Dreams on 15 Lunar Day

The fifteenth lunar day will overwhelm everyone with a flurry of energy. A person will feel the aggravation of all the feelings and processes taking place in him. And to manifest themselves with particular strength will not only negative qualities, but also positive. So only on you will depend on what energy you will give out this day. Intuition will reach its apogee, and all the premonitions of the fifteenth lunar day will come true in the very near future.

You can not allow today’s mind to be subordinated to emotions, otherwise the day is fraught with very bad events. Control each of your feelings that you show in people, and do not let negative emotions overwhelm you. How to do it? Work on your mind: do not allow black, bad thoughts, drive away pessimism and despondency and do not wish evil to anyone today. Remember that all bad boomerang will return to you. The fifteenth lunar day is the day of struggle between darkness (self-confidence, intolerance, arrogance, quick temper) and light (love, patience, humility). And the arena for the struggle will be your heart.

The complexity of the day will be that you yourself decide what will be this day in your life — dark or bright. And such questions are never solved easily. It’s not for nothing that the symbol of the fifteenth lunar day is the Serpent — poisonous and wise at the same time, it harmoniously combines death and life, evil and good, darkness and light, mortification and rebirth — both moral and physical. Besides all this, this is a very cunning animal, and do not try to compete with it in this.

To get out the winner and make this day positive and bright, abstinence is recommended in everything: in emotions, in unrestrained feelings, in food. So austerity will be an acceptable sacrifice today. Fasting, prayer, spiritual practices, reading God-pleasing books — that’s the time to do it. If you pay enough attention to your inner growth, your efforts will not be wasted: everything will only benefit.

Learn to control the energy flows that will fall on you today: it’s up to you to decide which channel you are going to redirect to. Do not let emotion take possession of the mind: control each step, every act and every word you say. Only in this way can you become purer, nobler, more spiritual and higher. If anger and irritation seize you on this day, they will soon turn against you. Avoid provocations of various kinds and temptations. The fifteenth lunar day has its own signs. Luckily it is considered to meet on your way a dog. But quarreling and even eating apples that day was not considered good.

Dreams Interpretation on Fifteenth Lunar Day

As already mentioned, intuition on this day will be sharpened to the limit: accordingly, your dreams will be revelations and perusal of your own subconscious. On this day, we can have terrible dreams, but do not worry, they do not come true. The dreams of this day are more a mirror of our inner world, and not a prophetic picture predicting the future. And if in reality you can take control of all your actions, it is in the dreams of the fifteenth lunar day, you can find out what exactly you are driving: good or evil. They, in fact, are nothing more than the hidden qualities of our character. So, carefully analyze the dreams of this day and make the appropriate conclusions for yourself.

Dreams were bright and pleasant, and after them there were the warmest feelings? Well, in that case, you can rest assured that you are on the right track. If the dream was heavy, nightmarish, unpleasant, and the next morning the most gloomy impressions remained, you should think about where you are going. Most likely, everything is not as smooth as it might seem at first glance. Reconsider your life, take into account the mistakes made and try to change the course of your movement through life. The fifteenth lunar day is a powerful day in its energy that exacerbates many feelings. Only from you will depend, whether this energy is positive or negative.

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