Waxing Crescent

The first phase begins with the new Moon, when the moon is virtually indistinguishable, as facing the Earth its unlit side. But over time, the night begins to look through the narrow thin crescent moon and a young growing gradually increased to half.

The first phase of the moon is associated with the element of Earth. In the early cycles of the sun gives the seeds of a new moon. These are the days of the symbolic "conception" of the lunar cycle. Moon "pregnant" and grows, it comes to light. The best time to plan for the future. At this time, the person is given the great potential that should awaken and use in the future. The human body is configured to receive energy from the outside and its accumulation.

During the first phase of the moon is weak and the body is on the decline of its vitality, to its lowest point. Weakened immunity, a person can feel the fear, depression, depression, nervousness, so great is the danger of being infected.

At this time, the people on the one hand, increases the tendency to conflict, and on the other - exacerbated by the state of dissatisfaction. And, nevertheless, plans conceived right after the new moon, successfully implemented and started at this time things are moving quickly.

On the new moon men are more responsive. At this time they are tense, nervous, aggressive, sexually excitable. Women are more responsive to the full moon. On the other hand, the readiness of the body to cleanse and release of toxins these days the greatest. Therefore, if you sit on a diet or to arrange a fasting day, then to prevent the development of many diseases. Also, the first few days after the new moon is very beneficial for getting rid of bad habits.

Well take care of the skin. A good time to reduce warts. Do not overtax the nervous system, keep your eyes, all the senses (for example, do not smell anything sharp, irritating). It is useful to soothing wellness treatments and massages, take therapeutic baths. It is recommended to clean the skin, nourish it with microelements.

On the growing moon from new moon to full moon activity of beneficial microorganisms. This is a good time for making homemade kvass, beer, wine and dairy products. Good work out and pies, the dough rises very active. This is the best time to pickling and salting of vegetables and fruits, but not for preservation. On the growing moon walk for the benefit of all the products, which is why the time is favorable for banquets, feasts, festivals, except, of course, 2 and 9, the lunar days. The new moon gipotoniki suffer more. During this period, they are characterized by weakness, lethargy, low temperature fingers. During the first phase of the activity of peripheral and central nervous system.

During the entire first phase, it is important to fully eat, as there is an intensive absorption of energy from the outside. Good conduct and soothing body treatments. In the first phase of the moon, you can quickly gain extra weight if you do not limit yourself to eating. Diet during this period allows only stabilize wt. The body also needs moderate exercise.

Waxing Crescent Days: 2 Moon Day, 3 Moon Day, 4 Moon Day, 5 Moon Day and 6 Moon Day.

Waxing Crescent - Recommendations

The period of the new moon brings tremendous energy, and when to dispose of it properly, the consequences could be dire. Therefore, make sure that all your undertakings carried a positive and focused on building up and not for destruction. The people around you may seem aggressive. But why believe - those who are not aware of the strong power of the lunar period will experience anger, maybe go to the deception, to resort to manipulation. If your relatives are aggressive, help them to pull myself together. Remain peaceful and responsive.

The days after the new moon can be overshadowed by the pressure of the past. All that was left unfinished in the past or unpleasant to be overcome, neutralize or forget. Pay more attention to the fascinating hobby and leisure. All the time from new moon to the first quarter - and is three and a half days - the man luck in the implementation of its plans. It’s about time, as they say, "turn on" the brain, strengthen the rational mind. You can take on the organization of their ideas. Creative people visit the inspiration. Do not miss a single good idea in this lunar period, collect information that can be useful to you in the future.

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