Sun Calendar

The solar calendar — a system of time calculation, which is based on the tropical year. Stay Sun in each sign of the zodiac lasts about one calendar month and the entire zodiac circle it circumvents one year. The movement of the sun through the zodiac every year starting from the moment it is in the 0 degree Aries. The spring equinox in the different years falls on March 19-21 (UTC), from that date begins the first solar month. Solar month is always 30 days, a total of 12 months in the year, the remaining 5-6 days are known as days of mourning, or zero days, sometimes called 13 solar months. The Sun day itself is the time from one sunrise to the next.

Sun Calendar 2023

Recommendations on the most auspicious day of each month are collected in a separate solar calendar for 2023. You can also view information for 2024 or any another year — just select a new value from the drop-down list at the top of the page of the month of interest.