New Moon in Virgo

The new moon in the sign of Virgo awakens inner strength, makes people more disciplined and executive. Although the energy of the moon is still reduced, but its charge is enough to ensure that the performance is normal. True, the emotional state is depressed, there is a demand for oneself and others. Habitual things cease to please, feelings are dulled. A person feels emptiness, as if he is in a vacuum, and life passes by. On the new moon of Virgo, it is difficult to be content with only bodily comfort, enjoy delicious food and communication. All these joys are too primitive, I want more. If you load yourself with business, the result will be excellent, and there will be no time left for worries.

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Meaning of the New Moon in Virgo sign

Virgo obeys the elements of the Earth, therefore she categorically does not accept chaos and confusion. Every minute is filled with meaning, profit is sought in everything. The desire for excellence, the desire to become the best among the best, is aggravated. Irrepressible pickiness, categoricalness create difficulties in communication. However, under the influence of the ruling planet – Mercury ☿, people become more contact, light and plastic in self-expression. Changeability, wit, intellectual activity allow you to quickly orient yourself in a situation, smooth out any roughness. The Moon in Virgo inclines towards prudence, practicality, but at the same time endows with spiritual sensitivity and increased impressionability.

The peculiarity of the new moon of Virgo is that practical goals are put at the forefront. People do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary complexities and unnecessary troubles, the brain works very clearly. There is a desire to make life easier, to make it as convenient as possible. The new moon in Virgo is conducive to finding simple solutions. Anything that is not vital is of no interest. Work brings great pleasure, even if there were problems before, they seem to evaporate. Any business started during this period gives a significant rise in emotional and creative potential. There is a desire to achieve a high-quality result, I want to pursue my career, become even better and more perfect.

The new moon in Virgo is a time of insight, when much becomes clear. The experiences of the previous lunar month remain in the past, there are forces for new achievements. If you do not want a repetition of an unpleasant situation, it’s time to change your life for the better. On the new moon of Virgo, clarity in thoughts and emotions is important. It is necessary to get rid of everything that hinders the movement forward: unnecessary things, outdated information, irrelevant contacts, toxic relationships. This is a great chance to put things in order in life, to prepare a springboard for a powerful start. At the same time, you need to be aware of your limits. The energy reserves of the body are depleted, what is happening is just a trial balloon, try to be patient.

For active, adventurous people, the new moon in the sign of Virgo is a difficult time. The need to keep every little thing under control can lead to nervous strain. It is unlikely that it will be possible to slip through this period "light", working half-heartedly. At best, the result will be zero. One has only to start to dodge, to act dishonestly, as all sorts of obstacles will begin to arise. There will be no great sense from such fuss, but the negative will multiply. If you do not take on grandiose affairs, forget about ambitions, and devote yourself to everyday worries and family, the new moon in Virgo will pass in a comfortable mode. It may seem that time has stopped, life is wasted, but these are just deceptive sensations.

Influence of the New Moon in Virgo

Feeling emotionally uplifted on a Virgo new moon may be false. The symptoms of diseases are weakening, and the optimistic mood is intensifying. At the same time, people are energetically depleted, the body seeks to make up for the costs, which requires effort. Despite external complacency, internal imbalance can be felt. There is no need to artificially have fun, try to please others. In this situation, it is important to be, not to seem. The new moon in the sign of Virgo makes it possible to get rid of everything unnecessary that causes negativity. There is no mood to communicate, just limit contacts. This will keep your peace of mind. Also, you should not show increased activity in work and sports: everything needs a measure.

Love and Relationships

The new moon in Virgo is not conducive to romance: people are mentally cold, stingy with the manifestation of emotions. Although married couples with experience will survive this period without shocks. There is no need to prove the depth of your feelings, everything is clear without words. People begin to appreciate such qualities as loyalty, reliability, responsibility. Each of the spouses is busy with his own business, mutual understanding reigns in the house. On the new moon of Virgo, everyday issues are easily resolved, you can discuss the family budget, make plans for the near future. Major squabbles and scandals should not arise, although some friction is likely. Increased exactingness makes it difficult to objectively assess the situation, respect for the opinion of the partner should be shown.

For romantic acquaintances, dates, the new moon in the sign of Virgo is not the best period, there is a high probability of disappointment. Outwardly, the situation seems favorable: people are attentive and polite towards each other. However, the level of aggressiveness increases in men, even if they are not aware of the degree of tension. Women become more demanding, critical of any signs of attention. It is difficult to arouse interest, to make a good impression. A new acquaintance is unlikely to lead to a wedding, even if the relationship lasts a long time. But already established couples on the new moon of Virgo can start planning a wedding. There will be no disagreements, both parties will be satisfied with each other.

Career and Finance

The new moon in Virgo opens up great opportunities for businessmen. Due to the high degree of concentration, people quickly grasp the essence of the matter. It is possible to conclude large transactions, but only if the conditions have been agreed in advance. As the ability to communicate weakens, it is difficult for partners to come to an agreement. Any activity that requires attention to detail is also successful: statistical data processing, text editing, project development. On the Virgo new moon, one should not apply to government agencies, participate in court hearings. During this period, representatives of the authorities are especially caustic and picky, it is difficult to count on a fair, unbiased attitude.

The new moon in Virgo suggests a balanced approach to life. This is a period of saving time, resources and money: nothing more than necessary or necessary. If there is a goal to increase well-being, work tirelessly, and the result will not be long in coming. However, do not rush to spend what you have earned, the new moon in Virgo encourages hoarding. Thrift, prudence appear, people realize the true value of material wealth. Conduct an audit of your funds, plan a budget for the month ahead. Be careful when lending, deal only with trusted people. Give up large-scale shopping, try to keep expenses to a minimum: groceries, household items.

Health and Beauty

A heightened perception of trifles, a craving for order, characteristic of the new moon in Virgo, can push for a radical change in image. This is the perfect time to get rid of negative energy, to be reborn like a Phoenix bird. Dismantle cabinets, ruthlessly get rid of things that you do not like or disfigure the figure. Pay attention to the classic style, it is little subject to the vagaries of fashion. Elegant things in soothing shades are the basis of a basic wardrobe. Even if the mood changes, you will have clothes for all occasions. On the new moon of Virgo, the body is weakened, it is not recommended to do any beauty activities. The exception is painless procedures, such as facial massage.

With the new moon in the sign of Virgo, one should not overstrain: the body is energetically nourished, restores strength. Any activities should be aimed at improving health, and not create an additional burden. You can go in for sports, take long walks, practice yoga. On the new moon of Virgo, the digestive system is most vulnerable, exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible. Do not abuse drugs, exercises that relieve discomfort in the abdomen will be of great benefit. During this period, people experience a craving for cleanliness, show legibility in food. Weight loss is quite easy, you can go on a diet, start intermittent fasting.

Dreaming and Spiritual Practices

Dreams of the new moon in Virgo are a reflection of reality, a person re-experiencing the events of the day. Do not look for a mystical background, exaggerate what you see. Try to think practically, not succumbing to the action of emotions. Most often, the plots are related to service. If you do not take into account job responsibilities, dreams may reflect your relationship with colleagues and loved ones. Probably, you should devote more time to your environment, to show concern for the problems of others. Inner tension, characteristic of the new moon of Virgo, can provoke the appearance of nightmares. To protect yourself from unnecessary worries, avoid intense mental stress, spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

The new moon in the sign of Virgo is a time of transition, rethinking and transformation of energy into something new. A person is clearly aware of his desires and goals, soberly assesses the available resources. As if until this moment he wandered in the dark, overcoming personality crises, gradually approaching the light. The main theme of the new moon in Virgo is duty, responsibility. The power of thought is aimed at improving the quality of life, making it more fulfilling for yourself and those around you. With the help of meditation, form a space of the best options for the implementation of plans. If there are difficulties, mentally break the dream into several stages. Gradually, taking step by step, you will be able to come to the desired result.

Virgo New Moon for Zodiac Signs

Aries at the new moon in Virgo are experiencing an upsurge: everything turns out easily, as if effortlessly. There is an increase in efficiency, explosive impulsiveness is replaced by cold calculation and business acumen. This is a favorable time for the implementation of plans that have been constantly postponed. It is possible to achieve rapid career growth if you focus on work. Since people become less emotional during the new moon of Virgo, the feeling of empathy decreases, and communication barriers may arise in communication. Business relationships will not suffer, and personal relationships should be more creative. Despite being busy, arrange a romantic surprise for your partner.

Grounded Taurus with the new moon in the sign of Virgo become even more practical. The brain is not clouded, it works faster than usual, emotions seem to be preserved until better times. It’s time to decide on the guidelines, decide what comes first for you. It is unlikely that there will be doubts, the range of interests is limited: personal life, work or the desire for self-development. The picture is quite clear and simple, decisions are made quickly. However, such composure, complete concentration on a specific task does not allow one to look at the world broadly. As long as you diligently move forward, close old debts and set new goals, you may miss the chance to expand personal and business connections. Try to find time to socialize.

Emotional and mobile Gemini will quieten down a little on the new moon of Virgo. A doubt can settle in the soul: am I living the right way? Ordinary talkativeness is suddenly replaced by isolation, inability to make contact. If you are used to attention, you may feel a vacuum: emptiness and loneliness around. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost your natural charm. With the new moon in Virgo, people think in narrow categories, they are not disposed to secular conversations. The state of confusion will not last long, but for now, do pleasant things. It’s time to bring beauty, which is important: self-care does not require large expenses. Masks and scrubs prepared at home will have a good effect.

Suspicious Cancers on the Virgo new moon will forget about their experiences: life turns to the bright side. Critical thinking allows you to choose the best option from all possible ones, which inspires confidence in the future. The state of inner harmony contributes to success in business, there are forces to solve accumulated problems. Career growth is possible, it is possible that in a new place. Negotiate, send resumes, go to interviews. Consider a dream job in your pocket. No less optimistic situation on the personal front: stability and harmony in relationships. Try to spend more time with your soul mate, joint leisure will help improve mutual understanding in your couple.

For Leo, the new moon in Virgo is a period of calm and financial success. Fate has prepared pleasant gifts: an increase in salary, profit from investments. All this is the result of previously taken steps, you need to make very little effort to consolidate success. Do not relax your grip, act quickly. Take part in presentations, negotiations, make proposals. On the Virgo new moon, it is easier to take place professionally, to attract the attention of colleagues: the more activity, the better the result. True, due to being busy, you can miss important things. Find time to visit your parents, help them with everyday issues. It is possible that financial support will have to be provided.

With the new moon in Virgo, Virgos have a lot of opportunities for career growth and personal life. Old connections may come up, interesting job offers may come. Thanks to composure, rationalism, you will be able to determine the right direction, which will allow you to achieve high results in a short time. On the new moon of Virgo, a person can learn something special about himself, discover a new source of inspiration. Feel free to take on the most difficult work, you can easily deal with cases that previously caused difficulties. In a relationship, do not resort to harsh measures, rely on sincerity. Try to make a lasting impression on your partner, surround him with care and attention.

For Libra, the new moon in the sign of Virgo is a period of happiness and luck in all areas of life. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone to try yourself in a new role. You can ask your boss for a promotion. Most likely, they will meet you halfway, and if there is a misunderstanding, try to find a use for your talents elsewhere. Businessmen can be confident in their financial well-being. It will be possible to get a loan on favorable terms or achieve a delay in payments. Investments will turn out to be successful, by investing money in a seemingly failed project, you can get super profits. As far as love is concerned, if there is uncertainty in a relationship, take action.

Temperamental Scorpios at the new moon in Virgo will remain true to themselves: life to the fullest, no half measures. Although the way of thinking may change a little, professional interests come first. In personal life, it is difficult to expect bright events: people are focused on themselves. Any attempts to get closer are doomed to failure, persistence can lead to parting. If, on the new moon of Virgo, you direct energy to study, improve skills and abilities, you can significantly succeed in your profession. This is a great opportunity to improve your business reputation and gain recognition from colleagues. Do not be afraid to discuss, make statements and draw attention to yourself in every possible way: a fighting spirit is a guarantee of victory.

For Sagittarius, the new moon in the sign of Virgo gives a chance to learn something new, to get a valuable lesson. Since this period requires composure, a responsible attitude to business, one cannot count on luck or sudden insight. To get results, you need to work hard. Try to reconsider your views on life, use the new moon in Virgo to move to a new level. If you take this as a chance to grow morally and mentally, you will see opportunities, not obstacles. To fill yourself with fresh energy, meditate. You will be able to pump your consciousness, clear it of everything superfluous. As a result, you will feel inner fullness, come closer to the realization of true desires.

For Capricorns, the new moon in Virgo is the best time to get off to a strong start. Forces seem to double, the brain works especially actively. Difficulties do not scare, on the contrary, they are perceived as a challenge, the need to move forward. Assertiveness, responsibility, practicality, purposefulness – you have these qualities in abundance. You just need to find the right use for them. If you are determined to quickly increase your income, achieve a promotion, look for new areas of development. Sign up for courses, trainings, and most importantly, work hard. If you are haunted by failures in your personal life, stop putting all the blame on your partner. Review your behavior, change your approach to relationships, and you will see the result.

Aquarius with the new moon in Virgo can look at life from a different angle. Probably, before you were deaf to the clues of fate, did not want to notice the obvious. It’s time for serious work on yourself. Start the update with an external transformation. Go to the hairdresser, get a haircut, or try freshening up your hair color. On the new moon of Virgo, a small push is enough to start thinking differently. Take care of the wardrobe, put things in order in the house, distribute unnecessary things. However, do not be too zealous with the cleansing of the surrounding space, your financial situation should not suffer. It is important to control your finances: close old debts, audit cash.

The purposefulness of Pisces in the Virgo new moon can only be envied. Suspiciousness, timidity evaporate without a trace, a firm confidence in one’s abilities appears. Not only the usual work, but also new responsibilities come easily. I want to conquer previously unattainable peaks, overcome difficulties, be one step ahead of the rest. Even if for the sake of ambitious goals, it is necessary to destroy the old life, the period of reorganization will not last long. You will adequately endure all the inconveniences, you will become even stronger. However, the goal must be real, worth the effort. Moving to a new place of residence, changing jobs, getting married, owning your own business is your immediate future, but for now you need to work with a vengeance.

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