Waning Gibbous

Once the full moon illuminated the lunar disk is gradually reduced. By the end of phase (one week), he will be illuminated half. The moon begins to wane, and with it begins to decrease the active burst of energy accumulated in the body. The third phase of the moon is associated with the name of the goddess Diana and is associated with the element of Air.

The third phase of the moon - a period of activity of the organism, accumulated energy. Man is capable of much. It is important not to miss this time, use it for the most important things, because after the completion of the third phase of the moon of the body will begin to wane.

During the third phase of the moon recommended increased physical load and work force with the use of high-calorie food and biologically valuable, but without overeating. At this time, there is a good build-up of muscle mass and energy potential.

But at the same time one must be careful when performing yogic asanas, especially those positions, when there is pressure on the abdominal organs, pelvis and hips. These bodies are subject to disease during this period.

During the third phase of active musculoskeletal system and the skin. Showing class self-regulation, psychological correction.

Waning Gibbous Days: 17 Moon Day, 18 Moon Day, 19 Moon Day, 20 Moon Day and 21 Moon Day.

Waning Gibbous - Recommendations

It is time to review its activities in the first half of the month. After the full moon, you start getting the results of their efforts. Everything else is relegated to the background, because the only important thing is what is done. Observations and statistics show that in the period of the moon increases the number of layoffs - people have achieved what they wanted, and did not feel the strength to do something new or find that work can not offer them anything. In addition to understanding the consequences of your affairs, you should actively put into practice their new abilities or advantages, the acquisition of which you are taken care of even after the new moon.

Businessmen should be alert. It is highly probable that they may be drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue and adventure. Therefore, exploring the suspicious persona and chat with strangers better limit. In the early days of the waning moon is desirable to make spring cleaning, to repay the debt and to forgive those who have offended you. Avoid manipulating Ludmila and do not get caught "on the hook" dexterous manipulators. Intervention of others in your inner world in the second half of the month is better to limit.

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