Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon in the Virgo sign is a time of hard work, primarily on oneself. Dreamy, inspired enthusiasm is replaced by the desire to put things in order, get rid of everything unnecessary. Sober calculation, accuracy, prudence, the ability to clearly follow the rules are held in high esteem. At the same time, life does not seem boring, on the contrary, its monotony pleases, allows you to focus on the main thing. This is an auspicious period for people looking for a career: so many opportunities open up that it will take your breath away. A high degree of employment, passion for one’s work — work is a great pleasure. Although it can cause conflicts in the family, the bar cannot be lowered.

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Meaning of the Full Moon in Virgo sign

Virgo is a sign of the Earth element, its distinctive features: pragmatism, prudence, sharp mind. The ruler planet Mercury ☿ increases curiosity, craving for everything new. The constant striving for development, assimilation of a large amount of information allows you to use your time as efficiently as possible. With the Moon in Virgo, it is possible to achieve such impressive results that one can only dream of. At the same time, the obsessive desire to achieve perfection in any business can ruin life. Irritability increases, people become critical and unrestrained in their assessments. You have to be extremely wise so as not to slide down to petty revenge and grumbling.

For business people striving for career heights, the full moon in Virgo is the moment of truth that brings out all the best in a person. If you are aimed at success, love and know how to work, the result will not be long in coming. This is a period of high mental activity, labor enthusiasm and euphoria. The forces seem to double, the decisions are easy — everything is just perfect. However, a passion for work and a desire for professional development can interfere with personal relationships. Composure, prudence, criticality are qualities that lead to success, but prevent the achievement of ordinary human happiness. It is necessary to clearly separate work and personal life, you should not completely subordinate yourself to serving the cause.

The main advantage of the full moon in Virgo is a pragmatic approach to life. No unnecessary thoughts, worries, emotions, only complete concentration on the matter. This is the best time to put things in order in the documents, outline plans, resolve current issues. You can not be afraid of all sorts of surprises, the conflict between reason and feelings is unlikely. All actions are subject to logic, professional interests come first. Although this attitude to business can be useful in everyday life. The house will be in perfect order: things are laid out in their places, documents are sorted into categories. Rules come first, the rest doesn’t matter.

On the Virgo full moon, people become more picky, critical than usual. It is impossible to relax and switch from one topic to another, the stakes are too high — an ideal result and nothing less. It is necessary to think over your actions to the smallest detail, calculate the possible scenarios for the development of events, there is no time for jokes. An atmosphere of tension reigns everywhere: people become intolerant of each other, misunderstandings and mutual distrust increase. Manifestations of envy, hatred and cruelty are likely, there is a risk of being in the epicenter of some scandal, and the reason may be the most ridiculous. This is not the best period for contacting various authorities, issuing important papers.

Influence of the Full Moon in Virgo

The emotional background on the Virgo full moon is favorable: feelings are under control. Everything that happens is analyzed, laid out on the shelves — no failures and throwing. Thoughts are aimed at achieving specific goals, the interests of the case come first, and the rest afterwards. Feelings seem to be dormant, reactions are inhibited, people outwardly are absolutely calm. But the inclination to criticism increases, suspicion increases, everything is questioned. Such nit-picking interferes with relationships, violent disputes over nonsense can erupt: a mess in the house, a slight delay. Internal tension has a negative effect on health, and is likely to deteriorate health.

Love and Relationships

Family life with a full moon in Virgo will not be cloudless. Spouses are overly demanding of each other, every little thing is annoying. A conversation in a raised voice can end in an argument. Moreover, this attitude is dictated by good intentions. There is a craving for comfort, I want to create ideal conditions for the family, to protect from all problems. Try to pacify your anger, do not throw yourself at loved ones because things are not in their place or someone is late for dinner. Don’t complicate the relationship by trying to create a pretty picture. It is better to direct your energy to raising children, they need more attention. Try to use your time productively, do something useful.

On the full moon of Virgo, love relationships are calm, measured: nothing spontaneous and unexpected. Emotions and feelings are relegated to the background, the world is ruled by reason. At the same time, the romance that broke out will not be short-lived, most likely it will end in marriage. Despite the external coldness, serious passions can boil between lovers. The romance has not gone anywhere, it just takes a little time for the partners to open up, begin to trust each other. If you dream of a wedding, make new acquaintances during this period. Go on dates, flirt, but be a little low-key and don’t show your interest too clearly. Most importantly, do not put pressure on your partner, do not rush things.

Career and Finance

The full moon in the sign of Virgo is a period of active working capacity: professional interests are above all. Life without what you love is boring and monotonous, all thoughts are focused on work. And this is not so much about money as about moral pleasure. Work should bring positive emotions. This is a good time for people involved in trade, health care, and teaching. Full focus, attention to detail, a critical view of things are the advantages that allow you to achieve high results. At the same time, excessive obsession with work can cause neurosis: the result at any cost. Better not to start new projects or change jobs.

During the full moon in Virgo, trade is arguing, and expensive and high-quality goods are in demand. No frivolous trinkets, only practical things designed for a long time. These are clothes, furniture, household items, household appliances. The money will not be spent in vain, the purchases will be successful and will last a very long time. You can purchase medicinal cosmetics, vitamins, dietary supplements. However, you should not buy luxury goods, jewelry or makeup. In this case, there is a risk of running into a low-quality product. As for financial transactions and all sorts of transactions, they will turn out to be successful. You can take out a loan or borrow money — there will be no problems.

Health and Beauty

The Virgo full moon is the perfect time to visit your beautician and hairdresser. Any manipulation with hair will lead to their health. You can get a haircut, curl and color. The appearance of the hair will improve, it will become more manageable, and the ends will no longer be split. If you have been planning to get a fashionable haircut for a long time, it’s time to get rid of excess length. Financial well-being and career takeoff awaits you. For facial treatments, use natural cosmetics. Deep cleansing and moisturizing of the facial skin is allowed. Do not forget to pamper your pens, the full moon in Virgo is suitable for manicure, nail extension. An important point: choose a varnish of calm shades.

In terms of health, the full moon in Virgo is a prosperous period: the state of health is stable. However, it is not recommended to consume heavy food and alcohol. Otherwise, digestive problems may arise: increased gas production, constipation, colitis. Try to be less nervous, stock up on such medicinal herbs as St. John’s wort, oak bark, celandine. In addition, it is useful to cleanse the body of toxins, the most gentle way is carrot or beet juice. Anything other than surgery. Operations in the abdomen are prohibited, the likely consequences are: poor wound healing, high risk of complications. But the removal of calluses and varicose veins on the legs will go well.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

On the full moon of Virgo, the brain works actively: thoughts are clear and light. Even at night he does not rest, continues to analyze the information received during the day. The choice between reason and feelings is obvious: practicality wins. The dreams of this period are not distinguished by the intricacy of the plot, the main idea lies on the surface. Whether you’re looking for a pay raise or dreaming of a career takeoff, night visions will show you the way to your desired goal. Since the brain solves specific problems, full moon dreams in the sign of Virgo are more likely to come true. You just need to follow their prompts — and the problems will be resolved. Never mind nightmares, they reflect work-related fears. Just be a little more careful in reality.

The biggest problem on a Virgo full moon is to relax, at least for a while forget about business. Physical activity is unlikely to help you get rid of the hustle and bustle. Green color helps to calm emotions, try to wear clothes of emerald and herbal shades during this period. Use sandalwood, eucalyptus, cedar wood and lotus oils to bounce back and cleanse yourself of all that is superfluous. Tea with chamomile and mint will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, it is also good for the gastrointestinal tract. Spend more time in nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery: contemplation calms the mind. To replenish energy, meditate, try to feel the inner source of light in yourself.

Virgo Full Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries on the full moon Virgo can feel tired: the body is working to the limit of its capabilities. Obsession with details, increased irritability are signs of internal tension. To get out of a stressful situation with dignity, do breathing exercises. Try to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort by adding a few drops of lavender oil to the aroma lamp. Resist the urge to "seize" stress in every possible way to avoid problems with the pancreas and gallbladder. Adhere to a sparing diet, completely give up fried and fatty foods. Also prohibited are drinks that stimulate the nervous system: coffee, energy drinks, alcohol.

Taurus on the Virgo full moon can completely bury themselves in business. Although this is a great time for communication: people are in the mood for dialogue. An atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding prevails everywhere. If you are single and passionate about your work, try to combine business with pleasure: have an office romance. Love will help you open up from a new side, give strength and inspiration. Forget everything in the world: flirt, flirt, go on dates. The relationship established during this period will be strong, most likely, they will develop into marriage. For married Taurus, the full moon in Virgo is a great opportunity to get even closer to your soul mate and children. Have fun, organize interesting leisure time.

For Gemini, the full moon in Virgo is a period of peace of mind. The priority is family, loved ones, home comfort. No unnecessary fuss and bustle, only peace and serenity. Things will slow down a bit, but that shouldn’t be scary. You will still have time to catch up, to achieve everything that was planned. Stop for a moment and pay attention to how you live. Probably, there are a lot of random people around you, the marital relationship went wrong, and the children stopped sharing their thoughts. Urgently take care of putting things in order in the house, and maybe in life. Clean up, update textiles, cook something tasty. Learn to enjoy simple and even a little boring things.

Usually, timid Cancers on the full moon of Virgo will be in shock: career opportunities expand. Good luck accompanies in all matters, issues are resolved easily and effectively. Most likely, it will be possible to implement ideas and projects that have not been successful before. Difficulties are not frightening, the scale of the problems is not exaggerated, the work is getting better — you just have to enjoy the result. The only thing to be afraid of is tensions in the team. People around you will tend to grumble, find fault with little things, you will have to adjust to their mood. Try to turn the situation in your favor, act gently and carefully. Be extremely polite, do not make claims, but do not do favors either.

Leos with the full moon in Virgo will feel just fine. The mood is excellent, there are no worries and worries in personal and professional life. On this positive wave, interest in beautiful and very expensive things can increase. Although this period is conducive to deliberate purchases: in the first place is practicality, not external performance. However, a little lightheadedness will not hurt when there is still a chance to spend a lot of money on your whims. Go shopping, re-measure all the latest fashion items, update your perfume collection. During this period, the sensitivity to odors increases. If you want to emphasize your natural sexuality, buy a perfume with a lotus scent.

Virgos on the full moon Virgos will rejoice in every moment of life. In business, there is complete order, relations with others, if not ideal, are almost cloudless. Harmony reigns in personal life: spouses get along with each other, lovers are going through a candy-bouquet period. It’s time to take care of yourself, bring your appearance to perfection. If possible, arrange outdoor recreation, fresh air will do you good. If you are not a supporter of active pastime, go to the SPA center. On the full moon of Virgo, it is useful to take salt baths, they have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improve the condition of the skin. In addition, the aromas of essential oils relax and relieve anxiety.

Libra during the full moon in the sign of Virgo needs to consciously approach the organization of their time. You should not overwork, grab onto everything in a row. Try to achieve a state of inner harmony — this is the only way you can achieve success. Direct energy towards achieving your goals, regardless of external circumstances. Dedicate this period to reflection, making plans, think about what obstacles you must overcome. Limit contacts, communicate less with strangers, focus on your inner circle. Visit beautiful places, look for inspiration in nature, music, art. Having gained strength and pleasant impressions, you will work more productively.

Scorpios on the Virgo full moon will be surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex. Although there is a risk of running into a scandal, ruining relations with a fan, and all the fault is incontinence and jealousy. Do not show aggression, try not to notice the shortcomings of others. Criticism, ridicule, and provocative behavior are not the most reliable way to tie a partner to you. Focus on solving everyday problems, show your economic vein. Sexuality recedes into the background, minimalism and practicality are held in high esteem. Be more modest in your desires, try to do with small things. The efforts expended will be rewarded at their dignity, a strong marriage awaits you — there are no chance meetings during this period.

For Sagittarius, the full moon in Virgo is a period of hard work: career comes first. Even boring, monotonous work will be a joy. An understanding of the final goal appears, a striving for an ideal result, perseverance and concentration of attention develop. It is during this period that you tend to think soberly and pragmatically, calculating the consequences of your actions. Nothing can distract from the goal, the only thing that can interfere with the implementation of the plan is envy. Try not to share your plans with others, keep contacts with your boss and colleagues to a minimum. Not everyone is ready to understand your fanatical dedication to the cause; professional quarrels are likely.

Capricorns on the Virgo full moon can behave more frivolously than usual. Professional interests, hard work, a pragmatic approach to life are all too familiar and boring. Most likely, you will want to retire a little, to feel like a free person. If you used to spend all your energy on work, direct your energy to fulfill your desires. You can take a vacation and take a trip. Moreover, the trip will turn out to be financially profitable, with the full moon in the Virgo sign, any spending is successful: discounts, special offers. If it is not possible to go on vacation right now, study foreign languages, check out the offers of travel agencies — the trip is not far off.

For Aquarius, the full moon in Virgo is an opportunity to do things that have never been possible before. Moreover, the work will argue without much effort. You can do general cleaning, renovation, or even better, completely renew the interior. Fantasy is in full swing, ideas are born one after another, while thoughts take a more practical direction. You can tidy up your home without spending a lot of money. You just need to not be lazy, just start doing something — and the process will take over you. Family members can provide invaluable help: household chores bring people closer together. If you are looking for a partner, do not hesitate to get acquainted in the store, metro. On the Virgo full moon, practicality is a priority, you will not be put off.

Pisces on the Virgo full moon will have a chance to make a good impression in society. An atmosphere of goodwill fosters a relationship of trust. Become more relaxed, feel free to make new acquaintances. You can flirt, flirt and speak freely on any topic, even the most intimate. Others will like your kindness and openness. However, at work, refrain from criticism, even if your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of the team, do not insist on your own. Service conflicts of this period are highly emotional, long-standing grievances and claims may emerge. Better concentrate on your personal life, no troubles are expected here.

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