New Moon in Aries

The new moon in Aries marks the beginning of a new phase. This is a moment of freedom and renewal, when nothing is certain. Previous experiences and failures, as well as achievements, are left behind, it is necessary to move on. Since during this period people experience a lack of energy, feel depressed, you should not be too active. With the new moon in Aries, it is useful to plan, decide which tasks are priority and which things can be postponed. Starting life with a clean slate is a reasonable and doable desire. You just need to believe in yourself, outline a plan of action and get rid of doubts. A positive mood and decisiveness will become a guarantee of success, help to give new impetus to dreams and ideas.

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Meaning of the New Moon in Aries sign

The emotionality and excessive energy of Aries indicate that they belong to the element of Fire. Explosive temperament does not allow to sit still, pushes to action. Under the influence of the governing planet — Mars ♂, readiness for rivalry and struggle is formed. The Moon in Aries encourages career ambitions, gives you the opportunity to test yourself in business. At the same time, it generates impatience, anxiety, does not allow you to focus on individual details. As a result, the quality of work and life suffers. With the Moon in the sign of Aries, it is easy to lose orientation: periods of vigorous activity alternate with periods of apathy and powerlessness. The transition from one state to another occurs spontaneously and abruptly, creating additional stress.

The new moon in the sign of Aries sets a certain project for the future, a program of action for a long time. Therefore, it is important to correctly formulate desires and set specific goals for yourself. This is a period of optimism, unconditional self-confidence, when dreams seem achievable, and obstacles seem surmountable. The new moon in Aries has a powerful cleansing potential, as if it nullifies everything bad, gives you a chance to succeed. It’s time to start something new, without taking into account possible obstacles. If now it is not possible to turn the tide, get rid of fears and past failures, it is unlikely that progress can be expected in the near future. The desire to dominate, to conquer new heights is an excellent motivation for achieving any goals.

The features of the new moon in the sign of Aries are such that everything conceived has a great chance of being realized. Despite a slight decline in vital activity, people receive a powerful impulse of inspiration. Amazing self-confidence, excitement and even some kind of insane courage appear. Each strives for his own individual happiness, prepares the ground for future changes. Planning, developing a further strategy are priorities, but concrete steps must be taken to improve life. With the new moon in Aries, investments in personal comfort and safety will turn out to be successful, you can buy household and computer equipment. Travel and business trips will be successful: trips open up new horizons.

The decline in energy on the Aries new moon causes a state of anxious concern. People are emotionally unstable and biased in evaluating their actions. And this is not the most reliable basis for reaching new heights, so it is better to limit yourself only to plans. They should begin to implement them not earlier than the moment when the energy of the moon increases. An exception may be tasks that do not require urgent solutions. When starting any action, you need to remember that soon the emotional mood will change, and the consequences of rash words and actions will be felt for a long time. In addition to being careful in business and communication, with the new moon of Aries, you should be wary of health problems. The risk of injury and exacerbation of chronic diseases increases.

Influence of the New Moon in Aries

People on the new moon of Aries feel some emptiness, as if they are in limbo. Decreased vitality, emotional depression indicate a lack of energy. The body is actively accumulating strength, preparing for future achievements. It is not worth checking its strength by exposing it to increased loads. With a new moon in the sign of Aries, you need to do really important, urgent matters. This is a good time for cleansing, getting rid of all that is superfluous that hinders a full life. Therefore, it is advisable to revise your diet and start fighting bad habits. If there are people around you, communication with whom gives you discomfort, you should at least temporarily minimize contacts with them.

Love and Relationships

Nothing threatens family life with a new moon in the sign of Aries, although much depends on the spouses themselves. During this period, people are in a depressed emotional state, trying to avoid anxiety. If the relationship is even and stable, the conflict will fade away before it flares up. But couples balancing on the brink of divorce are capable of reaching the point of no return. Anything can be the reason for separation. Because men are most affected by the new moon in Aries, they exhibit aggressive behavior. But women become intuitively sensitive and resourceful. They are responsible for what is happening in the family. If you keep your partner at arm’s length, nothing bad will happen.

For romantic relationships, the new moon in the sign of Aries is not the best period. You should refrain from communicating with new people. It is unlikely that a date with a stranger will be successful. You should not expect ardent confessions, fireworks of feelings, but you can hear unambiguous hints and vulgar compliments. Men with the new moon in Aries experience an emotional outburst, their sexual instincts are heightened to the limit. In order not to be disappointed in a potential partner, it is better to limit yourself to superficial communication. You can arrange a date online. This is a good opportunity to make acquaintances without fear of getting into an awkward situation. It is better to postpone the meeting for a period when the lunar energy is more active.

Career and Finance

The new moon in Aries sets the rhythm of professional activity, creates the basis for successful work during the lunar month. This is a time of intentions, not purposeful actions. Challenging yourself with impossible tasks can create confusion in your workflow. It is necessary to save and accumulate energy for meaningful affairs, so it will be right to do planning, thinking about the near future. There will be no problems with solving routine issues, simple tasks. What absolutely should not be done on the Aries new moon is to show initiative, take on new projects, negotiate and close deals. It is also undesirable to contact the boss, to apply for a salary increase.

Any manipulation with money on the Aries new moon is dangerous, even the most harmless purchases can turn out to be unsuccessful. If possible, you should refuse to purchase furniture, clothing and household items. Not to mention large financial transactions, such as real estate transactions. If you spend money, only on planned purchases that are not critical to your budget. You shouldn’t invest, lend and take out loans. The new moon in the sign of Aries activates fantasy, so everything material fades into the background. In order not to miss the moment, you should concentrate on creative activity. If you approach the implementation of ideas correctly, you can profitably monetize them.

Health and Beauty

The body on the Aries new moon is as relaxed as possible, so you should not abuse medical and cosmetic procedures. It is highly undesirable to get a haircut during this period. It is believed that by shortening the length of the hair, a person shortens his life. Likewise, it is possible to carry out coloring, it is better with toning shampoos. Since the new moon in the sign of Aries is a sketch, a test scenario of the future, you should not make a final decision: the hair color may soon cease to be liked. This is not the right time for manicure, pedicure, peeling and depilation. Nothing bad will happen, but the result can be disappointing. But moisturizing and nourishing face masks will be effective: dull and tired skin will instantly transform.

People with low blood pressure on the Aries new moon may experience discomfort. To normalize vascular tone, it is recommended to consume vitamin A contained in fish, carrots, broccoli, and cereals. During this period, it is advisable to eat in moderation, without creating additional stress on the body. The basis of the menu should be foods rich in protein. People who do not experience problems with the gastrointestinal tract can arrange a fasting day. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to drink cleansing herbal teas with rosehip, dandelion and dogwood. With the new moon in Aries, the negative impact of alcohol on the body is many times stronger, its use is fraught with poisoning, a general deterioration in well-being.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

On the Aries new moon, consciousness is open to everything new, a premonition of change appears. At the same time, anxiety increases, people sleep restlessly, often wake up. Aries new moon dreams are considered prophetic, they help to understand which areas of life are the most important. Typically, they contain tips on how to realize yourself in work, to succeed in a business or hobby. A good dream is a harbinger of events that will happen in the near future. The nightmare signals internal problems, perhaps there are psychological blocks that interfere with personal development. Instead of whipping up panic, you can do practices that help you get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

The new moon in the sign of Aries gives you a chance to bring something new to life that can drastically change the course of events. This is the period of renewal when the body begins to store energy. To facilitate this process, it is recommended to get rid of all unnecessary things: negative thoughts, old things, bad habits. It is possible to draw up a map of desires, special attention should be paid to the career sector. The plans outlined for the new moon of Aries will definitely come true if you use the visualization method. Imagine yourself in a new place of work, draw in detail what your ideal day should be like. No negative, only firm belief in the speedy implementation of the plan. Remember the sensations and impressions, they will help you tune in the right way.

Aries New Moon for Zodiac Signs

For ambitious Aries, the Aries new moon is the finest hour. Any plans related to work have a chance to come true as soon as possible. If you want to develop in a new field, open your own business or get a prestigious position, it’s time to take a step towards your dream. The main thing here is to firmly believe that these plans are real. It is possible that problems will arise, mainly of a moral nature. Quarrels with colleagues, confrontation with management, intrigues of competitors – all this will require maximum concentration and responsibility. In order not to whip up the atmosphere, it is better to keep your intentions a secret. Also, you should not carry out risky financial transactions, large monetary losses are likely.

For slow Taurus, the new moon in the sign of Aries will not be a test: life is measured and predictable. Although others can urge, persistently offer something and even demand active participation in what is happening. You should not succumb to the general excitement, try to get into the stream of events. The best way to stay on the right wave is through routine work. Doing household chores and routine duties doesn’t take much energy. It is better to refrain from large expenses, women should be especially careful. An unstable emotional state can push you to buy spontaneously. While shopping can help you deal with stress, the items you buy won’t last long.

The Aries new moon will put Gemini into a state of euphoria. An incredible uplift will quickly give way to apathy and loss of strength, but this will be a little later. In the meantime, the presentiment of happy changes is dizzy. Any business on the shoulder: major deals, a new position, important negotiations. Being in the grip of dreams, you can make a serious blunder, turn powerful people against yourself. Subsequently, you will have to try hard to get the situation back to normal: it is more difficult to correct mistakes than to commit them. Instead of creating unnecessary problems for yourself, you should live and work in a comfortable mode. Walking in the fresh air, yoga, meditation will help to achieve a state of harmony and balance.

From Cancers, the new moon in Aries will require a mobilization of forces. The need to move a lot, solve work issues, or even go to an appointment with the boss can plunge them into panic. Emotional depression, nervousness and fear are due to a lack of energy. Stress can exacerbate chronic illnesses. In addition, people become overly sensitive to the effects of any external factors. Wounds and bruises received during this time will take a very long time to heal. To avoid serious dangers, it is recommended that you do not overload yourself with chores, travel or do extreme sports. To maintain vital activity, it is useful to take a tincture of Eleutherococcus or ginseng.

The new moon in the sign of Aries inflames the ambitions of Leo, beckons with seductive prospects. Their natural inclinations intensify, events develop at an accelerated pace. The need to dominate increases many times over, makes them act harshly and thoughtlessly. Here there is a danger of overdoing it with initiative, coming into conflict with the boss and colleagues. Particularly attentive should be those whose work is related to communication with people. All sorts of mistakes and misunderstandings can ruin your reputation. Probably, with a reasonable approach, they will be able to promote their ideas and achieve special conditions. You just need to plan every step, pay attention to the little things – this is a painstaking path, but quite real.

Pedantic Virgos are slightly confused during the new moon in Aries. The desire to sort everything out on the shelves breaks down on slowness, apathy and lack of will. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get the perfect result. If you do not clean up the rubble of household chores, do not stay up late at work, nothing bad will happen. Rather, even a decline in activity will be beneficial: you will not have to correct the consequences of mistakes. You can use this time to socialize with your family, relax and take care of yourself. Any cosmetics with chamomile extract will work well. For example, the mask has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Plus, chamomile tea can help you relax.

Balanced Libra on the new moon of Aries will be indispensable as negotiators. Meetings, conferences, communication with officials, preparation of documentation – everything is easy. Although the unstable emotional background makes the process difficult, you should not loosen your grip. Since natural restraint will not allow you to overstep the permissible boundaries, there is no need to wait for a more convenient moment to resolve controversial issues. True, a little caution will not hurt, so it will be correct to outline a work plan in advance. But in love, you can not restrain yourself, for modest and shy people this is a great opportunity to open up to a partner. Probably, from this moment on, the relationship will reach a new level.

Restless Scorpios on the new moon in Aries will feel out of place. There are too many ideas, desires and ambitious goals, but there is no way to implement them. Failure to meet expectations of reality can trigger depression. Instead of rushing into battle, take time to think. Probably, a little respite will be beneficial, will not let you get bogged down in problems. To relive this moment painlessly, you should resort to the help of aromatherapy. The scent of patchouli soothes and sets you in a positive mood. In addition, the essential oil in cosmetics heals the skin, relieves inflammation and rashes. At this time, even the simplest care procedures are extremely effective.

Energetic Sagittarius with a new moon in the sign of Aries will not lose their enthusiasm and even feel a surge of strength. The feeling of uncertainty inspires: you can do as you please. Lonely people will be captured by feelings and passions. Any development of events can be expected here, up to complete disappointment in love. Although the impressions received will last for a long time, it is possible that the experiences are transformed into creative power. Under the influence of inspiration, you can try yourself in different types of art. Any form of introduction to the world of beauty is acceptable: painting, modeling, music or artistic knitting. If you don’t have any talent, you can go to a museum, theater or art gallery.

Stubborn Capricorns on the Aries new moon can bite the bit: success at any cost. Assertiveness, hard work and an iron grip will help to break out into a leading position. Another question is how justified the efforts will be. Relationships with your boss and partners can be hopelessly damaged. Before proposing ideas, you need to objectively assess the prospects. It is probably not worth talking about serious things, it is much safer to do routine things. If there is a desire to change jobs, it is better to postpone the interview for another time. Negotiations will be unsuccessful, the new place will be hard. But the study of any material will be surprisingly easy, you should think about improving the quality of knowledge.

Aquarius with the new moon in the sign of Aries does not change their habits: the desire to live easily and freely is indestructible. A positive attitude helps not to get hung up on troubles, a quick mind comes up with a lot of ways to get around obstacles. Since routine work will not cause anything but boredom and fatigue, you should not schedule important things for this period. An exception is any activity related to creativity. Every idea, even the most absurd, deserves attention. With the right approach to its implementation, it will be possible to create a fast-payback project. You can use your imagination to solve everyday problems. If you change bedspreads and curtains, add a few bright accents, the space will sparkle in a new way.

For Pisces, the new moon in Aries is an emotionally difficult period. Despite the fact that anxiety is mostly unfounded, getting rid of fear will not be easy. You should not forcibly "pull" yourself out of the state of apathy, it is better to trust your own feelings. If there is no desire to take any actions, at the moment they are superfluous. A sure way to avoid trouble is to hide for a while, to hide behind the backs of others. There is nothing shameful in this, just an instinct for self-preservation. To awaken the hidden forces, you can use the streaming drawing method. After analyzing the drawing, it will be possible to identify problem areas, work out negative aspects and set the vector of movement for a month ahead.

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