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Welcome to Dream Dictionary section - we have useful dreams index and every symbol description. Each dream that we have at night means that we experience something in life. Could your dream be real? While we have experienced realistic dreams in life, most people feel that dreams are normally all in the mind. Often people wish to consult a dream dictionary to understand what dreams mean. A dream dictionary is an ancient oracle that can give an indication of possible future instances. At times, our dreams can give clear messages. The interpretation of dreams through dream dictionaries, like ours, can help one understand if there is any potential meaning. The interpretation lies in the meaning of the dream dictionary and also hidden elements in one’s dream.

Dreams can hold deeper meanings and also mystery. A dream dictionary allows one to find the meaning of dreams. Dreaming of a house or a property can sometimes be seen as a gateway to what you know. There is also a metaphysical dimention to the dream. Swiss psychologist called Jung (1875-1961) had experienced premonitory dreams from his childhood. He was determined to make sure that in his lifetime he investigated the rational of dreams, it was his ascertain that the psychic mind was deep within a human being and it struggled to be listened to – which is why we have dreams that connect with our inner being. Surprisingly it is not biologically necessary for us to sleep at night, or indeed for humans to sleep. Even people that suffer insomnia manage to get at least two hours sleep per night.

When you go into a deep sleep, which is the point that vivid dreams are experienced, it is difficult to wake that person and in essence unresponsive. It is interesting to note that although today we are generally safe when we sleep there was a time that we and other animals are at risk from predators when we sleep. The most effective way to keep on top of what your dreams mean is to keep a diary or record. Sometimes we find it difficult to remember our dreams and what they specifically mean, you can overcome this by asking yourself before you fall asleep to remember as much of your dream as you can.

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