New Moon Phase

In the new moon the moon is between Earth and the Sun facing the Earth of its dark side, and therefore invisible. During this period, the minimum is expressed everything that Moon governs. Emotions, moods, ability to remember, the atmosphere in the team, blood pressure — all of this takes place on the new moon through the lowest point. Hence the practical application of knowledge of the lunar cycle: if this or that region, ruled by the Moon, which is already in a weakened state during the new moon, it could happen a critical decline in activity due to the reduction of energy fullness "lunar" functions throughout the earthly nature.

Since the new moon reduce the pressure of fluids in the body, it can be a difficult period for hypotensive, people with blood pressure and so reduced. Emotional recession may adversely affect the people who are prone to depression. It is unlikely that in this period we can expect high performance and the inspiration of the workforce, academic excellence from the classroom, the rapid recovery of the patient.

New Moon or the connection of sun and moon — the beginning of the lunar month. In the early cycles of the sun gives the seeds of a new moon. These are the days of the symbolic "conception" of the cycle. Moon "pregnant" and grows, it comes to light. But in the first two and last two days of the lunar month, the moon is not visible, it does not shine. These days are called days of Hecate, goddess of darkness and mystery fatality. Emotionally, these dark days without the moon appear deeply immersed himself in person, secret fears. The subconscious mind is awakened and dictates its will. People at this time need psychological support. Perhaps the experience of loneliness, pessimism.

New Moon impact usually unfavorable. Biocapacity is reduced, so the likely exacerbation of chronic diseases, dangerous overload and risky activities. The tendency to self-indulgence, misuse or illusions may lead to loss of business, creativity, the next lunar month, and this also applies to the previous and next day by New Moon. These days it is better not to relax.

These days the effects of alcohol more than usual. It increases the risk of catching a bad disease. On the new moon men are more responsive. At this time they are tense, nervous, aggressive, sexually excitable. Much the same can be said about women at the full moon. But, perhaps, the full moon — a poetic moment, and so women at the full moon more intuitive, sensual and sensitive.

New Moon Days: 1 Moon Day and 30 Moon Day.

New Moon — Recommendations

A difficult period for sensitive natures, especially for women and children. Increased emotional and nervous excitability creates a tense atmosphere in which any trifle or caprice could turn into a big brawl. Furthermore, a breakdown resulting in lower rates of reaction, and also in lowering the level of mental activity. Be particularly careful at the wheel, and the ladies in the unbalanced state of mind is better to give up driving cars on the first day of the new moon.

Do not start anything new without the need, or you might get into a series of mishaps. If you can move the conclusion of the contract, do not miss such an opportunity — extra insurance can not hurt. In any case, it should be primarily based on the situation, and if the delay is fraught with complications, then heed the voice of reason, which at this time is just very loud claims about himself.

Take time for meditation and good thinking, and explore new facets of creativity and interesting ideas to visit. The new moon of symptoms of chronic diseases, mostly disappear, giving undoubted relief for a weakened organism.

2023 New Moon Calendar

January 2120:55SaturdayAquarius ♒
February 2007:09MondayPisces ♓
March 2117:26TuesdayAries ♈
April 2004:15ThursdayAries ♈
May 1915:55FridayTaurus ♉
June 1804:39SundayGemini ♊
July 1718:33MondayCancer ♋
August 1609:38WednesdayLeo ♌
September 1501:40FridayVirgo ♍
October 1417:55SaturdayLibra ♎
November 1309:27MondayScorpio ♏
December 1223:32TuesdaySagittarius ♐

New Moon in Zodiac Signs

Zodiac sign, in which the new moon happened, determines the most successful activities throughout the lunar month.

New Moon in Aries ♈ guarantee success in the swift and decisive action. Get rid of the hesitation and doubt, done with things that have been postponed. Stay calm and remember that when making decisions, you do not have to succumb to feelings.

New Moon in Taurus ♉ beneficial to deal with financial issues and spend wisely. All that you will gain during this time will bring undoubted benefits.

New Moon in Gemini ♊ is favorable for obtaining and exchanging information as well as short trips. If you start training on the day of the new moon in Gemini — the educational process go easier and more effective.

New Moon in Cancer ♋ promise success by those involved in the restaurant business, gardening and trade flowers. Take care of personal affairs, family. Time of the activities aimed at the success of his inner circle.

New Moon in Leo ♌ is favorable for jewelry stores, theaters and palaces. The best day for "the publication." It is a day of receptions, parties and social events. Feel free to invite your business partners in the restaurant — there is most likely the highest results from a business meeting.

New Moon in Virgo ♍ patronize hospitals and accountants. Then came the turn of an audit of financial costs, time to remember that money is like the score, but pence saves. Point your business capabilities into the mainstream economy.

New Moon in Libra ♎ promise success of elite institutions. Time to invest their time, intellect and money in your beauty, health and image. Stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists, image-makers — the best company for the day and the month.

New Moon in Scorpio ♏ beneficial to research synergies. Remember that intimate life does not take away time from the cases, and gives energy. If you plunge into the turbulent waters of passion, it does not mean that you do not swim out there.

New Moon in Sagittarius ♐ patron training, travel and Church Affairs. The period of acceptance of critical business information. Business idea literally in the air. It is necessary to carefully monitor developments in the area of your business interests.

New Moon in Capricorn ♑, on the one hand, accompanied by relationships with management and senior age people, and with another — that warns of obstructions affairs. Try to look at the surrounding reality in a new way, think about what you can change. The main thing — to avoid the stagnation in business life, otherwise it will be a daily routine.

New Moon in Aquarius ♒ beneficial for clubs, charitable organizations, research organizations, opening new. Foster’s friendly support in cases of this time friends in the broadest sense.

New Moon in Pisces ♓ for the whole favorable, due to privacy, relaxation, inspiration. Favorable for creativity and creative approach to business. The best tips come from the unpredictable world of creativity — from the men of science, literature and art.

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