Dreams on 13 Lunar Day

The symbol of the thirteenth lunar day is a wheel, which is always pleasant to watch while spinning. It calms, symbolizes forward movement and favorable changes. That is why, on this day, it is usually cozy and pleasant on the soul, if we do everything correctly and harmoniously perceive the information that descends to us from above on this day. Before moving forward (behind the wheel), you’ll have to look back. Problems today are possible only because of your past mistakes, which now do not allow you to move forward with a clear conscience. You do not need to meet these problems with hostility: you need to rejoice that they are bared at last, and they can be corrected. The thirteenth lunar day gives such an opportunity to everyone, but not everyone can use it.

To direct this day for good, you need to try to focus on the past: remember all your bad deeds, who were offended and that the bad ones were committed. Think: did you manage to correct everything. If not, the thirteenth lunar day is the most suitable day for you, which allows you to correct your own karma for the better, and you can soon repent strongly that you did not use the thirteenth moon day for yourself for good.

If you feel that your intuition and memory are not enough to remember the mistakes that you have made, you need to tune into cosmic energy: it must send signs or revelations on this day. For them, you can learn about what exactly needs to be corrected. This is again the action of the symbol of the thirteenth lunar day. After all, the Wheel is not only a movement, but also a center, a concentration of power and light. Today, as if the line between reality and that invisible world is moving apart.

The energy of the thirteenth lunar day contributes to the discovery of creative principles in man. It is on this day that masterpieces of art are created. If you belong to the category of creative people, be sure to devote yourself to your favorite business: write poetry, write music, paint pictures. The ancestors on that day were engaged in spinning, baking and doing round talismans in honor of the symbol of that day.

Dreams Interpretation on Thirteenth Lunar Day

Naturally, the cosmic energy will try to point you the right direction through the mistakes of the past in the dreams of the thirteenth lunar day. The dreams of this lunar day are rarely pleasant and easy. Nevertheless, they often tell us what we should pay special attention to, our problems and unresolved problems. It’s a good idea to memorize every dreamed detail, so that later, after analyzing the dream, make the appropriate conclusions and correct these mistakes. Remember that the Wheel is walking in a circle, from which you need to get out on time. The thirteenth lunar day invites you to rise to a new stage of development, breaking out of the usual circle of affairs, solving old problems and stopping treading on the same rake.

Dreams during this period are full of symbolism, and sometimes it is difficult to remember all the pictures. But try to be careful. After all, what you dream can reveal the secret of your subconscious. These symbols are related to our ability to be open to the world and everything new. Therefore, if you see in the dream that this property is blocked, try to work on yourself. After all, being able to learn new is one of the main features of a person, moving it forward, allowing you to develop, improve and be competitive in our dynamically changing world. The thirteenth lunar day indicates to the person what needs to be corrected, and if this is not understood, the next chance will not be anymore: you will drag the cargo of unresolved problems.

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