Dreams on 1 Day of Month

Joys and success will bring you all the dreams of the first day of the month, which will turn out to be bright and full of various events. Dreams of this day — as a rule, are designed to induce the dreamer to all kinds of beginnings in life, in some way to push to an active way of life. Dreams of the first day reflect all future prospects, warning about which way to go in a particular situation. A person will only need readiness for these changes.

If dreams of this number have unpleasant shades or leave a sense of anxiety after awakening, this is a warning that it is best not to do anything significant yet, otherwise family difficulties may arise. In general, dreams that are dreamed on the first day of the calendar month, in a way — personify the leader’s qualities as a dreamer, his courage and how much he is ready to act. In addition, the dreams of this day — reflect also the extent to which the sleeper is close to the goal at the current stage of his life.

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