Dreams on 14 Lunar Day

Energetically the fourteenth day is very strong, and only from you will depend on the correct distribution of the energy of this day. In any case, it will require you to be active and initiative. It is not without reason that it flows under the sign of the Virgo, which just symbolizes external activity and pressure. If you can find the strength and even the impudence to solve some issues (within the framework of reasonable, of course), you will be able to realize your inner potential, which has been waiting for your awakening for so long. Do not be afraid to start new business, which may seem hopeless, and also do not forget to finish old things that are waiting for you to complete your logical conclusion.

If you spend the energy of the fourteenth lunar day on everyday trivia and routine work, you will not get any result. Moreover, at the end of the day you will feel completely broken, but nothing achieved by a person. Only grandiose projects and the most ambitious events should be today in your life. In this case, at the end of the day you will feel the strength and joy of an active and productive day.

The day is very rich in information, not only explicit, which lies on the surface, but also hidden, subconscious. You must be able to understand for yourself, and that, and another. Be extremely attentive to every word, even spoken casually: everything will matter in the future. And even more so do not avoid any signs and signs that you need to be able to apply to all the events in your life. Any source of information on the fourteenth lunar day becomes vital, so it is not superfluous to go deeper into reading meaningful books. A special benefit will come from the study of Holy Scripture and other Divine Books.

Spiritual development will demand from you on this day a deep immersion in self-analysis: it’s time to sum up some of your life and draw the appropriate conclusions for further advance. Prayers, meditation, spiritual practices, yoga — everything will be justified and effective today. Since the day is energetically simply overloaded, the emotional state can be unstable. From depression and anguish you will be saved by physical activities of any type: work, gymnastics, fitness equipment or jogging.

Dreams Interpretation on Fourteenth Lunar Day

As already mentioned, the fourteenth lunar day is informative, so that you can see in your dreams an indication of the desired direction: the dream will tell you how to act and live on. The dreams of this day are not peculiar to come true. Do not be discouraged if you dream of a sad, heavy or sad dream. The images that come to us in the dreams of this day are a reflection of our inner world, which has nothing to do with the outer world. They point us to certain aspects of our personality, which now require special attention.

Be prepared for the fact that such a dream can become a real revelation for you, since the subconscious mind will finally throw out what has hitherto been hidden. Having caught this necessary information, be sure to take it into consideration for your further actions. Perhaps you should work on some individual components of your character, change something in it, give up some principles and habits. It is not superfluous to turn to professional interpreters of dreams. Do not relax on the fourteenth lunar day: catch energy and read signs — only in this case it will become for you the most effective.

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