worries will fade into the background, this is not the best time for a relationship. Sagittarius will find an outlet in what they love, for them this is a real chance to turn their hobby into a profitable business.

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