Waning Crescent

The moon continues to decrease, and with it decreases the energy. Every day crescent Moon is getting thinner and thinner, until they come to naught. Man loses activity, the viability of the body gradually decreases. The fourth phase of the moon is named after the goddess of vengeance Gorgon and associated with the element of Fire.

During the fourth phase of the moon (about lunar days with 22/23 and 29/30) human emotions mature, clearly shown, stormy, and flare bursts appear subconscious activity. At the same time makes itself felt emotional depression, as the sun is gaining strength by suppressing the Lunar manifestation. At this time, good for the people of heavy, closed, taking them out of this state. It’s time to work on chronic diseases with symptoms of blurred, cancer, diseases of the immune system, karmic diseases. Good herbs to take.

Energy organism is exhausted. It is a time of emotional depression, possible failures and depression. It is important to approach this period with the feeling that everything has been done and the time has not passed in vain. The fourth phase of the moon - the deadline the most important and significant cases. The Force continues to decrease, and they have to spend only on the most important thing.

In the fourth phase of active lymph, skeletal system, cardiovascular system. Effective cleaning procedures, as well as the fight against obesity. Favorable work on karmic and chronic diseases.

Waning Crescent Days: 23 Moon Day, 24 Moon Day, 25 Moon Day, 26 Moon Day, 27 Moon Day, 28 Moon Day and 29 Moon Day.

Waning Crescent - Recommendations

At the end of the lunar cycle, you will be prone to mood swings. Pull yourself together, do not succumb to anger or provoke an argument. You will be surrounded by many temptations, from which should be avoided. In order not to get into trouble, do not make rash acts, it is better to limit your social circle and postpone trips and travel. Businessmen are also advised not to make these days of financial transactions, but a donation to charity later turn out not only material but also spiritual benefit. We lovers and couples may even gulf sexual desire, on the basis of an argument which often occur.

The spiritual practice would be very helpful in the final days of the lunar cycle. It will help to cope with the mood swings and to prepare for the coming new moon. You can just meditate, or seek spiritual mentor, or just indulge in philosophical speculation, in search of the meaning of existence. Dreams during the balsamic moon somehow connected with love, with sensual and emotional side of a person. The images that you see in your dreams, may be associated with your heart affections.

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