Actions Dream Dictionary

Actions in the plot of dreams are a certain need, dissatisfaction, desire, effort and does not belong to the signs of peak happy dreams. As a rule, in a dream, such an action is used, to which a person has become accustomed to reality, — everyday domestic habitual work, professional activity. In relation to such an action, it is important to have a visual and an internal sense of how well it is done. In many cases, it turns into direct correspondence in the meaning of reality.

However, sometimes a dream uses a semantic inversion: something turned out too badly and not so much — to a good result of reality and satisfaction, or vice versa. In general, actions in a dream, especially repeated ones, are symbols of embarrassment, hassle, self-deception, stress, disappointment, trouble, malaise, loss. And at the same time, with some final action (as a result of effort, the fruit of labor) — all the above can have a plus sign: achievement, satisfaction, realization, acquisition.

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