Cancer Moon Sign

Moon in Cancer intensifies the maternal feelings and all the feminine qualities, is reflected in the domestic and family affairs, as well as sharpens intuition, insight and imagination. It enhances the romantic mood, making people more sensitive, sentimental, prone to reverie, memories. At this time, it may be an irresistible urge to flip through photo albums, visit the places where his childhood, to meet with parents. Relationships with the opposite sex become more intimate and emotional content. Pronounced maternal instinct, the desire to protect and nurture.

At the same time, people are becoming more sensitive and touchy, more than ever, occur mood swings, whims. It is likely to come under strong external influence, as any manifestation of sympathy and participation is trust in people, to show them. People want to be treated gently, encouragingly, they tend to believe the promises. Usually at this time unable to solve the most difficult problems, well written poetry, there is a high mental capacity, but significantly enhanced sense of ownership, sometimes felt difficulties in money matters.

When hard aspect to the planets of the Moon people are more sensitive, vulnerable, touchy, but at the same time can cheat and prevaricate, cry the blues. The mood is unstable, there may be moods, which, in fact, talk about wanting to attract attention. This position of the Moon can identify family problems that require greater attention.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer – the natural home of the Moon, the most comfortable place her stay as romantic, sensual and intuitive Cancer, receptive Moon are in harmony with each other. It reveals the best quality Moon man. Lunar Crabs mostly possess a noble, sensitive and good soul, are subject to strong emotions and tend to perceive the world more feelings than intellect.

Moon in Cancer

However, they tend not to openly show their feelings to others is not always easy to understand what the relationship is actually associated moon Cancer with them. Sometimes they may seem aggressive and assertive, especially if the Sun or Mars is in the sign in the horoscope of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). But beneath that mask many lunar crabs are just trying to hide their emotional vulnerability, vulnerability and touchiness.

One of the most striking features of Cancer – permanent emotional swings. In conjunction with the waxing and waning of the Moon, this leads to rapid changes in mood. Although lunar Cancers prone to mood swings stronger than other moon signs, their emotional "ups" and "downs" to quickly come to an end. If the moon Cancer leave alone for long, dark clouds mood quickly dispelled.

In the sphere of private life people with the Moon in Cancer tend to reveal their best qualities in the prolonged and stable romantic relationships. The most attractive features of them can be called faithfulness and devotion. While, on the one hand, encouraging a sense of Moon Cancers, on the other hand they are afraid of them.

Unfortunately, they often have to go through unhappy love before they find peace, confidence and security, which originally seek. Distrust of love, a feeling that they are not worthy of someone’s affection and devotion inherent in their very nature. However, they tend to hold on to loved ones, as owners and partners are able to cleverly inspire a sense of guilt – is usually to check the depth of their emotions and affection.

Moon in Cancer Sign – Impact of the Moon Phase

New Moon in Cancer – direct you energies to solving their everyday problems, devoting himself to family affairs, since this is the best day to address these issues.

Waxing Gibbous in Cancer – increasing interest in the opposite sex. Interest is not physical, but rather emotional. I would like to understand the psychology and behavior. Men tend to understand the depth of the female soul, and women on the contrary, the motives of men. On this day, unable to talk from the heart, and may be open to you is what you could not even think.

Full Moon in Cancer – help on this day to people who sympathize with them. Do not be afraid to overdraw your mental strength, they can easily be restored to this day. And let the other practical things can wait.

Waning Gibbous in Cancer – people are more likely these days immersed in memories, are more willing to meet with old friends and friends, classmates and classmates. Someone watching old photos, some family viewing video chronicle. That is, all immersed in the "past." Grab this point, if you have a desire to meet with someone from your past.

Things to do under the Cancer Moon

Moon in Cancer helps to live happily, to establish contact with children and families, to accumulate material and spiritual heritage, enhance intuition, understanding the unconscious reactions of people. The day promises to the success of those who are associated with the restaurant business, gardening and trade flowers.

Aries – under the Cancer Moon take care of your family, talk to parents, get your home beautification.

Taurus – under the Cancer Moon communicate, conduct business negotiations, to prove yourselve, express thoughts and be sure to take a stroll.

Gemini – under the Cancer Moon solve financial matters, shop, give gifts.

Cancer – under the Cancer Moon take care of your appearance and beauty guidance.

Leo – under the Cancer Moon get enough rest, allow yourself to relax.

Virgo – under the Cancer Moon communicate with friends, make plans for future.

Libra – under the Cancer Moon be assertive in careers and achieve you goals.

Scorpio – under the Cancer Moon expand horizons, visit the temple or go on a journey.

Sagittarius – under the Cancer Moon requires compliance with the law, to deal with child support, taxes, and be sure to take the time to intimate contact.

Capricorn – under the Cancer Moon develop personal and business relationships, as well as any communication with the outside world.

Aquarius – under the Cancer Moon take care of your health, pay more attention to work and daily duties.

Pisces – under the Cancer Moon go on a romantic date, flirt, make new acquaintances. Take time for creativity and communication with children.

Moon in Cancer – Health

Moon in Cancer increases the sensitivity of the stomach, and therefore these days you have to be extremely careful in the diet: do not eat heavy meals, do not overeat, or may appear unpleasant phenomena such as pain, heartburn, belching. And also increases the sensitivity of the liver. And often enough one sleepless "stormy" night to feel the next day completely broken, because the liver has received too much work.

Moon in Cancer sharpens sensitivity to alcohol, drugs or potent drugs, so it is best to refrain from them. It is not recommended to start a course of medical treatment. If your liver and gall bladder, lungs or breasts are very sensitive, use the Moon in Cancer to make these organs something good.

In the days of Cancer should not do body massage, endoscopy and washed the stomach. Nursing women should be wary of mastitis. During of the Moon in Cancer increases appetite. Preference should be given fruit and vegetables, drink less water – possible swelling.

Moon in Cancer preclude surgery in the stomach and diaphragm, chest, chest and breasts, nipples, pleura and mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, gall bladder and lymphatic system. But the operations associated with the legs and spine, in the days of Cancer will be good. Effectively pass surgery on the legs (knees, tendons) and treatment of diseases associated with metabolic disorders. Recommended procedures related to the removal of stones and slag, Arthritis, salt deposits. Moon in Cancer – is a favorable time to visit the dentist.

Moon in Cancer – Haircut

In the days of the Cancer haircut should be discarded. Hair will be very naughty and shaggy, if a haircut at this time. Haircut at this time fails to give the desired appearance, hairstyle turns formless. Do not make a perm and wash your hair.

Moon in Cancer – Beauty

During the Moon in Cancer is useful to take water treatments, take a deep cleansing facial. On the exterior, will benefit from wellness bath with sea salt, herbs: they will contribute to the rejuvenation. For plastic surgery on the face this time is quite favorable.

Moon in Cancer – Planting

Moon in Cancer – a fertile time, any manipulation increase the productivity of plants, including weeds. Therefore, "to touch anything that should bring the harvest, and do not touch what he should bring. Recommended: irrigation, foliar fertilization, planting that should not be stored (herbs, flowers, lawns, etc.). It is not necessary to deal with pests and disease, not to work with the land, do not touch the roots (zagniyut) not harvest (not stored), not salt, do not marinate, sow the seeds and cut carefully, taking into account the sign restrictions.

Good for planting spinach, radishes, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, but planted in the days of fruit and vegetables are not stored. Good period for the flowers – giving abundance. Successfully grafting, planting and moisture-loving deciduous and decorative plants. Do not replant bulbous and tuberous plants – may rot the root system. Do not dig up potatoes – is not stored. Unsuccessful seeding and working with thorns.

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