Waxing Gibbous

The second phase of the Moon comes after the new moon in about a week. The lunar disc when it is illuminated by half. This phase ends with the full moon. In the second phase of the moon is revealed in all its glory. This lunar period is associated with the element of water. At this time, the energy of the body is still growing. It is enough to start active actions, therefore begun in this period successfully completed the case.

This is also a time of great emotional sensitivity, resulting in people are in need of emotional contact, painfully react to indifference. This period is most favorable to cleanse the body. Energy and fluids of the human body sent from the inside out - and it is expanding. It is necessary to help the body to more easily move to an extension.

Life force is gradually approaching its peak. You can begin to act. At this time, we can stretch the muscles, especially in the hands and feet, can not eat much, it is better to speak less. It is well straightening sprains, cure spine, eliminate the consequences associated with old injuries, deal with the general correction of the body. We do not recommend surgery. Congestion must be something to compensate. During the second phase of the activity of the respiratory system, liver, endocrine system, kidney and urogenital system.

The second phase of the Moon comes to an end, the full moon. Full moon days are different emotional tension and mood swings, so itโ€™s important to control your emotions, no fuss and not be nervous. Moreover, the full moon days are marked insomnia, aggravation of neurological disorders, increase in the number of accidents.

So, relax, listen to music raslablyatsya, meditate in silenceโ€ฆ Or active action - all in your hands!

Waxing Gibbous Days: 8 Moon Day, 9 Moon Day, 10 Moon Day, 11 Moon Day, 12 Moon Day, 13 Moon Day and 14 Moon Day.

Waxing Gibbous - Recommendations

The man in these days tends to self-expression. If you feel the urge to share their knowledge with others, not suppress it. Period convex moon prepares you for the collection of "Harvest" - results of completed or pending affairs of the first half of the lunar month. Watch your emotional state. What do you feel? Panic or anxiety? So, are you waiting for results is clearly unfavorable. If you are confident and productive work, the fruits of your efforts will not keep you waiting.

In business, things are going uphill. A good time to sign contracts, transactions, expansion. The body requires a lot of energy, so eat your fill, but do not overeat. At Valentine increases sexual desire. If you do not feel the like, it is a sign of mental exhaustion. Hence, body needs relaxation. Between the convex moon are important character traits such as flexibility and persistence. Flexibility - in order to accommodate new interests and a new direction of life, given after the new moon, to everyday realities. Perseverance - to defend its decisions and plans are implemented as in the days of the crescent moon.

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