Sagittarius Moon Sign

Moon in Sagittarius strengthens optimism sharpens sensitivity to success, which often gives a tendency to exaggerate their abilities and strength. Manifest desire for risk, demonstrating their own courage, people are easy to inspire, to infect enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial. At this time, it feels better, which is good for the physical form. Increases the need for movement, sports, physical work. Poor experienced all sorts of restrictions, especially children. Since this period, increased intuition, in people with labile nervous system appear prophetic abilities.

Acute sense of justice, which gives rise to the desire to stand up for friends to protect them. People are inherent agility and ill-considered actions and their utterances sometimes too straightforward. All undertakings succeed (assuming that the moon is waxing). They say that the moon at this time takes all our energy, because is to refrain from intense mental work. Children helpful instruct and teach to the street, they were calm. The school can hold sports events. Adults should exercise particular caution in the mountains.

When strenuous aspects of the moon to the planets, people often become credulous as children and tend to take a lot on faith. Prospects that they feel open to them, excite their imagination, and they make haste to share with others and "to cross them in their faith." In other words, they are motivated by unbridled optimism. But it all depends on how the planet Moon has the aspect, since the provision of the Moon can also be accompanied by excessive irritability, fits of despair that is not going as we would like, the desire to run away from problems.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius moon takes the brightness that it has only getting into the fire signs triplicity. Sagittarius – the astrological sign of higher knowledge and breadth of vision. Here the moon loses its passive principle. Lunar Sagittarians is agile, sharp wit, a rare insight, ability to grasp information on the fly. Their intelligence sifts through sensory impressions with amazing clarity and speed. They tend to set great goals and are not afraid of a possible failure to move toward him. Most of them rarely listen to warnings about the pitfalls and difficulties, and do not tend to think about how practical and feasible their plans.

Moon in Sagittarius

They are energetic and enthusiastic rush forward and often a course of action to help them achieve the plan. One of the reasons for the success of the lunar Streltsov – precision in the estimates. With the Moon in the sign of sagacity people are able to see the order of magnitude beyond those that this planet is located in the other signs of the Zodiac.

Holders of the Moon in Sagittarius loves to explore new space travel, making new acquaintances, thus diversifying their surroundings. Among their most attractive features is adaptability – the ability to adapt to different people and the environment. Traditionally, the first reaction of Sagittarius lunar new experience – studying and learning it. They are always willing to broaden their horizons, not only for the sake of new knowledge as a source of possible profit. Most of them have the money do not stay long in a purse or a bank account, because they believe that it is only a means to pay for momentary pleasure. They tend to enjoy life here and now. That is why others consider them sometimes too giddy and reckless.

Lunar Sagittarians believe in luck, they tend to be given the power of destiny and accept what she had prepared them. They operate on the basis of the theory of the so-called "optimistic fatalism." The danger here is that some of them may be too easily feel his Fortuna. However, even when faced with failure, they are upset, usually short-lived. Again, with inexhaustible enthusiasm trust their fate the stars.

Moon in Sagittarius Sign – Impact of the Moon Phase

New Moon in Sagittarius – time to read books, watch TV. Try to read or when he heard done in practice, should be able to.

Waxing Gibbous in Sagittarius – it increases the risk of tying casual relationships. If you are with someone met in the days when the moon is in Sagittarius – it is likely that you will find a link on one night or one date.

Full Moon in Sagittarius – increase teaching abilities. Take advantage of this day to the training or study. All covers the spirit of mentoring junior agree to adopt knowledge and skills at the senior.

Waning Gibbous in Sagittarius – often there are disputes about – who’s in charge. If it is possible to avoid such a dispute, then do it, otherwise such a clarification can escalate into conflict.

Things to do under the Sagittarius Moon

Moon in Sagittarius helps to be "for her" to find the command to integrate it effectively feel the structure of social relations. Protector of training, travel and church affairs.

Aries – under the Sagittarius Moon expand horizons, visit the temple or go on a journey.

Taurus – under the Sagittarius Moon requires compliance with the law, to deal with child support, taxes, and be sure to take the time to intimate contact.

Gemini – under the Sagittarius Moon develop personal and business relationships, as well as any communication with the outside world.

Cancer – under the Sagittarius Moon take care of your health, pay more attention to work and daily duties.

Leo – under the Sagittarius Moon go on a romantic date, flirt, make new acquaintances. Take time for creativity and communication with children.

Virgo – under the Sagittarius Moon take care of your family, talk to parents, get your home beautification.

Libra – under the Sagittarius Moon communicate, conduct business negotiations, to prove yourselve, express thoughts and be sure to take a stroll.

Scorpio – under the Sagittarius Moon solve financial matters, shop, give gifts.

Sagittarius – under the Sagittarius Moon take care of your appearance and beauty guidance.

Capricorn – under the Sagittarius Moon get enough rest, allow yourself to relax.

Aquarius – under the Sagittarius Moon communicate with friends, make plans for future.

Pisces – under the Sagittarius Moon be assertive in careers and achieve you goals.

Moon in Sagittarius – Health

Moon in Sagittarius increases the sensitivity of the hips, pelvis, iliac, sacrum and femur. Especially being felt sciatic nerve, vein and hips. Often plagued by pain from the sacrum to the hip, because the weather in this period tends to be a sharp change. It is particularly useful massages, relaxing overly tense muscles.

In the days of Sagittarius vulnerable circulatory system, liver and gall bladder. During this period it is not recommended treatment of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, as well as blood transfusion, donor procedures. Excluded surgery in the pelvis and hips to knee ligaments and tendons, liver.

When the Moon in Sagittarius – for untrained people is undesirable for long walks and hiking trips: legs get tired quickly, you may experience pain. If the parents are just these days are going to take with their children for the first time hiking, maybe even get them to go, they may for a long time to discourage children hunt for foot space.

Avoid heavy fatty foods – in the days of Sagittarius liver is difficult to cope with it. These days do not clean the liver and do surgery on the veins and blood vessels. Do not overreach, especially if the vessels are weakened – when the moon is in Sagittarius, they are particularly fragile. Moon in Sagittarius is effective for the treatment of pulmonary and respiratory perform procedures.

Moon in Sagittarius – Haircut

Moon in Sagittarius has a neutral impact on the haircut. To improve the appearance of the mask do warm fruit. Massage, baths field of daisies, poppies, willow-herb, electrophoresis and other procedures with electricity, are very useful in the days of Sagittarius. For face masks are useful in this period of natural fat ingredients – mayonnaise, olive oil, peach oil, egg yolks; toning aromatic components – oil fir, sage, lavender.

Moon in Sagittarius – Beauty

Moon in Sagittarius favors plastic surgery in the abdomen and thighs, remove skin lesions, ingrown nails, painful blisters. Those with fragile and brittle nails, it is recommended to warm the oil baths for hands with the addition of a few drops of iodine. In the days of Sagittarius prohibited moxibustion, tattooing, ear piercing.

Moon in Sagittarius – Planting

Moon in Sagittarius – the average fertility on yield little impact, and the health, growth, etc. – It depends on the phase of the moon and the lunar day. Loose, cultivate the land, to spray from pests, plant that grows rapidly and quickly consumed, collect what should be stored for a long time, not water, no dirt, no weeding (weeds climb again very quickly).

Sagittarius lunar days – the time bulbous plants. In plants, increased sensitivity to damage. Take care with sharp garden tools – risk of injury. Valid planting fruit trees growing on the moon, just put "for food" garlic, peppers, potatoes.

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