New Moon in Pisces

The new moon in the sign of Pisces favors stability and a measured lifestyle. The energy of the moon is minimal, people are exhausted and vulnerable. Reality is perceived in an exaggerated way, anything can unbalance. In this situation, the body goes into a mode of saving internal resources. The subconscious mind blocks or distorts negative experiences. People are immersed in themselves, are in a state of detachment. The new moon in Pisces does not tolerate stupid fuss and chaos. Any attempt to reverse the situation is doomed to failure. You need to take advantage of this moment of peace in order to accumulate energy for future accomplishments. Inaction does not keep you from success; on the contrary, it leads to it in a longer but easier way.

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Meaning of the New Moon in Pisces sign

Pisces, as representatives of the element of Water, are characterized by increased vulnerability and sentimentality. Filled with ideas of humanism, are adherents of soft methods of influence. Under the influence of the ruling planet – Neptune ♆, dominating the world of dreams and the subconscious, intuition and susceptibility to everything mystical are enhanced. Under the Moon in Pisces, people are scattered and dreamy, do not strive for high achievements. Much more than material wealth, the world of illusions fascinates. A different vision of the world appears, as if an insight descends from above: the meaning of life is to improve oneself. This is a period of spiritual and creative upsurge, the flowering of natural talents. All you have to do is wish, any wish can come true.

The specificity of the new moon in Pisces is such that a person lives in dreams, seeks to embellish reality. Soaring in the clouds is pleasant, this is a wonderful state of mind. It is possible to build the future without fear of difficulties and obstacles. If you make a wish, imagine it in great detail, with a high degree of probability it will come true. The new moon in the sign of Pisces is full of opportunities, you just need not be afraid to think boldly, ahead of time. Intuition will be a great help in business, its strength increases many times over. Intuition allows you to recognize the danger in time, to choose the most acceptable solution. You can interpret what is happening as you like, a voice from above, luck, but the fact remains: troubles are bypassed.

For suspicious, insecure people, the new moon of Pisces is a period of great hopes. Despite timidity and modesty, there is a determination to change life for the better. The risks are minimal, since no action is required, you just need to prioritize correctly. An atmosphere of relaxation reigns everywhere, there is an opportunity to understand oneself, to realize true needs. With a new moon in Pisces, people listen to feelings, seek to determine life goals. It’s time to unleash your potential, awaken dormant talents. Thanks to internal resources, you can reach heights that you never dreamed of before. If you feel like a winner, success is guaranteed.

The new moon in the sign of Pisces brings discord into the souls of people. Despite the prevailing complacency, there is something unsettling in the air. It is difficult to understand: a person is in a relaxed state or is so confused that he is completely weak-willed. Do not exacerbate the situation with feelings. Even if a panic attack rolls, it is necessary to remain calm. This is not the time to get emotional, to sort things out. On the Pisces new moon, you should not expose your psyche to unnecessary stress. It is no less dangerous to participate in adventures, to make hasty decisions. If you can’t manage the emotional swings, the transition from confusion to recklessness will be too quick. And this is fraught with big troubles.

Influence of the New Moon in Pisces

The new moon in Pisces brings melancholy mood. People are sentimental, whiny, seek to fence themselves off from experiences. The situation itself is pushing to the fact that it is necessary to slow down the pace of life, to take a pause for reflection. This is a good opportunity to analyze the present and think about the future. Despite the notes of sadness characteristic of this period, the overall emotional background is quite positive. A person feels protected, as if he is in a cocoon. The new moon in Pisces gives rise to dreams and hopes, allows you to believe in success. You can not limit your imagination, build ambitious plans. One has only to “catch” the right wave, life will begin to change in accordance with dreams and desires.

Love and Relationships

For married couples, the new moon in the sign of Pisces is a period of harmony and complete mutual understanding. People are in a sentimental mood, reminiscing with rapture. On this wave, it is easier to build relationships, to come to a compromise. However, do not get carried away with the past, it is much more interesting to look into the future. The Pisces new moon opens doors to a new world. It depends only on the partners themselves what their future family life will be like. Foremost, it is necessary to settle all disputes and disagreements. The next step is planning. In order to spend the lunar month without worries and worries, it is necessary to describe in detail every day. It is advisable not to limit yourself to dry facts, but to give an emotional coloring to upcoming events.

Lonely people on the new moon of Pisces are especially romantic and touching. Everyone strives to find a soul mate: the chances of meeting their destiny are very high. Inspiration awakens, the soul languishes in anticipation of love. A small hint is enough, one attentive glance, as the heart is filled with feeling. Although there is a risk of falling into the trap of high expectations. Dreams dizzy, prevent a sober look at things. With a new moon in Pisces, you should not throw yourself on the neck of the first person you meet, it is better to wait a bit with confessions. This is a period of beautiful courtship, first dates, timid hints of love. The feeling is just emerging, you should not rush things. There is enough time ahead to understand if the relationship has a future.

Career and Finance

The new moon in Pisces is conducive to clarifying the facts. Although, information may be perceived a little differently than at other times: there is a tendency to exaggerate. At the same time, a person subconsciously understands that he is at the beginning of the path, it is necessary to lay a reliable foundation for future achievements. The priority is creative and intellectual work, pedagogical activity. Good relations with colleagues, partners, people are focused on serving, helping others. The new moon in Pisces is perfect for teamwork and volunteer work. You can hold charity events, participate in non-profit projects. In business, luck is on the side of those who know how to wait and plan.

The new moon in Pisces is categorically not suitable for making transactions, investing in financial instruments. People are too relaxed to fully calculate the situation. This is a wonderful time when you can think about pleasant things, not save on your desires. In the first place is peace of mind: you need to pamper yourself. If you feel that you can’t live a minute without some trinket, feel free to buy. The Pisces new moon opens the lunar cycle, there will still be plenty of opportunities to replenish the budget, find new sources of income. To this end, you can invest in your development. Listen to courses on a topic that interests you, contact a personal coach. Such spending will bring the greatest profit.

Health and Beauty

With a new moon in Pisces, the body is especially sensitive to various kinds of interventions. This is the worst time for manicure and pedicure, there is a high risk of infection, injury to the nail plate. But oil baths, massage of the reflex zones of the hands and feet are shown. Also, skin care procedures will be useful for the treatment of dryness, peeling and skin rashes. With the new moon of Pisces, the body seeks to cleanse, first, attention should be paid to the face, décolleté and neck. You can use water procedures, masks, therapeutic injections. Since during this period any manipulations with the hair are undesirable, it is worth limiting yourself to the introduction of vitamin cocktails into the scalp, oil wraps.

People on the Pisces new moon are affected by negativity: the body is too weak to resist external stimuli. There is a danger of infectious and fungal diseases, and psychosomatic disorders can also worsen. The most likely problems are with the legs. Swelling, joint pain, circulatory disorders indicate that you are afraid to move forward. When you are afraid of the future, you cannot rely on yourself. To alleviate your condition, use oriental practices: acupuncture, qigong. With a new moon in Pisces, procedures involving surgical intervention are prohibited. To relieve fatigue and heaviness in the legs, rub therapeutic ointments, balms.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

Dreams of the new moon in Pisces carry a special mystical meaning. People are socially oriented, personal experiences are closely related to the feelings of others. Do not be surprised by fantastic stories, they reflect the real picture of what is happening. It just takes time to understand how relationships with others affect your life. If there are difficulties in interpretation, keep in mind: Pisces is a sign of conflict between consciousness and soul. Dreams during the new moon of Pisces show what stage of self-development you are at. Probably, you have not yet fully revealed your potential, you are a little confused, afraid to set high goals. If you do not like what you see, work through this problem with a psychologist. The main thing is to stay positive.

The subconscious in the Pisces new moon is as active as possible, so it is difficult to sort out your feelings and thoughts. If you understand that you can’t cope with emotions, you can’t calm your nerves, go to the water to restore the balance of energy. Contemplate the flow of the river, perform water procedures, or meditate. To quickly get rid of anxiety, do breathing exercises. Imagine that your lungs are filled with blue or green air. These colors are considered lucky for the Pisces sign, they symbolize peace and eternity. The air you exhale is black, representing negativity. By doing these exercises during the new moon of Pisces, you will gain inner balance, the ability to think clearly.

Pisces New Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries at the new moon in Pisces keep their ears open: you can not miss a single opportunity. One has only to relax, the chances of success are significantly reduced. Let doubts gnaw at the soul, there are fears about the future, trust your nature. Excitement, the desire for risk is in your blood, do not be afraid to try something new. If you hit a ceiling at work, develop in a different direction. This period gives an influx of inspiration, awakens hidden talents. You are probably mentally prepared to open your own business, become a successful entrepreneur. Feeling the taste of freedom, gaining independence, you can work more fruitfully. A conversation with a psychologist will help you to confirm your choice: the right attitude is half the battle.

Silent Taurus in the Pisces new moon will become extremely talkative. There are so many interesting things ahead, I want to dream, make grandiose plans, share them with like-minded people. This is a great time to make new contacts, find friends with the same interests. Communication on the Internet will be a good help, you will probably be able to become a member of a promising project. Cooperation with long-term partners will be no less fruitful. When you are in high spirits, you can open up in a whole new way. Organize meetings, arrange corporate events – be in the thick of things. Perhaps others will look at you with different eyes, and there your personal life will improve.

For Gemini, the new moon in Pisces will bring a lot of good news. Basically, they will relate to work: there is a real chance to move up the career ladder. However, success will not be quick, it will take a lot of effort to convince management of its competence. Having received good news, do not lose your grip, try to work more than usual. For complete confidence, sign up for advanced training courses or start mastering a related field. If you used to rely on luck and personal charm, try to become more responsible. Listen carefully, look closely, absorb information like a sponge. Knowledge and experience are good, but the ability to weave intrigues can come in handy.

Vulnerable Cancers in the new moon of Pisces will become stronger. Experiences and doubts are resolutely swept aside, old grievances, obsessive thoughts are forgotten. At this point in time, you need to think about how to build life further. The moon is still too weak, but gives impetus to action. This is a great opportunity to completely reboot, to start life from scratch. If you feel that you cannot catch the appropriate mood, contact a psychologist or coach. Everything depends on your expectations. Personal comfort, new business projects, prestigious education, travel – there are no impossible tasks, all doors are open to you. Just decide on your goals, then the situation will unfold in the right direction.

For Leo, the new moon in the sign of Pisces is an occasion to reconsider their attitude to finances. The atmosphere is conducive to unhurriedness, you want to relax, enjoy life, and nothing more. The need to resolve work issues, settle disagreements with loved ones causes irritation. The energy potential is practically at zero, the performance of the usual duties is difficult. This is a great opportunity to slow down a bit, to stop living on an aortic rupture. Material goods can bring not only pleasure, but also become a tool of support. Make a charitable contribution or donation, pamper your family and friends with pleasant gifts. You will see how your life will change for the better.

Practical Virgos will feel confused at the Pisces new moon. Habitual chores and worries tire, work seems tedious and boring. Instead of the usual focus only on one’s own interests, there is a desire to help someone, to become better. This is a great opportunity to earn a reputation as a philanthropist. Communication, close contact with people is what you urgently need. Try to be visible all the time, actively participate in the life of society. Acquaintances that began on the new moon of Pisces will turn out to be pleasant and useful. Thanks to your sociability, you will find new partners, friends, and possibly true love. Just lower the bar of your requirements, temper your selfishness, become an “easy” person.

For Libra, the new moon in Pisces is the beginning of something new and beautiful. It is unlikely that there is a clear understanding of the future, just a premonition of change is in the air. It’s time to make wishes, make plans. During this period, all thoughts are material, so you can dream about anything. If you correctly send a request to the Universe, tune in to the right wave, everything will work out. Meditation on the fulfillment of desire can help with this. Try to choose a quiet place, for example, on the shore of a reservoir. You must completely relax so that nothing interferes with the visualization process. Having formed the desired image in your head, ask for help from higher powers to translate it into reality. Soon you will be convinced that the request is heard.

In Scorpio, on the Pisces new moon, a new stage of career and personal growth begins. The situation itself inclines to the fact that you need to move forward. There is a powerful surge of inspiration, a lot of ideas are swarming in my head, signs and clues are seen everywhere. What is especially important, there is a pleasant relaxation, self-confidence. Intuition tells you that such a chance may not happen again. Engage in planning, developing a business strategy. You will see how the situation clears up, takes on a different meaning. Work with documents, analyze data, take a coaching session. Every action taken during this period will have a much greater effect than at any other time.

Restless Sagittarius with a new moon in Pisces become even more active and assertive in their goals. There is a feeling of complete freedom, a desire to do bold deeds. The thing is that fantasy works with a vengeance, emotions rage, and feelings boil. There is a situation in which it is difficult to follow the voice of reason. But brilliant prospects open up in creativity. Try to remember your childhood hobbies and dreams, you probably haven’t found your calling yet. The new moon in Pisces will tell you which direction to move. To conquer your niche, try to create an exclusive product. To consolidate your success, advertise yourself on online platforms, cooperate with the best partners.

Capricorns on the new moon of Pisces will become a little withdrawn in themselves: there are many things ahead, you need to think everything over. The soul strives for peace and solitude. Although others may find this behavior strange, do not give in to their pressure. You are entering an important stage in life, it is necessary to assess the future prospects. New acquaintances, a job, an apartment – the abundance of opportunities makes you dizzy. Grab everything at once, luck is on your side. If you doubt it, get a talisman. Jewelry with agate, garnet, rock crystal is best suited. To finally make sure of the correctness of your choice, consult with authoritative people. Business communication, devoid of emotional coloring, will not tire you.

Dreamy Aquarius at the Pisces new moon will begin to bring their ideas to life. If earlier the matter was limited to planning and reasoning, it will turn out to get off the ground. Do you want to change your place of residence, move to another country? Start small, probably just need to freshen up the interior a bit. Think about how to change the space so that the apartment is pleasing to the eye. If the surrounding reality categorically does not suit you, act radically. A good option for buying or renting real estate may turn up. In personal life, the desire for change can lead to unpredictable consequences. Big surprises are waiting for you, for example, a hasty marriage.

For Pisces, the new moon in the sign of Pisces is an emotionally difficult period: the influence of the Moon is too significant. Natural impressionability is greatly enhanced, doubts gnaw at the soul. Instead of tormenting yourself with worries, find a reason to be happy. Have fun, attend entertainment events, meet interesting people. Let it look feigned, gradually join the process. No excuses and excuses, if you don’t leave your comfort zone now, don’t dare to live brightly and interestingly. In the meantime, there are a lot of wonderful events ahead. Career changes, financial success, love adventures – all this is possible provided that you are ready to fight for your happiness.

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