Scorpio Moon Sign

Moon in Scorpio puts stamp passion for all that is planned and conceived. For all the affairs and activities characteristic thoroughness. People are more active than in other periods, show aggression, critical, intolerant, moodiness, increased sensitivity to insults, especially in a state of intoxication. Most expressed sharp, sarcastic, up to abuse. At this time, the people are strong momentary experiences, there overexcitement and willingness to brawl, but the effort will help to quickly overcome the crisis.

Also at this time aggravated sexual attraction, but the Moon in Scorpio is wiser still to limit sexual contacts, as these days are considered unfavorable for love and intimate meetings. Moon in Scorpio reinforces the doubts, mistrust and suspicion. The reaction to the words and actions can not be predicted, so it is useless to sort things out, you can even further aggravate the situation. It should, if possible, not to succumb to jealousy and to not submit to her cause. At this time, there is growing interest to the whole mysterious, mystical and forbidden. Children are prone to insolence and a show of force. It should ensure that they are not plagued junior and weak and did not get to the things that are not intended for their eyes.

Stressful aspects to the moon planets bring increased sensitivity, receptivity. People are touchy, but at the same time, militant, intolerant, sarcastic and jealous. And jealousy is manifested not only in relation to your loved ones, but can be expressed as intolerance to the attentions rendered to others, or envy the achievements of others, etc. The reason for jealousy is not difficult to find, however, that the cause is often an unconscious person. The situation in this period is usually tense, quite insignificant reason to internal stress, unable to withstand the pressure, issued a "genie out of the bottle" and the scandal exploded.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio – a sign of the physical and spiritual transformation and emotional extremes. Scorpio Moon emphasizes sensuality and at the same time reveals its strength. Yet the sign of Scorpio is considered to be a disadvantage for the Moon, and not by accident: the influence of the moon in Scorpio is very contradictory. Lunar Scorpios on the one hand has a spiritual, the other – sometimes vehement feelings that motivate their actions. They are endowed with the ability to exercise great self-control and cleverly hide their true feelings, most of them run by strong passions, but they tend to deny their motivating role.

Moon in Scorpio

If something causes them pain, they are not "limp" as representatives of other water signs of the Moon (Cancer, Pisces), and the courage to cope with their feelings. Outwardly they may be reserved, polite, patient, sustained even caring until it touched some important internal strings. Dissatisfaction with their own emotions (eg, anger or jealousy) are for the time being able to hide behind the mask of external peace and friendliness. But when patience runs out, they can explode even for nothing, and that’s when the surrounding face completely to the other side of their personality – naked aggression, sarcasm and ruthlessness. Especially negatively on them can act any objectively unjustified refusals or insults, which hurt their self-esteem.

People with the Moon in Scorpio have tremendous willpower, acute observation and intuition. Their judgments are deep and accurate. Phenomenal memory – their gift and a curse. It usually helps them in their work, but also makes for a long time not to forget the emotional trauma. Some lunar Scorpios never forget grudges and years waiting for the right moment for revenge. This does not mean that they are cruel and vindictive, they are characterized by a readiness at any moment to recall the first time I feel the wound inflicted their pride – mentally reproduce spoken once someone speech and bitterness, tested them at the moment.

Persistence and perseverance allow lunar Scorpios successfully overcome obstacles, unfortunately, they had to deal with them more often than other people. In life lunar Scorpios secret is often a problem with the family or health.

Moon in Scorpio Sign – Impact of the Moon Phase

New Moon in Scorpio – a time of love and sexual pleasures. Throw away all the complexes and prejudices, and have fun. It is recommended to take the day off anyway but love and sex do not go to his head.

Waxing Gibbous in Scorpio – you overcome memories of past love and relationships lost, do not resist it, the Moon enters another sign and it will pass.

Full Moon in Scorpio – women are endowed at this time a large number of destructive energy. There is a desire to break and destroy all around. In order not to break something valuable, better throw unwanted old things. Men, do not quarrel in the day with the women, otherwise you will become unnecessary in the very old thing.

Waning Gibbous in Scorpio – these days often open their eyes to the people of whom you seem to know everything. They open a new front of you, you start to see what this or that person is more inclined.

Things to do under the Scorpio Moon

Moon in Scorpio helps you find your way your way to their principles effectively responsible for themselves and others to become an adult, to take responsibility and to get rid of the effects of stress. The time is favorable for the tax office, police station, for in-depth studies of association with others companies.

Aries – under the Scorpio Moon requires compliance with the law, to deal with child support, taxes, and be sure to take the time to intimate contact.

Taurus – under the Scorpio Moon develop personal and business relationships, as well as any communication with the outside world.

Gemini – under the Scorpio Moon take care of your health, pay more attention to work and daily duties.

Cancer – under the Scorpio Moon go on a romantic date, flirt, make new acquaintances. Take time for creativity and communication with children.

Leo – under the Scorpio Moon take care of your family, talk to parents, get your home beautification.

Virgo – under the Scorpio Moon communicate, conduct business negotiations, to prove yourselve, express thoughts and be sure to take a stroll.

Libra – under the Scorpio Moon solve financial matters, shop, give gifts.

Scorpio – under the Scorpio Moon take care of your appearance and beauty guidance.

Sagittarius – under the Scorpio Moon get enough rest, allow yourself to relax.

Capricorn – under the Scorpio Moon communicate with friends, make plans for future.

Aquarius – under the Scorpio Moon be assertive in careers and achieve you goals.

Pisces – under the Scorpio Moon expand horizons, to visit the temple or go on a journey.

Moon in Scorpio – Health

Moon in Scorpio increases the sensitivity of the genitals and the rectum, these days they are most vulnerable. Preventive hip baths with yarrow may help a Scorpio days when many women’s diseases. It is not recommended to overload the sexual sphere, and eat spicy food. Moon in Scorpio this time of abstinence. In order to harmonize the metabolism and prevention of skin diseases these days often look at the sky, blue choose clothes.

Moms these days should be wary of any tension, because in those days easily happen prematurity (abortions), especially on the growing moon. In the days of the Scorpion dress warmly and try not to supercool. Avoid spicy and junk food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as possible give up sedentary work, not to cause exacerbation of hemorrhoids and constipation appearance.

Moon in Scorpio is favorable for the complex restoration of its building – hot tubs, astringent mask, massage with nettles, active movement, etc. Do not use creams and ointments on hormone basis, with the extract of the placenta, unstable cosmetic products of natural origin, begin application of new contraceptives, examined by a gynecologist.

In the days of Scorpio ruled out surgery in the groin, genitals and the whole allocation system, endocrine glands, gallbladder, colon, ovarian, vulva, urinary channel, renal pelvis and bladder neck and throat, throat, pharynx and larynx. Contraindicated with any surgery and complicated procedures in the pelvis. Moon in Scorpio allows treating the endocrine system (other than prostate cancer), to operate the upper respiratory tract and throat, removing the tonsils, adenoids to treat sinusitis, colds, rhinitis, treat and remove teeth.

Moon in Scorpio – Haircut

Moon in Scorpio is neutral for cutting hair. Perm at this time it is better not to do, not even recommended to wash your hair. Do not apply creams and ointments on hormone basis, placenta extract, volatile cosmetics of natural origin.

Moon in Scorpio – Beauty

In order to harmonize the metabolism and prevention of skin diseases in the days of Scorpio often look at the blue sky, blue choose clothes. Do not buy new things for your wardrobe. To apply makeup, too, is not the right time. Shows a general massage – nettle broth or her active movements.

Moon in Scorpio – Planting

Moon in Scorpio – a fertile time, any manipulation increase the productivity of plants, including weeds. Therefore, "to touch anything that should bring the harvest, and do not touch what he should bring. Success irrigation, foliar fertilization, planting that should not be stored (herbs, flowers, lawns, etc.). Do not It is to deal with pests and disease, not to work with the land, do not touch the roots (zagniyut) not harvest (not stored), not salt, no pickle, sow the seeds and cut carefully, taking into account the sign restrictions.

Scorpio lunar days – the time for the herbs. Good for planting spinach, radishes, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, but planted in the days of fruit and vegetables are not stored. Good period for the flowers – giving abundance. Successfully grafting, planting and moisture-loving deciduous and decorative plants. Do not replant bulbous and tuberous plants – may rot the root system. Do not dig up potatoes – is not stored. Unsuccessful: planting seeds and working with thorns.

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