Dreams on 10 Lunar Day

Usually the tenth lunar day is energetically very strong and feeds this energy to everyone. So today we should expect an extraordinary surge of strength, cheerfulness and optimism, when you want to turn mountains. Even the symbol of this day — the fountain — means the source of life, beating the key up. Do it, create it, create it, do not be afraid to take the initiative and take on the most difficult tasks: today everything will be on your side.

In this stream of cheerfulness you will need to find time to devote it to your roots, ancestors, the history of your family. Visit your parents, look at old photos with them, talk with them about your family, study and remember your family tree again. This day will be very successful for the creation of a new family (marriage). Marriages committed on the tenth lunar day are very strong and rarely end in divorce.

On this day, there may be a comprehension of some higher truths, an introduction to Divine knowledge that will reveal to you very important secrets. They can tell you in what direction it is necessary to move on. Very often, such enlightenment on the tenth lunar day is given very unexpectedly, when they are not expected at all.

Self-improvement on the tenth lunar day will also be very successful: pray, meditate, practice yoga or spiritual practice. The pumping of the energy that a person gives this day will be maximum. Analyze your experience, find mistakes in it, try to concentrate mentally on their correction: all this will have the best consequences. The tenth lunar day will help you to understand yourself, to improve for the better. Do not be afraid to take the most profound decisions: they will all be unmistakable, if based on the principles of good and reason.

Dreams Interpretation on Tenth Lunar Day

The positive energy of the tenth lunar day will also affect dreams. As a rule, nightmares are not dreamed on this day: light, carefree, pleasant dreams come. Sometimes even waking up, we try not to release such pictures, mentally worrying them again and again, and we hope that they will come true. But alas, dreams on this day are not at all prophetic and they do not make any sense. However, exceptions are those dreams when one of your ancestors or deceased relatives appeared to you. It is very important to remember all of his words and every gesture. Perhaps he came to tell you something important, to point out the right direction for you.

Often the images seen in a dream are connected with our family, with native people. It can be like a spouse or children, as well as the long-dead ancestors of the family. It is very rare, but on the tenth day of the lunar month, even a spirit can come to us in a dream, the guardian angel of our family. Try not to be distracted by the events, but remember in detail what you hear from him. An angel can give you valuable information that, if interpreted correctly, can bring you many benefits in life, help you cope with difficult problems and find a way out of deadlock situations. The tenth lunar day is a day of inexhaustible energy, which you need to use for your own good, channeling it in the right direction, but you can not indulge in laziness and contemplation.

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