Aquarius Moon Sign

Moon in Aquarius makes people more sensitive and nervous. Subconsciously, they want freedom, change, so might want to change the usual state of things, well, at least to make a permutation in the house that you can manage for a while, until the moon will follow the sign of Aquarius. Poor claps routine work, are difficult to solve everyday problems, entails more than a new, interesting and unusual. During this period, serious mistakes are possible, heavily affecting the career and business activity. But this is a good time for research, inventions and new ideas produce results. In this period it is useful to focus on the future, but you need to realistically assess their chances and opportunities without letting imagination take over. It should think carefully before you speak.

Moon in Aquarius often brings surprises, surprises, meetings with interesting people, old friends. True predictions and premonitions. Proper behavior, the behavior of others can be quite unexpected and unusual. There is a desire to be among friends, to talk about politics, reforms and problems of science, to spend time in intellectual pastimes (chess, checkers, bridge). Women in this period are more realistic than men, and their advice should listen, especially to the advice of his mother. Children can surprise with unexpected antics, they are at this time the usual inquisitive and increasingly turning to adults with questions.

Stressful aspects to the moon planets require a lot of attention, especially if aspects to Mars, Saturn and higher planets. These days the spirit of freedom breaks the will of the people are relaxed and are easily provoked, commit follies, and even capable of hooliganism. The sense of danger blunted, and self-confidence, on the contrary, increases, so in these days dramatically increases the number of injuries. At the same time it increases the likelihood of failures of electrical and computer engineering, communication failures, transport accidents and other accidents, often going beyond the bounds of reason, which is often the cause can not be established. This is something that is not always true is called "human factor".

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius – not a bad place for the moon, because there it gives his players sensitivity and susceptibility. Aquarius – the astrological sign of rational thought and human knowledge, there impact of the moon appears as a clear logic and altruistic concern for people. Lunar Aquarians possess rationality, intuition and imagination. They are balanced and accurate in their assessments of everything and everyone.

Moon in Aquarius

The immediate reaction to the impressions they receive from the outside world – a desire to make sense of what he saw or heard unbiased, scientific and humane. This position of the Moon does not generate extremes in nature. Aquarius lunar approach is not purely mental or purely emotional, they are shrewd, but do not possess the gift of mediums.

Moon in Aquarius gives the gift of a bright expression. Most lunar Aquarius – witty conversationalist and wonderful companions. They are focused on contacts with the public, sociable, intellectual development, has a broad spectrum of interests, like to communicate with different people, are interested in other people’s problems. However, in contrast to the lunar signs trine Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), occurs in Aquarius lunar emotional involvement is never so strong that it could radically change their lives. They do not tolerate extremes in dealing with people usually do not go too far.

Passion these people – it is a passion of the mind. They are mainly interested in ideas, philosophy, higher knowledge. They like science, math and art, music and literature, and enjoy talking to all these issues with their counterparts. Unusual people, places, projects – that’s what interests them most.

Moon in Aquarius Sign – Impact of the Moon Phase

New Moon in Aquarius – a great day to visit the dating club, tying friendship with like-minded people, chat with them.

Waxing Gibbous in Aquarius – people tend to be love for the poor, to help them. Moon under the sign of Aquarius draws attention to human misery. These days, give alms, show sponsorship, give food and clothing to those in need. Do something for their less fortunate and unfortunate relatives.

Full Moon in Aquarius – something strange is happening with time. How not to count every minute, still waiting for the disappointment in the calculations. My important business meeting and it is better not to appoint, especially if the other party is different painful punctuality.

Waning Gibbous in Aquarius – do not let anyone into his soul, even if the other person inspires you trust. Later, you will be terribly ashamed of his own manifestation of emotional striptease. Read a book, because that book will help you save the day harmony in your soul.

Things to do under the Aquarius Moon

Moon in Aquarius helps to expand its presence in the world to receive "that leave a legacy", to convey knowledge. Time good for the clubs, charitable organizations, research organizations, companionship, opening a new one.

Aries – under the Aquarius Moon communicate with friends, make plans for future.

Taurus – under the Aquarius Moon be assertive in careers and achieve you goals.

Gemini – under the Aquarius Moon expand horizons, visit the temple or go on a journey.

Cancer – under the Aquarius Moon requires compliance with the law, to deal with child support, taxes, and be sure to take the time to intimate contact.

Leo – under the Aquarius Moon develop personal and business relationships, as well as any communication with the outside world.

Virgo – under the Aquarius Moon take care of your health, pay more attention to work and daily duties.

Libra – under the Aquarius Moon go on a romantic date, flirt, make new acquaintances. Take time for creativity and communication with children.

Scorpio – under the Aquarius Moon take care of your family, talk to parents, get your home beautification.

Sagittarius – under the Aquarius Moon communicate, conduct business negotiations, to prove yourselve, express thoughts and be sure to take a stroll.

Capricorn – under the Aquarius Moon solve financial matters, shop, give gifts.

Aquarius – under the Aquarius Moon take care of your appearance and beauty guidance.

Pisces – under the Aquarius Moon get enough rest, allow yourself to relax.

Moon in Aquarius – Health

Moon in the zodiac sign of Aquarius increases the sensitivity of the ankles and ankle joints is not uncommon – inflammation of the veins. The best time to put a good ointment on the ankle and lift the legs higher. When propensity to expansion of veins – should not these days be long in one place. In the days of Aquarius are very effective all forms of quenching water, all forms of physical activity to replenish vigor of body and spirit. The water in this period has beneficial effects on the body, alcohol is not recommended.

When the Moon is in Aquarius contraindicated operations associated with the legs, as well as all joints. Not recommended interference in the work of the senses, especially the eyes. Eyes during this period are vulnerable. These days very hard to walk. Reduce the number of long-distance hiking transitions as possible, avoid the need to stand for long in one place. The nervous system these days can not tolerate the slightest surge, and therefore create for it an atmosphere of peace and comfort.

In the days of Aquarius ruled out surgery in the periosteum, the shin and ankle, calf, and tendons. If possible, avoid operations appendectomy, brain, nervous system and organs that determine blood pressure.

When the Moon in Aquarius can do heart surgery, these days they need to be successful, as well as giving some increased strain on the heart, vascular system, to disperse the blood (of course, depending on your state of health). As far as possible at least a little to train your heart in these days can not hurt anyone.

Moon in Aquarius – Haircut

Moon in Aquarius is neutral to the hair clippers. Successful treatment will be sore and cracked skin on the feet. Allowed dental surgery, removal of tumors, pedicure, manicure permanent makeup. Procedures for enhancing the regeneration of the skin during the Aquarius useless, and plastic surgery mostly does not have a positive result.

Moon in Aquarius – Beauty

When the Moon is in Aquarius intensely nourish various electrical treatments, herbal tea, masks, creams. Of great importance in cosmetic procedures have anti-stress mask for the face and balms, soothing herbal teas, vitamins A, C and E, citrus fruits in the diet and for cosmetic masks, creams, which include silicon (a homeopathic element of Aquarius).

Days of Aquarius is characterized by attention to the unusual and original – fantasy make-up, exciting aroma or cosmetic devices with new design.

Moon in Aquarius – Planting

Moon in Aquarius – a barren time, any manipulation reduce productivity of plants, including weeds. Therefore, "to touch anything that should not bring the harvest and do not touch what he should bring. Time" Shouting "to chaff" was not on "Nivas" weed out the weeds, to deal with any pest. You can harvest and canning. Caring for the plants, which should give the seeds and have a bone. No watering not to spray, do not turn over.

Moon day Aquarius – do not work with plants. Good time for cultivation, pest control, collecting fruits and root vegetables; weeding, cleaning of paths, decorating a garden plot.

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