Dreams on 12 Lunar Day

On this day there will be no energy splashes, flashes of negativity and manifestations of dark forces. However, there is no room for furious imagination, aggressive pressure in business today. It is an absolutely harmonious day in all respects, which brings peace to the souls. By its harmony, the twelfth lunar day encourages a person to join the center of the universe, which is embodied in the symbol of today — the Grail. This symbol of purity and spiritual self-perfection will allow a person who has focused on spiritual aspects to comprehend something that he will never be able to learn on other days. It can be the meaning of his whole life or the knowledge of God.

The spirit is above the body, the material is over the spiritual, that is the motto of the twelfth lunar day, which calls upon each person to turn his gaze into himself, analyze his life, his aspirations and possibilities, and draw the appropriate conclusions. It is at such moments of reflection that a person will come to the illumination of the Divine Truth. Revelation can come even to those who considered themselves deaf to the relationship to cosmic energy: it will find today anyone who takes care of their spiritual self-improvement.

If someone neglects this advice, he will continue to think and care only about material well-being, forgetting about his soul, in the very near future all his ambitious plans will collapse. After all, an exhausted and exhausted soul can not support even the strongest body in difficult moments.

For the benefit of the twelfth day to be more obvious, transparent and effective, it will be useful to protect oneself from any communication that can unintentionally inflame, anger, and withdraw from a state of equilibrium. So it will be appropriate to retire to reflect on the mistakes of the past, take them into account, take them into account for future actions. Mentally you can look at your future, in which you only need to see positive and happiness, but happiness is above all those who surround the person. The twelfth lunar day does not forgive egoists, so energy will be given to those who will be able to take care of the soul today.

Solitude involves spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, keeping a diary, praying. Particularly beneficial effect on the spirit of today’s confession and communion: they lead to purity and self-perfection — all that a twelfth lunar day requires of a person. Any good deeds, pity, forgiveness, charity today will be successful and will bring extraordinary results. And it is impossible to provoke quarrels and conflicts that primarily affect the initiator negatively.

Since the apple since ancient times is considered a symbol of enrichment, there is a sign that on the twelfth lunar day, which protects people from sin, one can not eat apples and drink apple juice. We must also try not to break anything and not spill it — these are also bad signs today, like any grief and despondency.

Dreams Interpretation on Twelfth Lunar Day

On the twelfth lunar day, dreams are often prophetic. Of course, the Holy Grail could not pass over the person’s dream without leaving a sign in them. The dreams of the twelfth lunar day show the man his mistakes, which he may not even suspect. Especially it concerns the differentiation of those two spheres of human life, which are so opposing precisely today: material and spiritual.

The images that we see in dreams on this day show us what is truly valuable to us in life. If your dream on this day is purely material, it means that it’s time to stop and remember your lost soul. However, you should not rejoice in the case if the dream has only spiritual content: it’s time to stop hanging in the clouds, return to the sinful land and achieve harmony of the soul and body. Only the soul can help you in achieving the truth of the twelfth lunar day.

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