Third Quarter Moon

The third quarter of the moon - the time when the Sun and Moon are in quadrature aspect is the last turning point of the lunar month. The treatment cycles of planets called square this incident. Phase of the Moon - it is not only the day and time the exact aspect between the Moon and the Sun, this period has the effect of three days before and three days after that.

The third quarter (last quarter moon) - this time to return and review time to reap the fruits of their labor. This turbulent period, similar to the phase of the first quarter, a period of a lot of work. Once again rise to the surface some things and people from the past that need your attention, comes the reckoning for old mistakes. This phase of the moon is not suitable for the resolution of conflicts, as there is no power to understand who is right and who is wrong. Reduced resistance of the organism, general weakness. Frequent injuries and accidents due to technical problems.

The third quarter may be a period of reward or payment of debts, if you moved the wrong course. So beware of people and situations, waiting for you to reckoning. Perform career change. Push yourself forward, based on the successes of the past. But now you all the critical eyes glued, so beware to put your reputation on the check, if you are not fully ready for it. Put the official visit to the resort, as well as possible conflicts with the authorities.

Please contact with old friends, to take care of old people, look at the past with a sense of humor. Require payment of a debt. The appearance of things is very important at this time. Get rid of old and useless things tidy desired. Make a thorough cleaning at the office and at home. Rely on what passed the test of time. Beware maintain untested ideas. Earn money. This phase of the moon is well suited to activities related to the awarding and expressing appreciation.

Third Quarter Day: 22 Moon Day.

Third Quarter - Recommendations

Out of rapid full moon, when it seemed that you can move mountains in its path, and suddenly began to throw up their hands at the thought of what is now an urgent need to do the work. Here come the last quarter of the moon, which is slowly but surely takes away vital energy, which in turn leads to a decrease in activity and a weakening of the immune system. Just do not relax until the new moon phase, you need to have time to finish all the things started.

Forget for a moment about the unresolved personal conflicts, focus only on the job, or the body can not stand the tension and you will be broken, perhaps even reaching as far as the offense in the form of a fight. The struggle for justice is also put off until better times, humanity can wait. While enjoy a guided procedure at the household level: throw unwanted old things, perform general cleaning, buy a couple of things needed in the economy and change the curtains.

To stall suddenly your problem is related philosophically, it is retribution for sins and apathy. So try as quickly as possible to deal with this burden. Be sure to return the debts to the debtors and remind about the return of the debt. Do not forget to thank those who have done you a pleasant, it will be reckoned.

Before leaving, extinguish the lights and other electrical appliances, do not touch the wires anonymous and do not leave hair in the bath. Do not talk to strangers and friends pour out his soul, moreover, do not swing in front of them a credit card in one hand and a piece of paper with the PIN code to another. Think of your loved ones!

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