Dreams on 1 Lunar Day

The first lunar day opens the cycle, which means a new chapter in the book of your life. What you will think about today, you will have to realize during the whole month. This day is very important in order to properly plan the current affairs for the near future. Leave this day empty — useless will be the entire lunar month.

The first lunar day is always bright and clear, so your thoughts should become like him. Try to think only of the good, so as not to let negatives into your life. If bad, black thoughts come to mind, they must be immediately freed from them in order to avoid their quick implementation. It is impossible for anyone to wish evil on this day: it will turn against you.

The symbol of this day is the lamp, which marks a spiritual purification from all its sinful thoughts and the beginning of a new life — a new lunar cycle. Dump yourself of the unnecessary burden of previous mistakes and shortcomings, so that you never return to them again. Remembering the pain and grievances of the past, it’s time to forgive everything and leave it. Having freed yourself from the unnecessary past, you thereby purify your path forward.

A wonderful pastime on this day will be meditation. It’s nice to sit by the fireplace and look at the fire, which will calm, adjust to the right way, calm down. If there is no fireplace, light the candles. Fire is a symbol of inner purification, peace and love.

Dreams Interpretation on First Lunar Day

The dreams that you see on the first day are considered prophetic, but only with the correct interpretation and the right approach to them. Do not frantically look for in the dream book all the items that you dreamed on this day. Approach this issue selectively. It is better to forget about bad dreams at once and not to cling to them, as they have the property to influence both your mood and your health for the whole month. Without controlling your consciousness, you will constantly return in your thoughts to a bad dream, which does not foretell anything good. This will reduce your performance, spoil the mood and will have a bad effect on communication with others. So do not get hung up on them.

It is better to focus on those bright, pleasant images that you saw in your dream. They will formulate the right way of thinking and a positive attitude towards a new cycle. On the first lunar day you must lay the foundation that will be completed to the logical conclusion of the whole month. Give a stream of negative feelings and thoughts — no matter this month will not have success. And tune in to the right wave — and everything will argue in your able hands. To sleep on this day was pleasant, and you could rest well, try to go to bed early.

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