Dreams on 16 Day of Month

All the dreams of this day, which have symbolic content, are difficult to interpret. These dreams often come true very quickly and accurately, often their meaning becomes clear only in the fact of what happened. Pay attention should be first of all — to dreams that are colored and filled with concrete and clear plot pictures.

Dreams of the sixteenth day — can warn that your secret secrets can be revealed to those who are trying to convict you for a long time. In addition, the dreams of this day can carry in themselves directions for the wise prevention of unnecessary promises and binding statements. Just like on the previous day, unpleasant events — can promise any story lines in which animals are featured, such dreams should be given attention this day, since they can portend significant trouble. In addition, the dreams of this day — express in their content how harmoniously feels like a dreamer in his current state of affairs, his relations in the team and the circle of constant communication.

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