Dreams on 11 Day of Month

On the dreams of this day, in most cases, do not pay special attention. The thing is that from the dreams of this day only individual and extremely clear story lines will become real. If within three days the dream is not fulfilled, then there is no reason to wait, it will not be fulfilled. So, if on the eleventh of the month you saw something abstract, full of unrelated plots or incomprehensible sensations — thinking about what you see will be a waste of time. Particular attention should be paid to dreams, in which relatives and other people close to the dreamer are present.

In addition, you should know that dreams of the eleventh day — should be interpreted only directly. And if you saw unpleasant things in a dream, despite the fact that the ending of a dream was successful, nothing good after such a dream should not wait. It should also be remembered that dreams of this day can contain positive symbols and subjects, and they are usually presented in the form of an understandable even to the average person who is far from the art of interpretation of dreams. In some cases, the dreams of this day indicate possible solutions to problematic situations.

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