Moon Zodiac Signs

In astrology, it is assumed that the lunar zodiac sign symbolizes the soul and emotions. It may be different from the sun sign, but it certainly influences it. If the lunar zodiac sign calculated, you can see how it affects our character. From that, in any sign of the moon, the dependent character traits such as sensitivity, sensibility, emotional sensitivity, intuition. It is often said that the moon in the zodiac is responsible for innate human tendency and for the habits that we acquire in childhood.

Everyone is aware that his personality is not only fully conscious features. A lot of actions in our lives, we do under the influence of a momentary impulse, emotion, unconscious reaction. This type of behavior laid down by nature, because consciousness does not always allow time protection against the dangers respond to urgent situation. Speaking from the perspective of astrology, these spontaneous reactions to certain events it defines the moon or lunar zodiac sign.

Influence of the moon is almost impossible to control, because it comes from the subconscious. It is best to define the lunar zodiac sign can be in situations where the person is less likely in control of his actions, for example, at home, on holiday with close friends, or in an extreme situation.

Moon in the zodiac is also a kind of link between the outside world and man, his personality. Sun sign is the basis of personality, and the sign of the zodiac of the lunar calendar based on human reactions to external stimuli. Because of this close intertwining of these two signs created a multi-faceted human personality. It should be noted also that the moonlight - it’s just a display of the sun. Therefore, no matter how important was not the moon sign, calculate what it will affect the character of a person is not necessary. The moon - this is only the light reaction, an emotion, an important, but not decisive.

All the signs of the zodiac are divided into four elements:

Users operate on one element of the same values, so the friendship and partnership are perfect signs of the same element. There is a concept related elements is Earth - water and air - Fire. Signs of these elements can also be fit together for a joint partnership and friendship, but here are possible lapping and some misunderstanding.

Moon Elements Description

Moon in the "fire sign" - days of heat. In summer, especially poorly tolerated the heat, increasing the risk to make a sunstroke or burn. The skin quickly loses moisture, so for a long time in the sun is not recommended. In winter, on the contrary, these days good to go for a walk in the woods or on the ice rink. Especially it is stuffy indoor ventilation is required. Moon in fire signs creates a warm emotional background, and we become a little warmer and the physical layer. These days we are more optimistic and are set to success.

Moon in "earth sign" - the days of the cold. At this time, in the summer we simply transfer the heat from the earth breathes coolness. In winter more than merznu. Going for a walk, dress warmly. When the Moon is lodged in the earth signs, we can better feel the energy of the earth, so we can recommend a trip to the cottage, walk in the forest, the work with the earth, clay, minerals and all natural materials. These days, our interests are directed primarily to the earth plane, and usually does.

Moon in "air sign" - days of air and light. It is more difficult to look at the sky, I want to close my eyes, and even pierce through the clouds bright rays. These days we feel the energy of the sky, and our forces are replenished quickly if you just stay in the fresh air, stroll in the field, or anywhere else where there is a good review. It is recommended to perform a series of breathing exercises. "Air" Luna increases our sociability, interest in various information.

Moon in the "water mark" - the days of moisture. The air becomes more humid, the ground can keep long morning dew. It increases the probability of precipitation. It is recommended to reduce the intake of fluids. It is possible to emphasize the power of the pool, or visit the pool. When the Moon is staying in water signs, increased emotionality, sensitivity, receptivity. These days are particularly suitable for creativity, as awaken the imagination.

Its influence on people born in the lunar day, also have a sign under which this day passes.

Moon Zodiac Signs